It’s a Tuesday Tune for the holidays. I love Soundgarden so this has been one of my fave Christmas songs ever since I first heard it.

Last night was a special Jester Show featuring Dave2 of Blogography. They talked about a lot of interesting stuff from iPhone apps and politics to touching up supermodels and cruise ships.  Iron-Fist (Vahid) called in as did Snackiepoo (Hilly) and me. My very short convo with them at the end of the show was about Throbbing Vampire Cock, my favorite Davetoon of all time.

If you didn’t get a chance to listen in to the show live, check out the podcast above. Fans of Ride the Lightning will get to hear the real Vahid and Dave speak! Yes, they both sound incredibly sexy as does Jester who has the best laugh in the world.  Jester Shows are never to be missed. They are so much fun!

Have a great Tuesday!


Floating My Boat

It felt like a long weekend. Probably because I spent so much of it writing. Next weekend will be a true long weekend since I spent some of my much horded vacation hours and took Friday and Monday off. I wasn’t sure if I would need recovery time since it’s Dave Diego next weekend. When it comes to bloggers, I’ve only met Hilly and Karl thus far, so Motley and I are truly excited about this event. Not that Hilly and Karl aren’t the pinnacle of bloggers, but you know what I mean.

I went to Blog Talk Radio yesterday to set a reminder for Turnbaby’s anniversary show, even though I knew I wasn’t going to get to listen to the whole thing. I had a Bar writer’s meeting online that I knew would pull me away at some point. However, when I went to set the reminder, I noticed a show that was on called The Mortal Vampire. Me being me, I had to check it out.

The Mortal Vampire seemed really cool and his chatroom was hopping. His guest was Bret Jordan who is an author and artist. They were talking about writing and someone in the chat asked how I’d found the show. So I told them about The Bar and that I write vampires. Bret instantly offered to put a link to The Bar on his links page. Very, very cool. I really enjoyed the show and will be listening again in the future. Many thanks to The Mortal Vampire and Bret Jordan for the plug.

Well, it is Monday, and I do have a Marcus for you. First, I have to say that I am just totally in lust with Christian de la Fuente from In Plain Sight. This guy really pushes my buttons which doesn’t happen very often with celebs. I think I totally called it last Monday when I said he was headed for Marcus status. Not that he would ever take Marcus’ place. No man could do that. I’m more than in lust with Marcus. If I ever met him in person, I would be a babbling fool because he reduces me to complete mush. Really, both these guys more than float my boat!

Last week there was a call for a shirtless Marcus so I’ve got one of those for you today. He’s young here, not that he’s old now, but 39 is old for a model. I guess it’s part of his supermodel status that he still looks good and is still working. Not a lot of guys look as good as he does at 39. He’s certainly inspiration for me when I’m writing hot scenes. My muse doesn’t really help me with those. He just tosses a few Marcus photos at me and heads off to get drunk. He knows the Marcus pictures will invoke the hottest of sex scenes.

I want to call out my thanks to Jen from Redneck Romance Writer and Susan from West of Mars for giving my Zanctuary writing contest entry a lookover yesterday. I appreciated the time you ladies took to read the piece and give me your opinions. The rest of you will get to read Silver Lining after the contest is over. The inspiration came from my past (the dude from yesterday), from Marcus and Christian, from a Lady Antebellum song, and from stuff that happens to people online. It’s an emotional piece from the get go, and yes, there is a sex scene! YAY!

Hope you all have a great Monday with whoever floats your boat!

Can Vampires Be Gay?

The following is an outtake from The Bar. It’s posted in what we call the “Out of Context Forum” because it’s not part of the regular story, but does use the characters from the story. This post is dedicated to Miss Britt, whose own story was an inspiration to Lex.

Lex walked into the living room to find her eldest son staring at CNN. For a moment, she wondered when he had become like his godfather Stein. Then she realized he was frowning. Aric never frowned. Well, except for when he was pretending to be his Uncle Lucius. Usually, Aric was a very content little boy, if slightly serious. His younger brother Ahren was bright and amusing, the fun guy, very much his father’s son. Aric was more like his mother and uncle, which of course made him the apple of his grandmother Maddy’s eye.

“Aric? What’s wrong?” Lex asked as she sat down on the sofa beside her 8 year old son.

