Tuesday Tune @ 52 WPM

Yup. I gots a song for ya today. You might recognize this guy as the lead singer of Tonic, but I think I like his solo stuff better. I really like this song. I even entertained it as a possibility for my duet with Fab. I give you, Emerson Hart:

Before I take off to write more dirty sex posts, I have to brag about something. At about 10 am this morning, I decided that I needed to do a quick post at the Bar. I needed to catch up with a character that I had left hanging awhile back. I knew basically what he needed to say, and what foreshadowing he needed to provide. So, I decided to test myself a little. On my 15 minute break, I cranked out his post. 780 words, no edits needed, 15 minutes. Whew! I did it.

I looked at those 780 words and wondered how authors struggle to come up with 1000 words a day or 1500 words a day. I decided it wasn’t a struggle to come up with them. More likely, it was a struggle to find the time to commit them to “paper”. I know that my problem with writing is that I do a lot of stuff. I don’t have a lot of time to spit out 1500 words a day.

I was sure proud of those 780 words in 15 minutes though. I wrote – created, if you will – 52 words a minute. At that rate, I could churn out 20K words in about 6.5 hours. Real life, of course, dictates that those hours stretch to months, maybe even years. I dunno. This is one of the few times I’ve ever tried to time myself. All the other times involved sex not writing.

Oh, BTW, I’ve decided that I’ve made it to a certain level in the blogging world. Hellohahanarf has volunteered to drunk dial me. *blinks in shock* OMG!! Someone is gonna drunk dial me from Tequila Con! I am soooo stoked. Happy Tuesday!

Outrageous: Weylyn Randall

Susan over at West of Mars combined two things to come up with an amusing meme which her character, rock star Trevor Wolff, completed. When I tried to think who my most outrageous character might be, I discovered that it wasn’t any of my rock stars. This character is a musician, but he’s not a rock star, and none of his outrageousness comes from what he does for a living. My most outrageous character is that werewolf who is always horny, Weylyn Randall. Weylyn is all about getting his were on. I could give you examples, but I think I’ll let Weylyn do it. Here, for your reading pleasure, are seven outrageous moments with Weylyn Randall, werewolf, bass player, and bi-sexual horn dog.

1. Weylyn’s introduction to the Bar Story – A remark to his Alpha about how he spreads his sexual favors around:

Weylyn snorted his disgust. “I get it all the time. Groupies love me because I’m the horndog in the band. Everyone else is either a tight ass or bonded. Me… I believe in freedom. Freedom of choice and freedom from the chains of a mate. I am just your average every day were-horndog.”

2. Weylyn tells off a Beta from his pack:

Her eyes flared with fury. I ignored it and walked past her, headed for Michael’s suite of rooms. “One day, Weylyn, you won’t be the favored one around here any more. Michael will take a mate, and you will be ass out!” she called after me.

A bigger man might have just ignored her… or even just flipped her off. I, however, didn’t have a problem being a petty little punk. I turned and smiled at her. “You know, Sean… when that day comes… the day our Alpha finds a mate… I will be happy for them. I may not live and breath the pack like you do, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want it to thrive. And to thrive, our Alpha must mate… and procreate.” I gazed at her thoughtfully, seeing her anger simmering just below the surface. “Why do I get the feeling you just don’t want to see Michael take a mate and have children?”

Sean began to growl and I grinned. “Oh, Sean. You’re the one who will be ass out when Michael mates. All your hopes and dreams… right into the toilet.” I shook my head, turning to walk away. “Do us all a favor, Sean and get a life before that day comes, ” I called over my shoulder.

3. Weylyn thinks about the white werewolves:

I leaned back enjoying the feel of my swelling cock. My mind was preoccupied with thoughts of the beautiful young white were from earlier in the evening. She was hot. And even better than her… her mother was fucking hotter. Mama had even smelt of sex… sex with a young male were about my own age by the scent. I didn’t recognize his scent, but the unadulterated sexuality of it made me hard. I wasn’t that picky about my partners overall. Male, female…were, vamp, pixie… I’d done ‘em all and had them do me. Orgy action was always good too. It meant a guaranteed orgasm.

