The Vampire Show

At dinner tonight, Motley and I were talking about the blogger radio shows. I told her that I’d been joking in Fab’s chatroom about doing a Vampire Show. She actually thought it was a good idea. She said she’d be on it. Well, she also said she’d be on Fab’s show. Should I tell him? LOL

Personally, I don’t think I could do a weekly show. I mean, wouldn’t I run out of things to talk about? I could go the route of guest hosts and guests who write vampire fiction… but I’m still skeptical. Eventually, there’s nothing left to discuss once we’ve gone through all the cemetery stuff and all the vampire stuff. Wouldn’t me talking about writing and characters be totally boring? I think I’m boring. I figure I must be, cause it’s not like people are knocking down my door to talk to me.

So, I dunno. People seem interested in the cemetery and vampire stuff. Jason X over at the User Pool has used my vampire info as a yardstick against which he’s measured his lover Blair, whom he feels is a bloodsucking vampire. Personally, I think she’s more of the soulsucking type, which makes her a demon from Atersilex at the Bar. I guess I’m sorta on shaky ground cause a lot of people aren’t into vamps. Look at my comments. You’ll see a few of those folks.

The other thing is that there are a lot of radio shows already. Aren’t there just too many for people to keep up with now? Who would listen to me babble when they don’t have time for all the more established blogger shows? Motley suggested I have a basic poll and ask readers to vote. You don’t have to comment, but a vote is appreciated. Should I do a show or not? Cast your vote in the sidebar on the right. If the survey says… YES, then I’ll be back with a poll that is more specific about things like when and where and how long and how often. (Not often. As in, not weekly. No. Effing. Way.)

I suppose I should thank Dragon (did I link to the right person?) for being so enthusiastic about this idea at Fab’s chatroom last week. If no one votes or the votes are negative, I’m blaming this post and poll all on her. Heh heh.

One last thing before I go… Motley still hasn’t downloaded the pic of me at the picnic. Here’s a pic taken by one of the embalmers, Christina. In front of me is my beloved giraffe purse. This was pretty much my set company smile. The LOL caption on this pic at the office is: I may be smiling now, but touch the giraffe and you die!

OH! I almost forgot my big Pimpin Friday! It’s Freaky Frakkin’ Friday at Secondhand Tryptophan. Stop by and YOU could win a prize!

TT the 17th – Vampires

This Thursday Thirteen is about the Bar vampires. Thirteen facts about them. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you know these bits of info. These bloodsuckers are nothing like Dracula or Nosferatu!

1. The Bar vampires are not the undead. In the Otherworld, they’re basically another species. They eat and drink and can be injured. They procreate. They have sex… a lot. That doesn’t sound too dead to me.

2. The vampire deity is the Mother of All Vampires. She has a cauldron full of golden orbs that represent her children. She works very hard to match them all up with the right bloodmate. Her daughter is Damaris Fontaine, the Blood Mistress. Damaris runs Les Lignées aka the Library. The Library contains the annals of the vampires. Everything that happens to every vampire of every race including made vampires, is cataloged in the Library. The Blood Mistress has a sister Maerne, who is the Queen of the Atersilex Vampires. Because their mother is the Mother of All Vampires, the sisters have some unusual powers, including powers over other vampires.

3. Aeturnan is the ancient language of the vampires. Letalis is the vampire term for humans.

4. The Bonding process is what vampires go through to become joined to their bloodmate. A bloodmate or bonded bloodmate is the term for a vampire’s eternal mate. Cherished One is an endearment, which is also used as the proper name for a bloodmate. For Otherworld vampires, their Cherished One’s blood is sacred. Once they are bonded to their bloodmate they can only drink that person’s blood or they will die.

5. Our vampires go through several steps in order to bond with their bloodmate. These steps are called the Bonding Path. The path consists of several points which must be completed by the couple. The path does not have to be done in order however, all points along the path should be complete by the time the exchange of blood occurs. Once the path has been completed, the male vampire receives his soul and his thoughts and emotions become one with his bloodmate’s. They have to work very hard to hide things from each other once they’ve been bonded. The bonding path points are: The Finding, which is an initial recognition of the bloodmate, often in some psychic manner such as sharing thoughts, recognizing their particular scent, or sharing a dreams. The First Bite, which is one of them biting the other, but is not necessarily a reciprocal bite. It is an act that signifies the trust between the bloodmates, an exposure of vulnerability. The Second Bite is a bite that occurs during the sex act and doesn’t have to be reciprocal. If the first bite took place during a sex act, then the other partner (if also a vamp) must be the biter this time. The Sacrifice is a selfless act for the benefit of the Cherished One. The Blood Exchange is the final part of bonding. It must be a mutual exchange of blood during the sex act, whether both are vampires or not.

