Six Sentence Sunday 53

I’m back from my holiday break with six sentences from Finding Your Heart, the het version. I will be putting this up on Amazon and Smashwords as soon as it’s editing is complete. Probably today!

“You like it. Don’t tell me you don’t.”

“I’ve always liked everything you’ve ever done to me.” She leaned on his chest to look him in the eye. “Except let me go. I didn’t like that at all.”

This is a New Year’s story of renewal and it will be available for FREE just as soon as I can get uploaded. If you liked my six, please stop over at the Six Sunday website and check out all the other offerings from authors and unpublished writers alike.

Happy New Year everyone!


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Six Sentence Sunday 52

Many thanks to everyone for coming here each week to see what I have to share. I appreciate your comments. This week, more from Kissing Joan Collins!

Chase arched his darkened brows and smirked, saying, “You’re just jealous you can’t do Joan.”

“You’re right. I am jealous I can’t do Joan.” Logan mustered up a smile, so Chase would think he was playing along when in reality he meant every word. He’d give anything to do Joan…well, Chase dressed as Joan. Never in his life had he found a man in drag attractive, but he’d give his left arm – he needed the right one to write and jack off – to fuck Chase while he wore that dress and heels.

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Six Sentence Sunday 51

How about a little more from my WIP Kissing Joan Collins?

Chase had always had the best ass Logan had ever seen. Covered in the sexy dress, material pulled tight over the taut globes, Logan could fully understand why women wore dresses like that. They must drive straight men crazy staring at their asses. For his part, Logan couldn’t look away from Chase’s backside. He wanted to touch it, knead it, bite it, spank it and then spread the perfect flesh and eat his way to the honeyed center. When he’d licked and sucked Chase to melting surrender, he’d push those muscular cheeks further apart and slam his cock deep into the tight heat of his best friend’s hole.

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Six Sentence Sunday 50

Since this is my 50th Six Sentence Sunday post, I thought I’d do a little something different. One lucky commenter will win their choice of my backlist in ebook format. Must post by midnight Pacific time Sunday, November 26.

My six today comes from a WIP that has no name other than it’s temporary one of “Kissing Joan Collins.” In this scene, Logan’s best friend Chase dresses up as Joan Collins for Halloween and when he comes out of the bathroom, his costume is so good, Logan doesn’t recognize him at first.

Those legs, that ass, the fucking dimples.

“Jesus Christ, Chase! You look like Joan Collins on steroids!” he gasped, his heart upping its beat to triple time as he stared at his best friend’s perfect ass covered in skin tight designer label linen.

“Like it?” Chase’s amused baritone gave away his delight that he’d stumped Logan for all of a minute and a half.

“Fuuuuck, it’s enough to turn me straight.”

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Six Sentence Sunday 49

This week I have a taste of my Christmas Cowboys WIP, Cupid Christmas. This will be out just before Christmas and is the last in the Forbes Ranch Christmas Cowboys Series. In this snippet, Steve is about to risk everything and ask his former lover Dalton out to dinner.

Now, Steve had to face the man who had taken away his dreams of a loving relationship and set him on a path of soulless one night stands and chance encounters.  Dalton’s eyes held wariness and his posture had an unnatural stiffness, as if he’d braced himself for a physical blow. Considering his words only minutes before, Steve figured his former lover thought he might have stopped him in order to get in a few licks, verbal or even physical. Not that Steve had ever been the fighting type. He’d always been a lover not a fighter which is one reason he’d never fought to keep Dalton all those years ago.

“Something I can do for you, Steve?”

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