My eyes rolled back in my head as I wondered if the male who had been fucking the white mama was into men. His scent on her had turned me on… not just for her, but for him. I needed something young and hot with strength to equal my own. I thought about sharing him with Mama. Oh, yeah. That sounded even better than having mama and her girl at the same time.

Teeth lightly grazed my cock and long fingers teased my balls. When one digit entered my ass, I bucked up off the chair, my cock sliding easily down Michael’s throat as I came. I twitched and moaned and shuddered as Michael’s tongue kept up its action throughout the spasms of my cock. Finally, Michael licked me clean and sat back, looking into my eyes with a wry smile.

“Now why do I think that it wasn’t my mouth you were concentrating on fucking?” Michael’s tone was droll.

I grinned. My Alpha was smart and knew me oh, so well. “Prolly cuz you know me… my mind was on the next fuck, and the one after that,” I laughed. “Always working on where the next orgasm is coming from.”

4. Weylyn meets a hot stranger:

The man was hot. No doubt about that. He was up for the play too. I’d smelled his lust instantly, which was why I’d followed him. It was just a little harmless game. He knew he wanted me. I knew I wanted him. We both could sense and smell the lust. When he said, “Want to go inside and play?” I thanked the gods for men. Bedding women was a lot more work.

“Sure,” I replied, leading the way. Being with Michael always rocked my world but there was something about a chance encounter that upped the ante on excitement. “I’m a were, you know, and we weres like nothing better than to take someone from behind,” I told him boldly, my eyes watching him lustfully. “I, myself, am particularly fond of anal sex.”

“Oh, really?” Rax murmured, his eyes gleaming.

A little half smile tugged at my mouth, and I decided to be completely upfront with him. I wanted to fuck him, and I figured I had nothing to lose in telling him that. “So, are you gonna let me get my were on, or are we all done now?”

I watched him carefully consider my words as my thoughts were jerked back to the smell of the young male were on that white were. Lust rocketed through me again. I stroked my hard cock, letting Rax see the pre-cum oozing from the thick tip.

“What’s it gonna be, Rax? You want some of this? Or should I be on my way back to London?” I asked, hoping that I wasn’t gonna be disappointed.

5. Weylyn takes his leave of Jaidyn and Jude to go meet Sol:
(You can find the entire X-rated encounter HERE.)

Jaidyn and her brother exchanged a glance. It appeared to me that while I was talking to the naughty pixie on the phone, my fanged female friend had decided to forgive her brother for being a bit of a dick. Leading his sister on a wild goose chase around the club had been enough to make me think he was an asshole, but now the two were as tight as a miniskirt on a hooker. I decided Jude probably wasn’t really an asshole, but more likely, a prankster.

I eyed Jaidyn, gleefully. “You wanted to be shown around Paris. Here’s your chance to visit the hottest club in the city,” I told her, waggling my eyebrow suggestively.

Jaidyn grinned and threaded her arm through her brother’s. “You go on, Weylyn. I’m officially relieving you of duty,” she said with a lopsided grin.

I put my hands over my heart. “You wound me oh, beauteous fanged one!” I said in dramatic tones. Jaidyn’s lips twitched, and I winked at her. “Twas not duty at all! Twas a pleasure beyond compare!” I swept her a big Shakespearean bow and a crack of laughter escaped her.

“Is he always like this?” Jude asked, amusement dancing in his eyes.

Jaidyn shrugged. “I think so, but I haven’t known him long enough to be sure,” she chuckled. “As you can tell, Weylyn is all about fun.”

I sprang to attention, flashing my most charming smile. “Got to get my were on, ya know,” I said to Jude, who started to laugh.

“Not gonna argue with you there, dude,” he said easily. “Been known to prowl for something toothsome myself.” Jude flashed his fangs and his sister rolled her eyes. She was laughing inside though. I could tell.

