Six Sentence Sunday 43

I’m off to the West Hollywood Book Fair with Z.A. Maxfield and James Buchanan today so I hope to see all your Sixes when I get home if I’m not too wiped out.

This week’s continuing retrospective of Tales of the Darkworld gives us Ride the Lightning, Book 4. This book has an asshole hero and a heroine who tries to commit suicide. It also gives us mating in shifted form. Dragon form.

As the flames died away, Emily found herself pressed to the dirt of a hay field, Vahid still throbbing within her as his body covered her from behind. With a moan, her shaky legs gave out and she sprawled in the dirt. Vahid landed on top of her, his heavy body wracked with shudders. After a moment, he pulled his cock free of her pussy and slumped beside her, their sweaty bodies still touching. They lay still and panting, smoke swirling around them for long minutes.

The aftermath left them both limp and dazed.


Just for grins, I found this on a search of the words “dragon sex.” In Ride the Lightning Vahid is a black dragon, but Emily is red so the artwork doesn’t really work here, but it’s amusing nonetheless.

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Six Sentence Sunday 42

Continuing on with my retrospective of the Tales of the Darkworld, this week’s book is #3 Fire Season.  The one thing I can say about Fire Season is it seems to be the book that everyone loves. It’s the story of a straight black dragon, Holden Antaeus, whose mate is a man, green dragon Garret Renquist. This six sort of sums up what Fire Season is all about.

Garret’s mouth curved in a reassuring smile that made Holden feel better the instant he saw it. “Holden, I’ve been with a lot of women and men, but I don’t know how to do mates either. Sure, I know how to kiss a man, how to suck his cock, how to fuck him, and how to let him fuck me, but that doesn’t mean I know how do those things with someone who is the most important person in the world to me. Because, Holden…”

He broke off and reached out to take Holden’s hand in his for a moment. “You are now the most important person in my life and we both need to learn how to deal with that.”

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Six Sentence Sunday 41

This is the second week of my Six Sunday retrospective. This week my six comes from the second book of the Tales of the Darkworld, Hot Water. The hero, Colin Granville, a vampire, is on the phone with his irreverent assistant Corey Green. Colin’s asked Corey to cancel all his appointments because he’s met a woman.

“What is it with you Granvilles lately? First your sister goes all googly eyed for a dragon and now you.”

Colin got in a waiting cab and gave the driver the name of his hotel. “I’m not googly eyed, Corey. I’m just horny.”

“You say to-may-toe and I say to-mah-toe.”

This week I received a lovely package from my publisher Mary. In the package were author copies of Tales of the Darkworld Volume Two. As a thank you to all the commenters who come here every week, I’ve decided that one of you shall win a copy of this beautiful book! Leave your comments and let me know what you think of Colin and Corey’s amusing exchange. In return, I’ll enter you in a drawing for a chance to win a print copy of Tales-Two which includes Sunstroked, Corey’s story.

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Six Sentence Sunday 40

This is my 40th week doing Six Sentence Sunday and I thought I’d start a few weeks of going retro by giving you a taste of my very first book, Shifting Winds, Tales of the Darkworld Book 1. Next week I’ll be back with a snippet from Book 2, Hot Water, and so on until we get to the most current release in the series.

Elysia’s breath caught in her throat as she realized that she could hear Declan’s heart thundering. She could hear the rush of blood in his veins. She could smell his unique green apple scent and the scent of his blood and smoke. She could taste the salty tartness of his skin on her tongue. With Declan, every one of her senses magnified the moment she was with him. The night before, more than once, she had intuitively known his thoughts, his actions and reactions. And overriding it all, stronger today than last night, was the overwhelming urge to sink down onto his cock and bite his neck, taste his blood, and feel his fire.

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Six Sentence Sunday 39

This week I’m giving you a taste of the fourth Encounters story Rituals. In Rituals, Drake Keating’s neighbor and friend, wizard Nick Diamond, discovers that the woman he’s been painting is a lot more than she said or he ever noticed. Secrets are revealed and lust is born.

Ione knelt on the drop sheet that covered the floor of the dais, sitting with her legs folded beneath her. She stretched her hands out before her and murmured a few unintelligible words. Then she said, “I will tell you when I am ready. At my word, you must whip me until my blood runs freely. Only then will my sacrifice to Artemis be complete. It should take no longer than five minutes.”

If you’re interested, you can look up the Cult of Orthia. It’s an ancient religion whose members participated in ritual flagellations. Nick’s model Ione is a member of that religion.

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