6. Female vampires are called Mortiferians. They do not need to feed as often as males do. They do have souls, but on occasion something happens to make them soulless. For example, Alexandria’s bonded bloodmate is killed by the Nazis. Normally, if a vampire is bonded and their bloodmate dies, they die as well, but in Lex’s case, the vampire deity saved her life by taking back her soul until she mates again.

7. Male vampires are called Acerbians. Male vampires who were born without a soul are Desperians. If their parents were bonded at the time of conception they are born with a soul. Otherwise… no soul.

8. Otherworld vampires can go out in the sun with protection especially if they are very old. By protection I mean a hat, a coat… covering their skin. If they get in the sun they get burnt and can get sun poisoning, a condition that can kill if not attended to. They don’t go up in flames or turn to a pile of ash. They also do not need to sleep the entire day away. The older they are, the earlier they can rise.

9. Vampires who are “made” are called Infuscans. A made/turned vampire will have all the attributes of a born vampire. However, they cannot make/turn vampires themselves, they may or may not have a bloodmate, and they would be unaware of what they can and cannot do. A born vampire must explain it all to them.

10. Pravus are rogue vampires, more commonly called Hellbounds. They are evil and without conscience. They become Hellbounds by virtue of a blood disease something like AIDS, which is hereditary. It is passed from father to son. Hellbounds are never female unless they have drunk the blood of a Hellbound male.  The Hellbound blood disease causes madness and a desire to kill and hurt others. They stick together, sort of in a pack, and hide from other vampires otherwise they would be hunted and destroyed. The disease manifests itself within the first 100 years of life unless the male’s mother was some creature other than a vampire, in that case the disease can stay within the vampire male until something triggers it. Then the degeneration begins, a downward spiral into insanity and a lust for blood, violence, and evil.

11. Vampires in the Otherworld are immortal, but can be injured or killed. You can stake vampires or grievously wound them so that they bleed out and die. If you blow their head off they will die. Otherwise, something more minor will just cause them to have to spend a few days healing.

12. Otherworld vampires have more physical strength than humans and other Otherworld creatures except for those with special powers. They have exceedingly strong minds and can use glamour to wipe a human’s mind or control them. Glamours do not work well on other vamps unless the one putting the glamour on is very old and powerful. It can work on some Otherworld creatures depending upon how strong that creature is and what powers they have. For instance, a glamour might work on a werewolf or a pixie, but not on pixie royalty.

13. Our vampires cannot dematerialize as they do in some stories, they are not affected by religious icons or holy water (except for the Hellbounds who burn if hit with holy water), their fangs only elongate and appear during times of stress or great emotion, in sexual situations, or in a situation of fear or violence. They do not go around biting humans indiscriminately, and they don’t go around killing humans to feed. They can easily drain a human and kill them, but they don’t unless it is some kind of fight for survival. When they bite, they lick the wounds to seal them and they usually begin to heal immediately, fading before your eyes. An exception to this occurs when the bitten one is a pregnant female vamp. Pregnant vampires heal more slowly from everything. Our vamps do drink bagged blood from the blood bank if they don’t have someone to feed from.

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Hope you enjoyed this look at our bloodsuckers! May all your bites be yummy ones today!

Quick Heat

No time to write! It’s Customer Service week at work. That means… FOOD! Must get to the office ASAP. C ya laters! Oh, BTW… here’s the heat for Wednesday.

Monica Bellucci who is Hasi Blue in the Bar Story. Yummo!

James Marsden whose Bar character Nick, the artist, hasn’t made an appearance yet. RAWR!
Enjoy, my little lovelies!

Fang Tune

Here’s a little vampire tune from my Imeem uploads. Even if no one else likes it, I think Marty might. He likes a lot of the same stuff I do.

There’s a writing contest at Zanctuary so I’ve been mulling over ideas. I have a lot of older stuff I could rework, but I’m thinking of something new. The idea has been bouncing around in my head all day. I can’t say anything about it or I won’t be able to use it in the contest. Suffice to say that it has to do with an adage.

In other writing news, I’ve been working on The Lexography. My intent is to see if the key posts from the Bar that have to do with Lex can actually stand alone to tell her story. My sense is that there will be too many confusing things because of the other missing posts. We’ll see though. I’ve wanted to tell the story of a girl with fangs without the trappings of the Bar, but I’ve been reluctant to try. This is going to be an interesting experiment.