“Since you are well chaperoned, milady, I’m outta here. Got a date with a naughty pixie,” I told the twins. “Jude, nice to meetcha.” I shook Jaidyn’s brother’s hand and then ducked in to plant a quick buss on her cheek. “It’s been fun. We’ll do this again, ‘kay?”

Jaidyn nodded her sleek head. “Sure, Wey. Have a good time with the pixie.”

“I intend to,” I said with a flash of my own fangs.

6. Weylyn and Sol wake up Vivienne to go on a rescue mission:

“C’mon, Vivi! Let’s go! You’ve had plenty of time to get ready!” Sol yelled at the wooden door.

It opened and a tall, broad shouldered man came out, carrying his shoes and jacket. My eyebrows shot up. He looked like he was barely out of high school. Vivi came out behind him zipping up her jacket. “I had a nice time. See ya, Brian,” she said dismissively.

“Later, Viv,” the kid rumbled in a deep voice and left.

“Oh, Vivi. He looked very young,” I chortled, my eyes filled with amusement.

Vivienne quirked up a brow at me. “He was, but he was legal,” she replied coolly.

“Checked his ID, did you?” I grinned. I was liking Vivi and Sol more and more. I wondered briefly if I could get them both going at the same time…

Sol rolled her eyes. “It had to have been fake. He didn’t even have a beard yet,” she snarked. “You’ve got more fur than he does, Vivi.”

Vivienne walked to the door, shooting a nasty look over her shoulder at Sol. “Fuck you, Isolde. He’s a nice boy. And he has a big dick.”

Sol and I followed Vivi to the elevator. “Yeah, but is he old enough to know what to do with it?” Sol asked with an evil laugh.

Vivi gave her friend a smug smile. “Didn’t need to. He’s excellent with his tongue.”

As we stepped into the elevator, I murmured, “Too much eating out will give you indigestion. I hope he has his Rolaids.”

7. Weylyn has a profound moment when he helps Sol and Vivi rescue Gracie, only for them all to discover that Gracie’s place is trashed:

Women. I would never understand them, no matter how long, or how often, I fucked ‘em.

Weylyn is in his early days in the Bar Story. There will be many more “Weylyn” moments to come. He has an outrageous personality. He’s independent, free thinking, very open sexually, has a positive attitude, and a great sense of humor. If there is no humor to find in a situation, Weylyn will make some. I hope you manage to get your were on this Sunday!

Why Vampires? – A Contest

My last contest was a flop. No one can find the man from the Air France commercial. I’m a lot disappointed. He was soooo hot. Anyway, I’ve got a couple things up my sleeve. The first is about this blog and what I spend all my time on when I’m not blogging or working at the cemetery. Writing. I write about vampires. I write about other creatures too at the Bar, but the vamps are, well, my thing. Now, I’m going to reveal to you why it is that I must write vampires. (You’ll need this for the contest.)

David from BellaDaddyBlog may remember this. He was with me that day. It was Halloween, my 17th birthday. I think David was 14 or 15. My mom sent me to my sister Jeannette’s to pick up my present. David and I hopped into the Starsky and Hutch car and drove to my sister’s. She gave me a pair of gold Gypsy earrings that belonged to her, but which I had admired for years. She also gave me her copy of Interview With the Vampire. She looked at me oddly and said that when she first read the book, she knew it was meant for me.

Now, my sister Jeannette is an unusual woman. From the time I was about 4 or so, she lived with the Gypsies. The REAL Gypsies. Jeannette does palmistry, Tarot, and astrology charts. She’s very good at it. She’s also a Buddhist. Oddly, she never gave up some of her Catholic icons though. I think she’s a very religious person, but her beliefs are slices from many different religions.

Anyway, never having had much belief in the occult or religion, I didn’t think much of her giving me that weird look. I just took the book and said thank you. My entire life Jeannette had had a habit of turning up out of the blue and giving me odd books to read, and different music to listen to. (All my sibs are much older than me. Jeannette’s about 15 years older.) She gave me her prized copy of Abbey Road because I loved it so much, but only if I would take the White Album too. She took me to Catholic church and taught me to light candles. She taught me to meditate. She exposed me to things I would never have been exposed to at a young age had she not been my sister.