Aric looked at her with those steel blue Kohl eyes, so like his father’s, and those of his Uncle Lucius, cousins Johann and Sascha, and his grandfather Konrad. The puzzlement Lex saw in those blue depths made her realize something really was wrong. She reached out and gave Aric a quick hug.

“You know you can tell me and your father anything. Did something happen at school today? Or at Mary’s?” she asked gently, trying to get to the bottom of the odd expression in her son’s eyes.

“At school,” he finally said, his voice low and filled with confusion. “Someone told my friend Mark that he was gay. We didn’t know what that meant, but it sounded bad. When we went to Mary’s after school, Ahren and I asked Jason what it meant. Jason said it was a mean thing to say to someone. Then Jack said at least the kid didn’t call Mark a fag.”

Aric looked up at his mother with worried blue eyes. “Why are kids mean, Mom? And what is a fag?”

Lex’s heart turned over in her chest. No one had called her sons names, but both boys were inherently good children who didn’t understand why anyone would be mean to another. She bit back a sigh and drew Aric into the curve of her arm. She glanced up and saw her husband and bloodmate Alaric standing in the doorway with his brother Lucius and cousin Griffin. All three men looked like they wanted to hit someone. She shook her head slightly at them, then turned her attention back to Aric.

“Aric, remember how we had that talk about how some girls like to kiss girls and some men like to kiss men,” she began cautiously, hoping she was doing this right.

Aric nodded. “Ahren and I thought it was a little weird. I mean, we don’t want to kiss boys.” He wrinkled his nose then. “We don’t want to kiss girls either though. It’s okay when you kiss us or when Dad does or Grandma Maddy. We kinda expect our family to hug and kiss us.”

Lex turned slightly as a warm body wriggled onto the couch and into her other arm. She looked down into a pair of electric blue eyes very like Alaric’s. Ahren grinned up at her and leaned against her breast, his gap toothed six year old smile showing the buds of his fangs.

“I like it when Aunt Opal hugs me,” he told his mother with an emphatic nod. “She smells nice.”

Lex looked over Ahren’s head at Lucius, who was grinning. “You’re definitely one of your Aunt Opal’s favorite nephews,” Lex told him with a smile. “I know for a fact that your Uncle Lucius likes it when she hugs him.”

“She hugs him all the time.” Ahren made a face that was definitely a grimace.

“That’s what I mean, Mom,” Aric cut in. “When we grow up we want to be like you and Dad and Uncle Lucius and Aunt Opal. We don’t want to kiss boys.”

Lex frowned. Had the boys gotten the idea that kissing someone of the same sex was bad? The very idea horrified her. There were a lot of things she would tolerate in her children, but intolerance wasn’t one of them.

“Even though you don’t want to, it would be okay with your father and I if you did want to, Aric. Not everyone thinks like we do,” she stated cautiously. “When Jack said that it was a good thing that the boy at school hadn’t called Mark a … a … fag…” Lex stumbled over the word, her face a mask of distaste, “… he meant that at least the boy hadn’t been more mean to Mark.”

“But what is a fag, Mama?” Ahren asked, his pale face scrunched up in a look of puzzlement.

Lex glanced at the adult men in her life. Alaric looked pissed. Lucius didn’t look much different. It was Griffin whose dark eyes held an expression of deep empathy that made Lex realize he truly understood how she felt about her children being exposed to such cruel words.

She opened her mouth to explain to the boys, but stopped as Griffin came into the room and knelt before the couch. His dark eyes went from Aric to Ahren.

“The word fag is said by ignorant people,” he began. “Mean people who don’t understand that there are many different ways to love. They don’t understand, so they make fun of it and say cruel things. People who are gay love people of the same sex. The boy who called Mark gay was using the word like a curse word, in a mean way. Fag is a cruel name for men who are gay, men who love men.”

“Can vampires be gay?” Ahren asked cautiously. He was obviously thinking hard about everything that had been said.

“Our world has few restrictions, Ahren,” Griffin replied. “In the Otherworld, if you can dream it, you can be it.” He made a face then. “Apologies to Rocky Horror, but if the words fit…” He shrugged. “The point is, boys, that ANYONE can be gay. No one asks to be. They just are. The same as mean people. We don’t know why people are mean… they just are.”

Aric and Ahren looked at each other, and then at their father’s cousin. “We don’t like mean people,” Aric said solemnly.

His brother nodded. “We won’t ever use those words, Uncle Griffin,” Ahren promised.

