Best Place to Bite

Today’s Wicked Wednesday guest is author Christa Paige. She’s talking about the best place to bite! Please give her a warm TVC welcome!

Where is the best, most sexy place for a vampire to bite?

As an author of paranormal romance novels featuring vampires, I have the added delight of writing biting scenes. While I spend most of the writing imagining the sensual effects of those nips and nibbles, I’ve found that there are biological aspects to incorporate, too.

When my hero is starving and in need of a rich blood source, he isn’t going to play around with benign spots on his female’s body. That, would be foreplay. This nourishment thing is dead-serious business and locating the spot he can sip from, while ensuring his lover receives pleasure is about strategy and tactics.

So, let’s examine a few of the places a hungry vamp can feed from and what the body’s physical reaction just might be.

The Old Stand-by:

Why is the throat where a vampire tends to drink?  It is well known that the neck and throat are full of sensitive erogenous zones. The spots run from the tender flesh below the ear all the way to the shoulder. When a vampire spends time kissing up and down the column the arousal begins to flood the bloodstream, whipping through the jugular vein and the carotid artery. As the fangs scrape across this area pushing with more pressure, touch is intensified. Eventually, the harder the bite the more the nerves will respond. It’s a great all around place for quick and easy access to feed from.

Covert and Concentrated:

Starting with the back of the knee and sweeping upward will end in a bouquet of suckling delights for any hungry vamp. Licking and sucking there in gentle sweeps brings a rush of fresh blood to warm the spot. As he works his way higher to the middle of her thigh, he can locate a variety of nerve receptors where his mouth titillates while he awaits the rich cells to travel through not one but three large veins. Right at the juncture of her leg and the feminine spot where her secrets reside, is the rushing femoral vein. It’s hidden in a most auspicious position but once accessed, never fails to increase her stimulation at the same time it surely satiates his appetite.

Something Totally Different:

What’s a vamp to do with his hunger and a foot fetish? Indulge it. There is a nice juicy artery that runs the length of the leg and loops around the foot ending near the ankle. This area is also full of many sensory receptors. Careful and deliberate touches should include kissing, tickling and massaging before any serious fang action can be applied. The more stimulating the touch, the better the blood flow which will be a benefit to both parties involved. In this location, the vampire needs to have advanced skills in biting. Unless there is a desire for pain and pleasure, he should take his time scoring her anywhere on her feet or ankle. Extra flicks of the tongue and nips will set the scene and increase her arousal.

Sensual Snacking:

So, now that he’s had his fill what about late-night snacking? Straight across the upper belly offers a smorgasbord of erogenous areas as well as blood sources. Dragging fangs across the sensitized skin always teases the senses there and increases her response to the touch. Alternating caresses with nibbles, kneading with tickling and increasing the strength of each nip can confuse the body’s natural response to the stimuli, blurring the lines between pain and pleasure. As her body heats up, the tiny blood vessels running hither and yon will swell as the flow increases. Though, the arteries are much too deep for a rushing mouthful, sipping from his lover here gives him bite-sized snacks and bring them both an amazing amount of pleasure as well as drawing out the experience.

There are many other places a vampire can bite his host. Where is your favorite?

For a bonus, I thought I would share with you one of the biting scenes from my novella Bound By Deception, the first in the Blood-Vine series.

Driving need swamped him, curled in his gut demanding satiation. His control splintered and primal instinct took over.

“Dimitri, now. Do it now,” Anna insisted as she grasped his shoulders, hauled him down to her.

Holding her in a tight embrace, he latched onto her throat. In one swift motion, his fangs scored through her skin. Warm, sweet blood hit his tongue. The first long pull blasted his senses; he was utterly unprepared for her taste. Like a rich brandy, headier than wine, it was everything he desired.


Hmmm a foot bite… Interesting. To find out more about Christa and her vampires check out her website. Thanks for coming by, Christa!

Don’t forget the big book giveaway on the Lex Valentine blog. Today’s book is a print book from Regina Carlysle. Have a great Wednesday!

Ra’s Vampires

Today’s guest blogger on Wicked Wednesday is Marisa Chenery who is a fellow Liquid Silver and Ellora’s Cave author. Marisa’s got a great vampire series at Ellora’s Cave and she’s going to tell you all about them! But first, let me warn you that the excerpt has TVC!

I’ve always loved to read vampire romances, and I have a thing for anything about ancient Egypt. That was how I came up with the idea of my Ra’s Chosen vampire series. Ra’s Chosen are six ancient Egyptian warriors that Ra handpicked to become his chosen and protect mortal kind from the undead, the real vampires that prey on them and steal their souls. The undead are the creatures of two demons who were unleashed on the world by their demon god, Apep. Even though Ra’s warriors are immortal, they still need to drink blood to stay strong, thus they have fangs. One of the main things that make them different from the undead they hunt is that the sun doesn’t destroy them, it strengthens them. Ra is the sun god, after all.