Interview With the Vampire had a profound affect on me. It was the only Anne Rice book I read for many years. I didn’t want a sequel. I didn’t want Louis spoiled for me. Louis sat in my head for a long time. He was seductive, more so than Lestat.

One day I spied a series of books by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro about the St. Germain vampires. I picked up the first book and by the end, I was officially obsessed with vampires. I had a HUGE collection of vampire books within a year or two. I tried writing the vamps, but they never came to me.

Years passed. I lost the huge collection of books and a handwritten copy of my novel Note By Note when I lost my storage unit in the high desert. I eventually read the other Anne Rice books. Shit happened to me. I lost the vampires. I felt them calling to me sometimes though. Then I found a cool little used romance bookstore. The woman there introduced me to paranormal romances and handed me… Katie MacAlister.

The vampires came back to me full force. The were inside me, clamoring to come out. But I hadn’t found their vehicle yet. I went to Katie’s website and found… The Bar. I read and read and read. For two solid weeks I read the Bar. By the time I caught up to where the writers were, I was ready to intro a character. Not a vampire, but a black dragon. The black dragon was related to two vampires. Eventually, I introduced them – Blake and Dominic Solent, thousand year old vampire brothers, who had once been Knights Templar.

And so, I found where I belonged. The rest is history. Of a sort. The Bar led to Andrei Andrei, who led me to blogging. The blogosphere community and it’s people are awesome. I can’t imagine my life without all of you now. The Bar, the bloggers, and the vampires.

Now, that you’re all yawning at my longwindedness, here’s the contest:
I need a real tagline. Something that is me, but something amusing too. Everyone has a cool tagline. I want one. So, hit me with a tagline. You have until midnight Pacific time on Sunday to leave your tagline in the comments. If you prefer a more private means of entering the contest, email your entries to winter at winterheart dot com. One caveat: you cannot say, “Bite Me” (cause all my little icons already say that), but you can use it as part of the tagline. C’mon. You know you wanna win a t-shirt with fangs.

Now, before I go… Tune in to Snackie Radio this Sunday because Hilly’s guest is MOI! Yes, the two gals from SoCal will titillate you and make you horny, baby!


See you all Sunday at Blog Talk Radio! MUAH!

Thursday Thirteen the Twelfth

This hasn’t been the best of weeks for me. Those of you who came by last week will notice that my last TT is missing from this blog. I removed it. On purpose. Just because someone might misconstrue it. If you really wanna know where it is now, email me. I’ll let you in.

So I don’t have a TT prepared. I’m winging it with some help from the Bar.

Thirteen Mysterious Characters from the Bar Story
1. Macaire – Macaire is a Fallen Angel. The FAs are very powerful. Marius the Archangel “creates” the angels from children who died. The FAs are supposed to be good, but Macaire is extraordinary. He’s stalking Nyx McClaren and already threatened her and her mate Valerian Kronos. He hasn’t done anything against them yet, but he keeps hinting that he will.

2. Damaris Fontaine, the Blood Mistress – Damaris is the keeper of the vampire annals (the history of all vampires) and the vampire bloodlines and lineage. She’s the daughter of the vampire deity, which makes her a demi-goddess I suppose. So far she’s shown herself to be good, but who knows what could happen? She’s just mysterious and powerful enough that you just aren’t sure whether she’s good or evil.

3. Mr. Fabulous – The only thing we know about him is that the Blood Mistress is afraid of him. That means, he must be more powerful than her. No indication yet whether he is good or evil, but he may be a vampire and may have some sort of ties to the demon realm. He may also have ties to the vampire deity.

4. Darrien Ellsworth – Darrien is a vampire. Someone in the story is his father. So far his father hasn’t been revealed. Dad doesn’t know he has a son. Darrien’s gonna tell him in a not so nice way. We don’t know yet if Darrien is good or evil, but he and his brother Sebastian are hanging out stalking Darrien’s dad.

