Six Sentence Sunday 28

I’m back after having a catastrophic failure of my desktop computer. Rott built me a new computer and now I’m just screaming fast! In addition to a new computer I have a new release coming in July and a new series so I thought I’d spend the next couple of Sundays giving you a taste of Blood Play.

Blood Play features the royal Acerbian vampire Aiden Swann, Garrick Forrester’s guardian in Breathe Me In. In this short story, Aiden’s attempting to get in the pants of a half-vampire, half-demon woman named Cadence O’Connor. In this paragraph, he acknowledges to himself that he wants her.

Her husky voice sent a shiver down his spine, and her casual pose caused his blood pressure to rise. He’d always been attracted to petite women, but Cade stood nearly as tall as he did, all long, lean muscles, angles and bold beauty. She was so not his type, and yet she roused him as no other woman had. Her femininity came from an incredible grace and a stark, in your face elegance. She wore her dark hair short. Layered attractively, it framed the imperious face of a goddess. Her body had the honed muscles of an athlete, and she always dressed severely in dark colors. Her clothes often molded tightly to her frame, something his dick always noticed.

Stay tuned! Next week we’ll see these two banter a bit!

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Six Sentence Sunday 27

I’m back from my offline time moving into my new house.  Hoping not to miss anymore of these for awhile. 🙂 As you may recall, I’ve been doing sixes from my latest release Breathe Me In. In this scene, Will and Garrick have just fully made love for the first time.

Sinking into Garrick’s embrace, Will had the sense that he’d never been alive until that moment. All the sex he’d had in his life couldn’t compare to this single encounter. No man had ever held him and caressed him as if he were cherished, as if he mattered beyond their orgasms. The beauty of the moment made Will want to weep, and he’d never been a crier or even an emotional man. Practical had always been his middle name. But there was nothing practical about what had happened—what was happening—between him and Garrick.

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Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Six Sentence Sunday 26

Here’s another taste of vampire Wilson North and wizard Garrick Forrester from Breathe Me In, my current release. Last week we heard from Will, so this week we’re inside Garrick’s head.

With that innate sense of a strong Magia, he knew instantly that the beautiful man with the pale skin and dark waves of a Botticelli angel was his destiny. The man smelled lushly of cinnamon, and Garrick filled his lungs with the scented air. In his mind’s eye, flashes of erotic scenes kept his cock at nearly full mast inside his now tight jeans. The scenes were of himself with the beautiful dark haired man. Will. His Will. Well, his if he could bring himself to tame the angel, something the devil in him begged to be allowed to do.

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I’m finally moving into my new house this weekend so I hope your weekend is much more relaxing than mine! Have a good one!


Six Sentence Sunday 25

Until the end of May I’ll be posting from my current release Breathe Me In, which is part of the Tales of the Darkworld series. This book is a gay erotic paranormal novella, very hot and sleek. Our main hero is Wilson North, a vampire whose mate is Garrick Forrester, one of the Magia, the magical race. The two have just met in a mausoleum of all places.

The scent of patchouli intensified, underwritten with the scent of the Magia’s blood. Will’s heart pounded, and his breath shortened. Something metaphysical stirred within him and he had the sense that he stood on a precipice, his life as he knew it falling away behind him as a vast new frontier opened before him.

Another deep breath. The patchouli wove its scent through his body and his skin tingled.

That’s it. Breathe me in…

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Six Sentence Sunday 24

I’m back and today is our last look at The Ruined Lady. (Sorry, Taryn!) This time, a little love between Nick and Carlisle.

“Oh, Nick, I love you so,” she moaned.

“I love you too, Carly. I love you more than life,” he whispered against her throat. “You are mine. We are one. Nothing will ever separate us again.”

She clutched him to her, holding him tightly. “Nothing,” she echoed, her heart fervently praying that it was so.

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