I now have four books in my Ra’s Chosen series published at Ellora’s Cave. Number five is just about finished. Book four, Embrace the Hunger, was released on November 5th, so the excerpt below is from it.


Akori flung the covers back and stalked naked to the en suite bathroom. He’d had a bitch of a night. Sleep had been a long time coming. Every time he’d closed his eyes, all he could picture was what it would be like to have Jordan in his bed. And when he had fallen asleep, he’d dreamed of taking her over and over again in every position he could think of. He’d even imagined how good her blood would taste and how much she would enjoy his feeding from her.

After he turned on the shower—much cooler than he usually liked it—Akori stepped inside. He slid the glass door shut and gritted his teeth as the water sprayed over him. Looking down, he saw his cock still stood at attention.

Since the cold water wasn’t working, he adjusted the temperature. Figuring he couldn’t walk around all day in this condition, Akori knew he would have to take care of it himself. With his hand fisted around his cock, he pumped it up and down. He closed his eyes while the warm spray of the shower beat on his chest.

He moved his hand faster as he imagined it was one of the hot underwear models stroking him from the lingerie catalogue Blythe had left on the kitchen table the other week. Of course he’d had to flip through. There had been one particular blonde that had caught his attention. She’d posed in a matching black lacy bra and panties that had been almost see through. He gripped his shaft harder, imagining it was the blonde pleasuring him instead.

Akori may have found her sexy before, but now she wasn’t doing it for him. No matter how fast or how hard he stroked his cock, he wasn’t any closer to getting off.  With frustration setting in, he switched to Jordan in place of the blonde.

A moan pushed past his lips as he pictured her inside the shower with him. Her long brown hair wet and slicked back. Water droplets ran down her breasts, collecting on the tips of her nipples. Akori imagined himself bending to lick the beads of moisture away. Jordan would make a sound of need while she pressed closer. Lost in his fantasy, his cock got even harder. Just as Akori nuzzled dream-Jordan’s neck, then sank his fangs into her, he started to come. With a loud groan, he continued to stroke his shaft until there was nothing left.

Embrace the Hunger is available at Ellora’s Cave. You can find out more about the other books in Ra’s Chosen series at my website.

WOAH! That’s some hot vampire! Thanks for coming by Marisa! I know everyone who loves vampire books will want to run out and get this series.

It’s off to work for me, so I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving Day Eve!

Berengaria’s Eternity

Today on Wicked Wednesday we have a guest post from author Berengaria Brown. She’s talking about her vampire novel, Eternity.

So there I was, sitting at my laptop, minding my own business, typing away happily, when this minor character from two of my previous books bursts into my head and says, “Isn’t it about time you gave me my happily forever after? And by the way, I’m a vampire.”

After I wiped the spilled coffee off my keyboard, and stopped spluttering and gasping, I suggested he:

1.       Knock before interrupting me;

2.       Issue a beverage alert before making announcements like that;

3.       Remember that I am in the middle of writing a book for a different publisher right now.

We talked.

I stopped writing the other book and began his story.

I mean, really. Who wants to argue with a determined vampire!

And he did have a point. I’d given him a Hungarian name and everyone knows about Transylvania and vampires. He didn’t even believe me when I told him the name just fitted him. How was I supposed to know it was Hungarian until he told me. He just looked at me and said, “Wikipedia”.


Then he told me I’d even written his partner into the end of the previous book, I just hadn’t named him. Turns out his partner is rather proficient with computers and solving problems. Again, how was I supposed to know?

Fortunately the perfect woman for them both appeared in my head before the vampires could get too nasty with me. And she’s a feisty one, more than able to deal with two alpha vampires even though she’s human.

Thank goodness for that!

I have deadlines for other publishers to meet. And a day job, where they expect me to not only turn up, but also to work.

And that is how “Eternity” came into being. A bossy, interrupting, disturbing, vampire insisting on his MMF happily ever after.

But I am seriously considering putting some garlic in my laptop bag. Just in case some other minor character starts getting ideas.

“Eternity” is set in the same world as “Intensity” and “Complexity” with some recurring characters, but it is a stand-alone story.


Yolanda is a bodyguard and used to dealing with men. But falling in love with two vampires is a different kind of challenge. How will she deal with her job AND them?

Yolanda is very attracted to night security guard Atal and his partner Zadok. She agrees to a morning of acrobatic sex with the two yummy men, only to find herself falling in love with them, and wondering if they are vampires—if vampires truly exist.

While working as a bodyguard with one of the building’s clients, Yolanda spends her free time with the vampires engaging in a lot of excellent sex and getting to know them and their stories. But one evening there is a kidnapping attempt on her client. Now they all have another problem to solve and Yolanda is frustrated by the vampires’ determination to protect her at all costs.