Motley still hasn’t downloaded the pic of me at the picnic. Today, I’m feeling the burn… the sunburn that is. My nose hurts. My face is kinda red, and there are a couple of ouchy patches on my arms. However, the discomfort was alleviated by the arrival of The Best Damn Button in the Universe! (TWKS) Yes, I received a button from Karl of Secondhand Tryptophan. Who knew that the man had such great handwriting? Seriously, thanks for the button Karl!

I’m on a mission to buy blogger shirts. One per month. I have a Zombies Ate My Brain shirt coming from Blogography. Next up is a TWKS shirt. After that, I’ll probably get a Socially Dead shirt. Then an Avitable shirt, and so on and so on… Eventually, I hope to have an entire blogger wardrobe!

Hope you enjoy the vampire song and if you feel like reading my girl with fangs story, stop on by The Lexography. Tuesday tongue kisses, beautiful people!

TT the 16th – Evil

Who’s evil, baby? There is definitely some evil lurking in the Bar Story. If you don’t believe me, just keep reading!

1. Caden DeCameron – Evil mage/alchemist who has it in for: Winter and Tristan Blackthorne, Winter and Tristan’s kids Rhiannon and Galen, Nyx McClaren, the Kronos family, and his own daughter Ainsley. Caden is on a centuries long search for the Beginning of War Sapphire and the Sword of Conflict that the stone belongs in. He’s already lost the End of War Sapphire and the Sword of Unity to Derek Draconarius-Wyrme, thanks to the Blackthornes, The McClaren, the Kronos brothers, and Ainsley. He’s not about to let a little thing like blood ties stop his quest to wreak havoc on the dragon world.

2. Mordred Wellesley – Evil wizard who has it in for : His cousin Eden, fellow wizard Garren Fairfax, and keeper of the Dragonfire amulet Dravened Draco. Thus far in the story, we know that Mordred hates all vampires which means he’s got no qualms about offing his cousin if he has to. After all, her mate is a bloodsucker. Mordred killed Garren’s brother, the great wizard Rohan, in order to get his wand. He also wants to find the magical house that Garren inherited from Rohan. Garren is hiding Dravened (also known as Oz) in a magical golden cage in the house. While in the cage, neither Mordred nor even the dragon god Aminan can find Oz. Why Mordred wants Oz and why he killed Rohan for the wand, have yet to be revealed…

3. Macaire – Fallen Angel who is supposed to be good, but apparently has gone bad because he has it in for: Nyx McClaren. Macaire has been hunting Nyx for about a year, but he kicked it up a notch when Nyx turned up with a mate, Valerian Kronos. For reasons Macaire has yet to reveal, Nyx with a mate infuriates him. He’s already made veiled threats against Val’s life. Now, he’s made a veiled threat against Alfred, Nyx’s am feare-fair (an immortal guardian). Whenever Nyx is around Macaire, the magical Ogham rings that she and Val wear as wedding rings, begin to glow. Since the rings were given to her by the fae god Oberon, she believes they are meant to protect her and Val. The glow means there is a threat to them. Thus far, Macaire has shown very little of his hand. The question is, when he does make good on his threats, will Nyx and Val be able to thwart him? And why hasn’t the Archangel Marius stopped his evil deeds?

4. Rachel Sullivan aka The Black Widow – Rachel is now dead, but when she was alive she had it in for: her son Ryland, her bloodmate Merrick, and any man she married. Rachel was evil from the word go. She started on her path as a Black Widow when her son was very small. Once he was old enough to know what she was doing, he left. When Rachel met her bloodmate, she devised a way to use him to get power from a demon. She bonded with him in order to receive her soul. Then she drained her bloodmate and left him to die while she traded her soul to a demon for the use of a succubus and the ability to walk freely in the daylight without burning. In the end Rachel is killed by her bloodmate, who didn’t die, a fae witch, the son of a god and a Gorgon, and Titania Queen of the Fairies.

5. The Hellbounds – Hellbounds vampires are male vampires who suffer from a disease that drives them mad and turns them evil. The HB virus is hereditary, handed down from father to son through the male line only. The Parisian HBs had it in for: The Kohl family. Vincent and Thaddeus Larouche, brothers and the leaders of the HBs in France had a sister who was bloodmate to Frederick Kohl. Helene and Frederick had a child, unbeknownst to the rest of the Kohl family. Their son Griffin is the reason the Larouche brothers have a vendetta against the Kohls. The brothers killed their sister and had Frederick and his wife killed. However, servants hid baby Griffin from his uncles’ rage. The Larouche brothers kidnapped and tortured Griffin’s half sister Sascha for fifty years. They forced his half brother Johann to steal for them. They kidnapped and converted Griffin’s cousin Alaric’s bloodmate Penelope, turning her against the Kohls too. The list of evils perpetrated against the Kohl family by the HBs is long… and about to get longer at a Kohl wedding.

