Six Sentence Sunday 13

I know I got you all hot and bothered with Will and Garrick last week, but they were the hot item from my head then. This week, it’s back to Nick and Carlisle in the The Ruined Lady. This is a flashback scene to their childhood. Nick is nineteen and Carlisle sixteen. Even though this kind of behavior was frowned upon in their class, Carlisle’s father the duke fostered it because he wanted the two of them to eventually marry.

“I love you too,” he smiled and kissed her hard on the lips. “You know I cannot take you now. We’re both too young for marriage and we cannot risk getting you with child, but I too have been listening to what my schoolmates say and I know that there are things we can do to pleasure one another without risk.”

Carlisle’s eyes opened wide with wonder. “What things?” she breathed, excitement making her quiver.

Heat filled her body as he began to whisper in her ear.

Carlisle isn’t blonde but this is kind of the way I see them together. Oblivious to the world, in tune with one another, and filled with youthful passion.

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Six Sentence Sunday 12

It was my intent to post more of Nick and Carlisle from The Ruined Lady. I did work on them this week. However, I wrote more in Breathe Me In and it was more powerful.

Here’s the scoop:

Breathe Me In is part of the Tales of the Darkworld series. It sneaks in after Sunstroked and is a direct offshoot of it.  Secondary character Wilson North demanded his own story. It is a gay erotic paranormal romance pairing Will (who is a vampire and former lover of both the heroes of Sunstroked) with Garrick Forrester, a secondary character from Ride the Lightning.  I never told the readers that Garrick was gay so this may surprise them!

In this scene from the opening, Will and Garrick meet in a mausoleum through sheer force of destiny. Garrick (who is a wizard, one of the Magia, the magical race) is drawn there by his theurgic senses and the pull that calls him is that of one fated mate to the other.

Dark lashes flicked up and the beauty of Wilson North blazed through Garrick’s very soul when their eyes met a second time. The lure of such angelic masculinity proved too much for him and he found himself pushing off from the marble crypt. He glided toward the bench where Will sat, his sole thought to lose himself in the salvation those dark eyes promised.

A visible shiver went through Will as Garrick stopped before him. Holding out his hand, Garrick silently prayed to the gods that Will would just take it and question things later. At the moment, all Garrick wanted was to touch Will, hold him and love him. Problems and logistics and the real world and all its damned obligations could come into play and be solved – or not – later. For just this moment in time, Garrick wanted to hold Will and breathe him in and know that they belonged to one another.

I know, that’s really eight not six sentences, but I couldn’t leave you hanging in the middle of the paragraph! 😉

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Six Sentence Sunday 11

This week I’m delving into a manuscript that’s been on my computer for at least five years. I’m dusting it off and getting a partial ready for a contest. The Ruined Lady is an erotic historical, written long before I was published. But it needs work so you’ll have to forgive the boo boos.

The Set Up: Carlisle Roth is a duke’s daughter who was ruined on the eve of Waterloo and has a child out of wedlock. Some years later, through a series of unusual circumstances, she’s reluctantly accepted back into society.  Nick Sterling, Duke of Ravencourt, has known and loved Carlisle since they were children.  In order for Nick to have her for his own, he and his friends must unravel the mystery of her ravishment and disappearance. However, the secrets they uncover could rend the fabric of his renewed relationship with Carlisle just as easily as they could strengthen it.

Nick felt his blood pound as he looked at her. She was startlingly beautiful in the grey mist, her face alive with happiness.  He wondered what she would do if he pulled her off the stallion and kissed her.

Something must have shown on his face because she gave a short laugh and said, “Yes, that would feel good too, but it’s not proper.”

“Since when have you been a proper miss?”

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Six Sentence Sunday 10

I’m back after a month of holiday giveaways on this blog. Whew! It seemed like a long December posting every day! Won’t do that again until next Thanksgiving. 😉

We return now to James and Rachel of One Hot Number with a peek into James’s head as he undresses her. There’s a lot more to their relationship than just a rock star and his accountant.

When Rachel’s breath hitched in her throat, James knew there was no turning back. She’d committed herself to the act, to him. He slipped his fingers beneath the straps of her bra, pushing them off her shoulders. The material sagged and her rosy aureoles peeped over the edge of the falling lace. His possessiveness returned in force and he knew that he’d committed himself to the act as well, locked door or not. When it came to Rachel, James knew no boundaries.

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Six Sentence Sunday 9

Welcome back for another Six Sentence Sunday! We’re continuing on from last week with rock star-guitar god James Fox and his accountant Rachel from One Hot Number.

“I never enter a room where you’re alone without locking the door behind me. You are a force of nature, James. I cannot resist you,” she replied breathlessly.

James smiled at her words and slipped her shirt off, draping it on the back of a chair. His fingers traced the lace of her bra cups, goosebumps following in the wake of his touch, patterning her smooth skin.  He couldn’t get enough of her, couldn’t stop touching her once he’d started, but today, his foreplay was slow and deliberate, allowing their desire to become a fierce burn that drove them both to the edge.

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