Six Sentence Sunday 58

This week, more from my WIP Bad Choices. Last week’s six was about Peyton’s lack of a wedding ring and ended with Cooper asking Peyton why he was there. Today’s six is his reply.

“I’m here for you, Cooper. I walked away from what the three of us had all those years ago and I never looked back. You and Devlin got engaged. I got married and had a kid. But you know, you were always there in my head and heart. When Dev died, I couldn’t deny the truth any longer.”

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Six Sentence Sunday 57

You asked for it. Here’s what happened to Peyton’s wedding ring in Bad Choices.

A knot formed in Cooper’s stomach. “When did you ask her for a divorce?”

“Two months after Dev died. It became final a week ago.”

Dizziness hit her and she leaned back in her chair, gripping the arms tightly. “Why are you here?” she whispered, although, she knew now why he’d walked into her gallery today.

One of these days, I need to finish this manuscript. LOL BTW, I did finish Kissing Joan Collins. Expect to see it next month at MLR Press in time for Valentine’s Day.

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Six Sentence Sunday 56

I was going to jump back to Kissing Joan Collins and give you six of that before I finished it and sent it to my editor. (It’s slated to be a Valentine’s Day release for MLR Press if I finish on time.) Instead, this week’s six is also from my WIP Bad Choices, which I featured last week, but I’m going to back up a little and give you a taste of what happened between Peyton and Cooper before last week’s confession about Devlin.

When he cupped the side of her face with his hand, she realized that the cool metal of his wedding band was missing. She twisted away from his kiss, her eyes opening. Peyton stared back at her, his chest heaving.

“What are you doing?” she asked, trying to whip up her anger. “I’ve barely seen you since Devlin died and now you’re here kissing me and dredging up the past. Why are you here and where the hell is your wedding ring?”

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Six Sentence Sunday 55

This week I’ve got a taste of Bad Choices for you. This is a story I entered in a cold read session by Angela James of Carina Press at the OCC RWA meeting yesterday. Sadly, I didn’t catch that I’d used some descriptive phases more than once. Otherwise, it didn’t go too badly for me. LOL In this scene, Peyton tells Cooper of the secret life her fiance lived.

“He liked to be dominated by men physically, sexually, in every way.”

“He never loved me.” Her raw whisper held years worth of pain and frustration.

One large hand tugged the photo frame from her, turning it face down on her desk. “He loved you more than you could ever imagine, but no matter how much he fought it, he just couldn’t shake his kink. He lived for pain,” Peyton said softly.

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Six Sentence Sunday 54

This week with Valentine’s Day coming, I have six sentences from what may end up being a Valentine’s story if all goes well. This is six from Kissing Joan Collins, a gay Valentine’s friends to lovers romance. Logan’s brother Jeremy is giving him some advice on how to deal with his long term crush on his best friend Chase.

“Maybe he wants you as much as you want him, but he’s just as afraid as you are to mess up your friendship.”

“When the hell did you become Mr. Relationship Advice? You don’t even date the same woman more than twice.”

Jeremy shot him an evil look. “I do too…when I can find one that doesn’t bore me that fast. Look, I’m just saying that maybe things aren’t what they seem with Chase and you should think about that before you dismiss the notion that Chase doesn’t think you’re attractive.”

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