6. Penelope Vanders – Penelope was Alaric Kohl’s bloodmate, but she was kidnapped by Thaddeus Larouche and infected by the HB virus, becoming the HB Queen. She went after Alaric Kohl because she thought he hadn’t tried to rescue her. Alaric spent years in a drunken haze alternating between thinking that he couldn’t protect his bloodmate, or that she would rather be with a monster than with him. While on a mission to find Penelope once and for all, Alaric met Lex Valentine and fell in love. Meanwhile, Penelope was stalking both Alaric and Lex. Eventually, Lex went after Penelope on her own, in an attempt to free Alaric from his former bloodmate. When Alaric goes looking for Lex he finds her chained, and he trades his life for Lex’s, but in the end, Lex battles Penelope for Alaric and the Mother of all Vampires takes Penelope away.

7. Daggon – Daggon was an evil pixie who was obsessed with a pixie princess named Lacey. He’s another character who is dead now. In order to have Lacey, Daggon killed her father and frightened her mother. He got her mother to sign betrothal papers. When Lacey and her sister Rosalie discover this, they come up with a plan to fake Lacey’s death. Once this is accomplished, they figure they will be free of Daggon. However, Rosalie’s betrothed has a little run in with Oberon the Fae King and takes off for the Otherworld. With Lacey presumed dead, and Rosalie’s betrothed missing, Daggon sets his sights on Rosalie and slaps an armband on her that hurts her every time she touches another man. Eventually, the riddle that kept the band on is solved, thwarting Daggon. Lacey and Rosalie’s former betrothed are both discovered alive and well. After a few more evil deeds including kidnapping Lacey, Daggon is killed by his own sister.

8. Onyx Blackthorne – Evil half brother to Tristan Blackthorne who has it in for: Tristan and his family and anyone else he feels like messing with. Actually, Onyx is dead now. After centuries of torturing his own people and ruling as the black wyvern when he wasn’t, Onyx discovers that his half brother is still alive. Set on a campaign to eliminate his brother’s family, Onyx kidnaps the blue wyvern’s pregnant mate, which draws out 4 of the best black dragon warriors to rescue her. One does not survive the rescue. He sets assassination squads after Rhiannon, Tristan’s heir. In league with Caden DeCameron, he kidnaps Winter and Mary Draconarius-Wyrme. However, Onyx reckons without Tristan’s determination to free his people from Onyx’s oppression. When Onyx challenges Tristan for Winter, he’s killed by Tristan who takes off his head with a sword named Redemption.

9. William the Slayer – William is a vampire slayer who is out to get: Gracie Burke. He got close to her at a vulnerable time in her life. He slept with her and acted as if he was her boyfriend. Then he tried to stake her. Gracie still carries the scar on her chest from the attempted staking. Now, William is back and he’s stalking her. He’s terrorized her, leaving things for her to find when she wakes up. He boldly tried to kill her with a crossbow. He trashed her apartment, spray painting DIE BLOODSUCKER on the walls and destroying everything inside. He’s still out there waiting to get her, but now she’s being protected by Rune, the rock star she’s had a secret crush on for years. Rune is sure that Gracie is his bloodmate and he will do anything to save her from the madman who is after her. Gracie just wants to get away from the man who unknowingly broke her heart years before. It’s a game of cat and mouse and rock star that is only just now beginning to heat up the Bar.

10. Madspawn – Madspawn was a Hellbound vampire, a hired killer who assassinated anything he was paid to kill including humans. He was hunted by Eden Wellesley and Sterling MacCarran, two CIA agents specializing in Otherworld crimes. He was killed during a battle in Pere Lachaise Cemetery with all the Hellbounds.

11. Goddess of Mischief – The GoM comes around every so often and fucks with people’s lives. The last time she made an appearance, she put a poisonous berry in baby Antonio’s bottle. The poison caused him to grow up overnight. Whenever something unexpected and evil needs to happen, the GoM is there for us to use. She has a couple of evil henchmen that include Bloodbane and this abomination whose name I forget. I do remember that the abomination ate another villian, the Romanov brothers’ mother. Yuck.

12. Mama Romanov – She who was eaten, liver first, by the abomination whose name I forget… She was out to kill her son Nikolai’s mate Gayla. She tried to cut a deal with the GoM who turned the tables on her. She was pretty evil, constantly trying to undermine Gayla and finally just out and out plotting to kill her.

13. Assorted rapists (Zane and some blue dragon and Jolek), assorted henchmen (mostly black dragons), assorted people who do stupid shit against others but who aren’t really evil, and a few people who started out kinda bad but ended up good.

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