5. Kendall Reed – The vampire musician shares a past with rock star Rune. Not a carnal past, but a past that has to do with their childhood, music, and secrets. She has Rune by the balls over a song he stole from her. It’s not known yet whether she will twist them or forgive him.

6. Bram Steele – Bram is a former junkie. He lost almost everything to drugs, which seems odd for a vampire, but it’s true in Bram’s case. Now, he’s rebuilt his life and his music career. He’s just made up with old friend Dominic Solent. It seems pretty obvious that Bram is a good guy, but who knows what’s in his past waiting to come out.

7. Garren Fairfax – Garren is a mage who inherited a strange magical house. In the house is a huge golden cage that encircles Garren’s current captive. The cage moves when the captive moves. So basically, the captive has free run of the house. There’s magic in the house that allows it to not be seen except by certain persons. Garren first looked like a bad guy who was holding someone hostage. Now that he’s taken in Khatira the djinn’s bottle (her brother put the golden cuffs on her making her a genie), he seems more of a good guy.

8. Seth Chrysaor – Seth is a legendary creature. The chrysaor is the son of a god and a Gorgon. He has strange powers, and a mouth full of sharp pointed teeth when he’s in battle mode. He has already shown that he’s a good guy when he helped kill the demon who was possessing Rune and helped kill the Black Widow, Rachel Sullivan.

9. Christian De Ambrose – Christian, yet another vampire, is the former lover of rock star Carlisle Ross. He broke up with her, and left to pursue a career as a writer. Now he’s in Paris, stalking Carlisle, and digging up dirt on her fiance’s family. He has not yet shown whether he’s a good guy or a baddie.

10. Devlin Von Karman – Devlin is some kind of ancient shape shifter. He appears to be a good guy so far, because he’s helped out Aneira Rudolph the white werewolf, for whom he has a little crush. However, there is something else lurking beneath the surface. His friendship with vampire Veronica Pierce, for one.

11. Eden Wellesley – Eden is human and is the bloodmate of a vampire. So far, Eden has resisted his attempts to bond with her. For some odd reason, she does not want to live forever. An ex-CIA agent, Eden has already shown herself to be one of the good guys, but why are there strange “relatives” from her past, who have connections to mages, showing up on her doorstep?

12. Elysia Grenville – The head of the Fallen Angels is strict and upright. She shows no emotion to either the people who work for her or her younger sisters. She’s a good guy, but she’s not very likable yet. Maybe there are secrets in her past… Certainly, she’s bound to show more of her hand when her youngest sister asks to be released from the FAs to go to the Afterlife.

13. Drey Wulf – Drey is a werewolf. He’s shown both good and bad sides to the readers by attacking Aneira, by having sex with her mom Jensen, who is in love with his brother, by teasing a wildling and a host of other things. Drey is a bad boy whom everyone loves because he just tells it like it is. He’s rough around the edges and manipulative, but he’s really just young and hotheaded rather than evil.

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!
The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun! Trackbacks, pings, comment links accepted!

Hope you enjoyed another peek at the Bar characters. Have a great Thursday!

Melancholy Marcus Monday

I’m a little melancholy. Missing Rott I guess for one. For another, people in general sometimes get me down. (See the rant below.) I spent part of Sunday photoshopping Marcus. I stuck him into a pic with a girl in a designer dress. Then I photoshopped Kelly Monaco’s face on the girl. It’s not a very good job. I was distracted. The upshot is that if I had really worked on the details it would look much better. It’s for the Bar, so it doesn’t have to be some fantastic thing.

The picture is because Lex and Alaric are going to a wedding. Lex, who is starting to show her pregnancy a little, doesn’t fit in the dress she was going to wear, which would allow her to wear the very expensive Manolo Blahnik’s she wore at her own wedding. So Lex has to choose a different dress. The post is about how Lex comes to realize that her body is about to undergo some major changes, and at the end of it all, her life will be decidedly different.