“Maybe we don’t want to kiss boys, but we understand that just because we don’t want to do it doesn’t mean it’s wrong,” Aric stated, his words slow and thoughtful.

“Love is a good thing,” Lex told them, her throat tight with suppressed tears. “Don’t ever think that it’s not. When someone loves you, you are blessed, whether that person is a boy like you or a girl.”

Now, Lucius came into the room and sat on the arm of the couch beside Aric. “This is like the discussion we had about whether vampires are better than dragons,” he told the boys. “No one is better than anyone else. We are all just different from each other.”

“And sometimes we can’t help who our hearts decide to love,” Alaric said as he sat down on the couch beside Ahren. His long arm stretched out to brush back a stray curl from the side of Lex’s face. The love on his face for his bloodmate and his children was palpable.

“Ugh. You’re not gonna tell the story about how your heart decided to love Mom, are you?” Ahren groaned.

Aric made a little sound and frowned at his brother. “It’s okay when they tell that story. It just means they love us,” he said chidingly to Ahren.

“It means they love each other. That’s okay, but man, we’ve heard that story a million times already,” Ahren complained.

“You’re very lucky to have a family that loves you,” Griffin told them. “Maybe the reason that boy was so mean to Mark is because at home, no one loves him unconditionally, the way your family loves you.”

Aric and Ahren exchanged another look. “We have each other,” Aric told Griffin. “That kid doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. Maybe that’s why he’s mean.”

“Maybe one day someone will love him and he will stop being mean,” Ahren said.

“I feel sorry for him now, even though he was mean.” Aric and Ahren both nodded and the adults heaved sighs of relief as the moment passed.

“Do you think Gerda made cookies?” Ahren asked his mother.

Before Lex could answer, Griffin rose to his feet and held his hands out to the boys. “I bet she did. Let’s go see.”

As the three of them left the room, Griffin was heard to say, “Did I ever tell you about the time your Grandma Maddy tried to make me eat an entire plate of Gerda’s cookies with milk?”

“That was when she thought you were Uncle Lucius’ son!” Ahren piped up, his voice full of laughter.

“But Aunt Carlisle gave you her Chivas instead of the milk, right?” Aric asked, his own laughter joining his brother’s.

Lex looked at her husband and then at her brother-in-law. “This family really is blessed, isn’t it?” she murmured.

“We weren’t always, but apparently, we are now,” Lucius admitted.

“We’re a fucking miracle, Angel. That’s what this family is,” Alaric chuckled. “Another crisis averted.”

“It’s too bad we can’t eradicate the hate in this world as easily as we’ve all managed to find love in this family,” Lex murmured, leaning into Alaric’s embrace.

The Kohl brothers burst into laughter. “I don’t think our roads to love were very easy, Angel,” Alaric told her. “Luc and I both are just damned lucky. Our boys will be too. They have a loving family who teaches them that some of the most important things in life are love and tolerance.”

Lucius stood up. “We better hurry or Griffin and the boys will eat all the cookies,” he grinned.

As the three of them walked toward the kitchen, Lex said, “This family is the most tolerant I know. Look how they put up with Big Al the Drunkard and Luc the Procrastinator for so many years.”

Lucius looked at his brother Alaric over Lex’s head. “For that, I think we are owed her share of the cookies.”

A gurgle of laughter escape Lex. “Not if I beat you to them!”

The tiny petite Lex bolted for the kitchen, leaving the men in her family scrambling to catch up to her. The sound of laughter and love rang out in the big white house where love reigned supreme.


I can’t remember the last time I was alone for an indefinite period of time. I mean, Motley’s always been here (excepting camp, trips, Rawhide Ranch, that sort of thing) for 19 years. And Rott’s been here (excepting a night or two at his pal Curt’s and 3 months while he waited to get a Prop 9 I think it’s called) for almost 10 years. Now, I’m not sure when Motley’s coming home. I know she will, just not when. And Rott, well he won’t be home for awhile. I’m really freaking alone. It feels… weird.

Since I’m alone this weekend, I might try to write my Zanctuary writing competition piece. It’s 5K words. I did 6K for Pink Chair Diaries in a day. Of course, I was a little inspired there. I’m hoping the Z piece calls me because I’d like to have it done.

