Six Sentence Sunday 33

This week, another taste of my Christmas WIP Breath of Heaven. My flyboys Sebastian and Ryder have had a shock as tragedy engulfs Ryder’s brother, hockey star Ryan Beckett.

A rush of emotion swept over Ryder and his legs gave out, dropping him to the ground. Caught off balance, Sebastian was pulled with him and the two of them tumbled into the hole Ryder had dug which was fast becoming a mud pit in the downpour. Ryder twisted around, pressing his body against Sebastian’s, ignoring the mud that caked them both.

“Ryan’s loss made me realize what you went through when my plane went down,” he said hoarsely, tears forming in his eyes and trickling out to mingle with the rain on his face.

He dug his fingers into Sebastian’s hard shoulders, holding him tightly with a frantic sense of their mortality fueling his strength and urgency.

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Six Sentence Sunday 32

This week I’m giving you some WIP love. Breath of Heaven is a Christmas short story and sequel to my Don’t Ask Don’t Tell novella Afterburner (in the MLR Press anthology Honorable Silence.) It’s Christmas and my flyboys Sebastian “Babe” Marchetti and Ryder “Flip” Beckett-Marchetti are more in love than ever. When tragedy strikes their family, the magic of Christmas turns grief and pain into a miracle of life and love.

As Haley snapped on a pair of latex gloves, Ryder spun the chair and wiggled his brows suggestively at Bas. “C’mon, Babe. You know you want the Flying Marchetti tattoo.”

Bas stepped close to his lover, their bodies brushing. “You know what I want and it’s got nothing to do with ink and needles and that damned tattoo my brother is so proud of,” Bas growled, dipping his head a little so that his mouth hovered over Ryder’s.

“Later. I promise you can have that later. After the ink.”

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Six Sentence Sunday 31

This week Aiden and Cade are winding up their Encounter in Blood Play. If you want to find out what happens with this pair, the story was released on Thursday and is less than $2 at Pink Petal Books.

The enjoyment she experienced when drinking from someone paled in comparison to the rapture wrapping itself around her from biting Aiden. Instantly, she wanted him again, the folds of her pussy engorging with blood. His cock still sat deeply within her, his erection still as hard as it had been before his orgasm. She creamed around it, the warm liquid increasing the friction of their small movements as they fell into Quintessence.

Almost absently, Cade retracted her fangs and closed the mark on Aiden’s neck with her lips and tongue. He held her tightly in his arms, his cock moving infinitesimally within her cunt. The hard beats of his heart rumbled against her soft breasts as they lay in a feeding induced haze of contentment.

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Six Sentence Sunday 30

Blood Play will be out this time next week and by then I hope to titillate you with a tidbit from the end of the story. The following week I’ll move to a WIP, a little something I’m working on for EC. Here’s Aiden and Cade again, this time in the midst of some steamy sex.

He nuzzled the sensitive area beneath her ear, his lips and tongue soft and hot. “It is Noctivian, the ancient language of Acerbians.” His words brushed her skin feeding her arousal. “Most vampires do not know it and cannot speak it. However, it calls to us all, feels familiar and soothing and resonates in our hearts and souls.”

She twined herself around him, rubbing her belly against his throbbing erection. “Can you resonate something else inside me besides a dead language?” she asked with a hint of impatience.

Blood Play is available for pre-sale, but it goes live this week. To read all the other wonderful Six Sentence Sunday offerings, click HERE. Have a happy 4th!


Six Sentence Sunday 29

It’s Sunday and as we come closer to the release date of Blood Play, I’ve got another little teaser for you. The set up: Aiden is watching a blood play scene at the Parisian BDSM club Perdition, something Cade doesn’t really approve of.

“What do you consider creative play for a vampire?” Aiden murmured, thinking he’d give just about anything for a chance to play with her. He shifted his stance, trying to unobtrusively ease his painful erection.

“You can’t tell me that this interests you.” Her expression turned disdainful and her words held a hint of disbelief.  With a disgusted sigh, she pushed off from the door, her body straightening to its full height. Aiden’s heart thundered with anticipation, but she brushed past him, stepping into the center of the corridor, her pose as cold and closed off as her expression.

She might act cold, but the sexual tension between these two is hot, hot, hot! Blood Play will be out the first week of July at Pink Petal Books. To check out all the other amazing Six Sentence Sunday offerings, click HERE.

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