Six Sentence Sunday 38

Returning to Drake and Justin in my WIP Encounters: Magic Lessons. You may recall that Justin has feelings for Drake who pushed him away in the past. Now, Drake is all about making it up to Justin.

Drake’s expert eye determined that Justin’s cock measured more than his own. It might not be as thick, but it was definitely longer. His ass cheeks clenched as he wondered how it would feel to have Justin fuck him. He’d had fingers and dildos in his ass, but only once had he been fucked. Weylyn had been an excellent instructor in anal sex, but his cock didn’t match Justin’s in length or girth. The thought of Justin’s monster dick in his ass made Drake shake with lust.

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Six Sentence Sunday 37

Last week I gave you a taste of Weylyn in the second of the Encounters stories, Weylyn’s Gift.This week it’s a peek at the third Encounters short story, Magic Lessons. This is a M/M short story about wizard and club owner Drake Keating and the manager of his club, Justin Scott, who’s been in love with him forever.

All the hot rubbing against each other ceased as Drake dropped to his knees, his tongue snaking out to lick all around the swollen head of Justin’s cock as if it was a lollypop. When he flicked at the sensitive underside, the thick erection jerked in his grasp and Justin groaned. Drake loved teasing Justin. The expression on his face was pure lust and it turned Drake on.

Justin sank his hands into Drake’s short blonde hair. “Do I look like a popsicle to you?” he rasped, his voice breathless with lust.

Weylyn’s Gift will be out in October. Not sure when Magic Lessons will be out. Depends on when I get it to my editor.  If you’re interested, I’m talking about revisions and getting rights back over at Castles and Guns today.The post includes info on the Encounters series which I’ve been showcasing for you here.

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Six Sentence Sunday 36

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This week my six is from the next Encounters short story, Weylyn’s Gift. The hero is my horndog werewolf Weylyn Randall and a mysterious woman who turns out to be his mate Keir. This short story showcases how they meet and get together.

She knelt, her mouth trailing hot, wet, sucking kisses from his mouth down to his chest. She pushed his hands away from his cock. Not knowing what else to do, Weylyn clutched the chair with one hand and used the other to stroke her hair from her face as she bent to take him in her mouth. The most exquisite sensation enveloped him as her damp, velvety mouth suckled him.  Flames rose inside him, higher and higher. His hips shifted, and he resumed rocking on the chair, the dildo fucking him with just the right pressure, as Keir’s tongue swirled over the head of his cock.

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Six Sentence Sunday 35

This week I’m back with another bit of Safe Haven. In this excerpt, my heroine Sasha is the one doing the ogling out her window. She’s watching Mason stand at his window and strip, preparatory to the two of them masturbating for each other.

Sasha loved his body. Golden skinned from the sun, she doubted he went to a salon despite the lack of sun in Seattle, his body had muscles that appeared honed from hard work rather than the gym. He was far from perfect but she found his flaws endearing. The ragged scar on his left flank that marred the beauty of his taut buttocks. The rock hard abs that didn’t quite have six pack definition. The thick cock with its definite curve to the right.

Meet Anderson Dornelles. He’s a hottie and about as close to how I envision Mason as I’m probably going to get!

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Six Sentence Sunday 34

This week, I’m giving you a taste of a het WIP, a little something I’ve been working on for EC called Safe Haven. This scene introduces the hero who is watching the heroine using his camera and a long lens.

On the other side of the window stood a woman, backlit by golden lamplight, the walls of the room reflecting it and reflecting off the artwork that hung there.

Sucking in a breath, Mason focused on her with a deft twist of his fingers. Her long ink black curls writhed on her shoulders, alive with energy. Her creamy skin held a slight golden caste that came from the lamp. Breathing in slowly, Mason looked lower and found his heart nearly stopped by the perfection of her tip-tilted breasts with their hard pink nipples. He shuddered as his gaze skimmed down over her tiny waist and flared hips, her long smooth legs, and the dark juncture of her thighs.

I’ll be back next week with another snippet of Mason and the woman who stands naked in front of her windows for him to ogle!

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