Today, since I’m basically free from constraints of any kind, my Friday pimping having been yesterday, I thought I’d give you a little taste of what it’s like to do what I do. I need to write a post for the Bar. It’s from a male point of view in the first person. The guy just found out that he’s related to the Kohl family. He’s sitting at a table with his cousins and his best friend at his half sister’s wedding reception. His half brothers are sitting at the table with the wedding party. One half brother is accepting of him, the other is being a serious prick. The prick’s new girlfriend is sitting with them, as are his cousins’ wives.

I have a little bit of an idea of where the post needs to go. Nothing fully formed. Griffin (the character I’m writing) has thus far been really good about speaking to me when I start typing. He’s got a couple of secrets he’s hiding. One is a secret I can’t tell you in case any of the Bar people come by. Another secret is that he just found his bloodmate, another vampire named Dante. Dante has 2 bloodmates. Griffin and a man named Roman. Roman just happens to be Griffin’s best friend. Nasty little triangle, eh? Dante knows about Griffin and she knows about Roman. She just doesn’t know that they know each other. Neither of the men know that they are the other man in her life. Messy, isn’t it? I love it when it gets all sticky like this.

So Griffin and Roman are sitting at this table, each of them keeping a secret from the other. They’re sitting with the Kohls who are damned wary of Griffin. Griffin also once had the hots for his cousin’s wife because she posed in Playboy before she was married. The guy is seriously uncomfortable.

Now, that you know this… I’m gonna start writing his post, here in this window. Not in Word like I usually do. You’ll see my boo boos etc because I’m not going to edit them out. You’ll see how I took the info I just gave you and craft the beginning of my Griffin post. Ready? Let’s go…

Sitting through Sascha’s wedding ceremony hadn’t been too bad. Sitting through the reception was making me edgy. For one, having Johann’s girlfriend Lacey plop her ass down next to me was NOT going to endear me to my new brother. He was going to want blood for this… my blood… blood that would spill as he ripped my nuts from my body with one wicked twist of his hand. I bit back a sigh. The asshole wasn’t even trying. And regardless of what Lacey said, I wasn’t going to believe in an accepting Johann until I saw evidence of one.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Roman shift uncomfortably. He knew no one here but me. It was just like Roman to get all dressed up in his best Armani suit and attend something like this with me, even though he hated this kind of function with a passion. Later, I would pick his brain because his observations were important to me. I trusted Roman as I trusted no one else. What he saw and heard while in the presence of the Kohls was important to me.

My eyes flicked over to Alaric and Lex. I suppressed a shiver. Lex Valentine was still one of the hottest women on the planet as far as I was concerned. Even married to my 6’6″ cousin Alaric and pregnant with his son, she still outshone every woman in the room in my eyes. I had to keep reminding myself not to look at her breasts or remember what they looked like naked in the magazine photos. Alaric was being protective of her, as usual. He wasn’t stupid.

Next to Alaric and Lex, across the table from me, was Lucius and his new wife Opal. I’d felt Lucius’ eyes on me often during dinner. I didn’t blame the guy for staring. I’d been staring at him too. After all, we looked almost exactly alike. Looking at Lucius was almost like looking in a mirror.

There ya go. The beginning of my post. No edits. No stopping. I wonder how much I’ll have to edit it later after I finish it and before posting to the Bar. So far, all the Griffin posts have been good ones though. He has so much going on in his head, it’s easy to write him. Characters with less going on in their lives are tough to write. Sometimes you have to stretch to find something to write about them. Luckily, my fellow Bar writers always seem to enjoy my posts.

That’s enough freedom for me for now. I’m going to bed where my sheets will tangle my legs and take back some of this freedom. I wish all you Americans a very happy 4th of July. Don’t eat too much or set your asses on fire with rockets. Oh! And if any of you want Rott’s recipe for a really loud BOOM… all you need are one of those small rockets (about 4 inches long) and an empty 2 liter soda bottle. HEH.

Sunday Sex

The Tiara pics from the famous graves will have to wait a day or two. We decided we didn’t want to take the pics with my cell phone, but rather, with Motley’s Nikon Coolpix. In lieu of those pics, I decided to give you some sex from the Bar. Who couldn’t use a little sex on a Sunday, right?

This is actually an outtake. It was an alternate ending to Sterling’s death. However, after I wrote it, ShinyBitch decided she didn’t want to mate Mace to Sterling so I went with another ending that totally changed the direction of the Bar storylines. Had we used the ending I’m posting for you today, the Bar storylines would be completely different today. So, here’s Shiny’s character Mace who has sex with my character Sterling, who died in his arms in the scene right before this.