When I first wrote Lex, she was a background character, meant to fuck one of the main characters, get dumped by him, and eventually end up dead. But Lex is tenacious. She wanted to live. She wanted a chance at her own story. She refused to do what I had originally planned for her. Now, Lex is probably the most 3 dimensional character that I have. I invest a lot of myself in her too. So when I did the 6 word memoir and realized that Lex is the best vehicle I have as a writer, I created The Lexography. The Lexography is Lex’s biography. Told in diary format from her voice, and the voices of those who love her. If you’re interested in Lex, you will find the link to the Lexography on the sidebar to the right. The girl with fangs won’t be posted here on Tuesdays any longer.

I have a little rant that I wanna get off my chest now. Have you ever been in IM or chat or on a MB with someone who disliked you, but was being passive aggressive about it? They make these little remarks that are digs, but they cover them, attribute them to someone else, or backtrack so you don’t call them on it? Usually, I call them on it anyway because it annoys the hell out of me. I would much rather people say right up front what they think so I, and everyone else, knows that they don’t like me. Then I don’t have to make nicey nice and talk to them anymore. And everyone else will not expect me to.

The problem I have these days is that there are places where I am the admin and/or moderator. I’m not supposed to be confrontational. There are five places on the net where I have this job. Five places where I have to take the high road and let people speak to me in snide asides. It goes against the grain with me, but I agreed to take these jobs so I’m not about to let others down by not doing the right thing. What kills is that sometimes these queens of passive aggressive behavior use that against me. They know they can throw as much below the radar crap at me as they like, and I cannot retaliate or respond. They revel in the fact that they can do this. It’s pathetic.

I bet you want to know why they don’t like me, these passive aggressive queens. As near as I can figure it, it’s because I’m me. I come into a chatroom or a board and I talk to people. I joke and tease and flirt. Sometimes other women do not like this about me. They think I do this to draw all the attention to myself. They are resentful and it shows in their little remarks to me, and in the way they draw the man’s (men’s) attention back to them by talking about something I am not privvy to.

Now, I’ve been on this planet for awhile. There’s stuff I know. First off, it’s freaking typing, people. Second, what’s wrong with a little fun? It’s not like I’m inviting your husband to cheat on you. Third, it’s not about me, it’s about others, making them smile and have fun. I don’t even post a lot on some of these boards, so when I do, I wanna have fun! Fourth, you don’t OWN those men that I talk to on the boards and chatrooms. Some of them are married or have girlfriends. You do not have dibs on them! And yes, I talk to women too! Not just the guys. Although, the way these P-A-Qs act, you’d think all I do is go around to MBs and chats and steal “their” men. Sheesh.

I tell myself that this is nothing. They prolly have pathetic lives in dead end jobs, no boyfriend or husbands or kids… or they have those things and are unhappy with them. Hell, I could BE them. The difference is, I choose not to be. I choose to fill the empty places with things I enjoy. Creative things like that stupid little photoshop pic, or writing Lex, or calling in to Turnbaby’s show and singing a really bad rendition of the Yogi Bear song because I’ve forgotten the words because my dinner is burning. (Smoke sucks.) I just have to content myself that the high road is the better way to go and ignoring barbs is good for the soul.

Okay, rant over and it’s time to add up the Marcus’ for this week. Fab picked up 7 this week followed by Mary with 6, Matt and Shiny with 5, Susan with 3, and Livvy with 2. There’s a whole host of people who got 1 each. Most of them on my TT about the cemetery. Why is it that people are so very curious about the cemetery?

Anyway, since it’s been 4 weeks since our last update here’s how the numbers shake out in terms of the top 5: Mary-68, Matt-53, Shiny-52, Susan-47, and Fab-37. Maybe it should be whoever gets to 100 first wins or whoever has the most come June 1. Next time around, I’ll do the contest different. I’m liking how Matt does the COW.

By the way, I’m still battling with WordPress on my writing blog. If anyone knows someone who can answer q’s for me and maybe mentor me a little, I would much appreciate it. I need to make the errors go away and do a couple of little tweaky things, but I’m having a helluva time finding answers in all the miles of WordPress docs, forums, and codex. I don’t need someone to do it for me, I just need someone to point me in the right direction so I can fix it myself.

That’s it for this Monday. Have a great start to the week everyone! MUAH!