Mace laid Sterling down in the cramped backseat of the Mustang. She looked so peaceful, as if she was asleep. That is, if you discounted all the blood on her. He touched her cheek softly, surprised that she had cooled only slightly. He got into the driver’s seat and started the car, driving slowly through the cemetery.

His first thought was to take her to the address on the card she’d given him, but it was quite a distance away and he didn’t feel like dealing with it quite yet. Instead, he drove to his rented apartment on the ground floor of an old row house only a few miles from the cemetery. He parked the car in the old garage in the back and entered through his back door into the main hallway of his small place. He carried Sterling into his bedroom and laid her on his unmade bed, sitting on the floor beside her.

He leaned his head against her bloodied hand and closed his eyes. He knew he had to get back to the cemetery to help take in Madspawn. He’d promised Sterling he would help Eden with that because Madspawn was so dangerous. At the moment though, he needed to regroup and get his thoughts and emotions under control so he could go back and face them all.

Mace was shocked at how quickly things had happened. First, he’d seen her in the mausoleum, looking like a lethal angel in black leather with a big gun and a quiet commanding air about her. His heart had flip flopped in his chest and he’d been instantly in lust, his groin swelling in front of anyone who cared to look. She had looked, and he’d noticed that she had. When she’d left to track the Hellbound they’d turned loose, he’d been helpless to do anything except follow her, not that he’d have admitted to that. Every time her lithe body brushed his when they were walking, he thought he’d explode. Finally, when she had come on to him, he’d felt like he’d died and gone to heaven so of course, he’d been an ass to her. She’d dished it right back at him too.

“Don’t try to make me believe you give a shit what happens to me beyond your orgasm.”

The truth of the matter was that he did give a shit. He never had before and didn’t understand why he did now, but her story had touched him more deeply than the pull of overwhelming attraction he’d felt winding around them all evening long.The sex had been mind blowing. Never mind the fact that half of the reason for it was pure adrenalin from squeezing out fifteen minutes in a cemetery full of murderous vampires. The other half of it had been her. He’d never had a woman be so completely uninhibited and in control at the same time. His orgasm had been more intense than any he’d had in his long life. Seeing his cum running down her legs just made him want her again.

However, she’d had strength he’d never imagined a person could have. She’d fixed her clothes and thanked him, making a reference to the fact that she would die this night. Then she’d walked away without looking back. That was when he’d felt it. Something hard and warm rising inside him, urging him to go after her. He did, unable to stop himself. He grabbed her hand and bent her over his arm giving her a kiss like they did in the movies, only this one was for real. She responded instantly. When he’d licked the tear from her face, he had tasted her emotions, her regret. She felt something for him, but he didn’t know enough about emotions to know what it was she felt.

In fact, he didn’t know enough about anything it seemed. When she was dying, he had heard her thoughts in his mind. Usually a vampire could hear only the thoughts of the person meant to be their bloodmate. For him to hear her so clearly in his mind made him instantly realize she must be his. At that point, all thought disappeared and instinct took over. If she was his, he wasn’t about to lose her to death unless it was the death of a turning. So he’d tried to turn her, but it hadn’t worked. He’d found and lost his bloodmate in the space of a night. That seemed to be about par for the course where his life was concerned, he thought. Finding and losing Sterling made him angrier and more hopeless than he’d ever been in his entire existence.

But you haven’t lost me.

Mace blinked. Someone was talking in his mind. Someone female.

It’s me, you idiot.

Sterling’s fingers wiggled beneath his cheek and Mace jumped. He looked up at the bed to find her green eyes twinkling at him. He sprang to his feet and looked down at her. She was still bloody, but the gaping hole in her side had healed. The fang marks in her neck were gone too. She was smiling at him.

In an instant, he was on the bed, on her, and her arms were around him. His mouth found hers, and he kissed her hard, his lips mashing hers, and his tongue demanding entrance. Her fingers clutched at him, her nails digging into the muscles of his back. Within seconds, they were tearing at each other’s clothes and as soon as they were naked, Mace spread her thighs with rough hands and pushed into her without warning, knowing instinctively that she could take him without the preliminaries.

Oh, my freaking God! Tell me I’m not dreaming. He nuzzled her throat as he thrust inside her. She was soaking wet and completely welcoming.

You’re not dreaming, Mace. You turned me. Although I told you not to. She clutched his naked buttocks and returned his thrusts.

He kissed her behind her ear and licked her neck. Fuck you. I heard you in my head, Sterling. You know what that means. How could I not try to turn you when I knew?

Fuck me? She raked her nails down his back, and he arched against her groaning. Fuck you! You didn’t listen to me, Mace!

I don’t wanna listen. I want to fuck you so hard you won’t ever scare me like that again. He thrust harder. The bed shook. She began to moan.

Oh, God! That feels so good. Please, Mace, more.

Mace twisted his hips against her, sliding the full length of his cock out of her before slamming back in. She was so tight and wet he thought he would explode any second.

Wait, Sterling. Wait, love. There is more.

His hands held her head as he turned his own head to the side so that his jugular vein was pressed to her mouth. Suddenly, she growled fiercely, and he felt her new fangs pierce his neck. As she drank, he felt the intense pleasure spiral through him. She was moaning and writhing beneath him. He’d never had a woman go so completely crazy for him. He felt her climaxing, her screams muffled in his neck as she drank. The second her fangs popped free of him, he sank his fangs in her shoulder.She screamed and climaxed again, her pelvis grinding against him, her legs twisted around him.

Mace felt his climax about to explode as Sterling’s blood filled his mouth. She tasted of vanilla. It was the oddest thing, but he only spared a moment for the thought as his climax roared through him. His hands gripped Sterling’s hips. He shuddered as his hot cum gushed into her. His weight pressed her into the mattress, and he felt the hard tips of her full breasts against him. He was so crazed he hadn’t noticed how wonderful their naked shape felt. Earlier, they’d both been clothed. Now, every naked inch of her was pressed against him.

He pulled his mouth from her shoulder and licked it so it would heal. She was breathing heavily, and he closed his eyes, just thankful that she was breathing.

You scared the shit out of me, Sterling. I thought the turning hadn’t worked.

You didn’t know how it worked, yet you did it anyway? You’re an ass, Mace. Her thoughts were wry and teasing, but he knew she was right.

At the moment it happened, I didn’t care. I would have danced naked with the devil and his mistress to save you.

A giggle escaped her. She clapped a hand over her mouth. “Oh, God. I giggled. I never giggle,” she said out loud with a grin, her eyes glowing.

Mace lifted his head and looked down at her. She looked the same except her faint crows feet were gone, and her skin was flushed from drinking his blood. He reached up a hand and realized he was dripping blood from where she’d bitten him.

“Lick it, baby,” he told her. “It will close up the wound.”

Sterling leaned forward and sucked his flesh into her mouth. The feel of her tongue and teeth on him had his cock rising again. He groaned. “I’ve got to go back. Madspawn needs to be dealt with.”

She gave his neck one last lick. “I’ll go with you.”

“No. You won’t,” he frowned at her. “After a turning you need to rest. I do know that much. Your body is still healing up all the damage from the bullet and from changing. You’ll stay right here so I won’t worry about your ass.”

“But it’s ok for me to worry about yours, bad boy?” Sterling the CIA agent was back. All cool confidence and take charge attitude.

Mace pulled away from her and stood up, ignoring his half hard cock, and looked for his clothes. “You, lover, are gonna keep your beautiful CIA-vampire ass planted right there in my bed until I get back. If you need me, you know how to reach me.”

“I don’t even have to whistle like Bogey and Bacall. All I gotta do is think,” Sterling chuckled. “I could like this bloodmate thing.”

“You better, bitch!” Mace growled, pulling on his jeans but stopping to bend over her menacingly, the fly still open. His mouth caught hers in a rough kiss, then he pulled away abruptly. “I’ve gotta finish this crap. You stay here and out of trouble. I’ll be back to deal with you soon.”

He yanked on his shirt and jacket, turning at the door to look at her. She was sprawled on his completely thrashed bed, naked and glorious and bloody, but she was alive, and she was his. A shit eating grin split his face. “How the hell did I get so lucky?”

“Fuck you! I’m the one who got lucky. Go back to work, bad boy. I need my beauty rest!” Sterling grinned at him. I’ll be here when you get back. I’ll show you lucky then.

You’d better, blondie.

Have a very sexy Sunday, wonderful people!