“Won’t you please come up to our apartment when I finish this shift, Yolanda? You know how much Tsadowq and I want to make love to you. We won’t do anything you don’t want, but we can promise you, anything we do, you will enjoy very, very much.”

Atal’s chocolate-brown eyes burned into her hazel ones, the lust in them scorching her to her soul.

Yolanda gulped in a deep, but shaky, breath. Her libido was screaming, “Hell, yes,” but her brain was saying, “Wait.” She hesitated.

Atal stepped out from behind the security desk on the concourse level of the Smith Tower building, and drew her gently into his arms. When she made no attempt to resist him, he pulled her tightly against his body, grinding his cock into her belly. He bent his head and possessed her mouth in a torrid, carnal kiss that took the last of her breath away and left her knees wobbling so badly, it was lucky he was holding her tightly, or she may just have melted into a puddle on the floor.

Yolanda dropped her gym bag to the carpet, wrapped her arms around his shoulders, and rubbed her aching nipples over the hard wall of his chest. Their mouths parted for the merest moment as they both dragged air into their lungs, then Atal’s head bent once more, as he dived in for another kiss. This time, his tongue explored her mouth, running along the insides of her cheeks and behind her teeth before tangling with her tongue.

“Fuck, woman, you’re hot. Feel how much I need you.” Atal’s cock burned hot even through his uniform pants and her jeans. And hard. And huge. God, she wanted to feel that inside her. It had been so damn long since she’d had a real live cock in her. Not to mention how scrumptious Atal looked. Over six feet tall to her five-four, olive skin compared to her pasty whiteness, short black curls she wanted to run her fingers through, and a long, lean, muscled runner’s body she wanted to grab on to. And Zadok was just as yummy. He was almost as tall as Atal but stockier and heavily muscled, with black hair and eyes and tanned skin.

“Okay, you’ve convinced me. Another kiss like that and you’ll be calling the cleaning crew to scrape me off the carpet because I’ll have melted!

Berengaria Brown

Berengaria’s Blog

Berengaria’s Website


That’s a naughty vampire or two…like TVC. *wink* Thanks for coming by Berengaria! Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Torturing the Hero

Today is a Wicked Wednesday and I’m featuring my good friend and fellow author Dee Carney who is guest blogging for me about torturing her hero who is – what else? – a vampire! Please give Dee a warm welcome!

If you’ve read any of my paranormal books, you can be pretty certain that the hero’s going to be some poor, tortured soul who shouldn’t have the will to live yet does day after day. Don’t ask me why, but I want the man who’s been blinded, who’s watched his family die, who’s been beaten or enslaved. The one who still goes on after an event that would have crippled other men. A man’s man, if you will. I’m not saying he won’t have some serious baggage afterward to deal with–because believe me, he will–but I want someone who is willing to go on despite all odds against.

My debut Carina Press release has such a man in it. Corin is a former gladiator, enslaved for his unwillingness to kill after being ordered to. It shapes him into the vampire executioner he’s become today. Here’s the defining moment in Corin’s life; the scene that alters his future.

“He is a senator, Corinius. Why? Why, for gods’ sakes, would you defy him?”

“So I am Corinius now? Have I lost your favor as well, and ‘Titus’ is no longer fitting between us?” The cold manacles’ bite made his arms break out in gooseflesh. Either that, or the tickle of his own blood as it dripped down his outstretched appendages caused them. For that matter, it might have been his nudity left to fend against the cold air. He didn’t know any more, not that it mattered. Hanging from chains secured through an iron bolt in the ceiling, he supposed he had better things to worry about.

He squinted through swollen eyes to watch the agitated pacing of his former mentor. A man who, until now, he’d considered a friend.

Marcus Flavius Gaii filius, one of the greatest gladiators to ever be liberated from the bloodsport, shook with rage. He whirled on his feet to face Titus. “You were everyone’s favored. Mine. The public’s. The Dominus’s. Why would you not do this one thing?”

“You make it sound as if taking a man’s life is no more monumental than ridding myself of excrement.”

Marcus’s voice went flat. Cold. “You and I have killed more men than anyone I know. It is never an easy task, but while under his patronage, it is your duty.”

Titus jerked down on the chains, his frustration a living thing in the damn room. “He was not much older than a child! He yielded and the senator had no right—”

“It is very much his right, Titus! It was what the crowd wanted and like the smart politician he is, he bows to the crowd’s wishes. You had no right to defy him.”

True. Gods, he still couldn’t say what stayed his hand. Standing over that boy, watching the urine spread across his groin as he’d bled as copiously from a dozen other wounds, Titus turned over in his mind what he was being asked to do. A life in exchange for a few gold coins, and appeasing the crowd’s lust. To what purpose? His reputation had been solidified almost a year ago. Now he was little more than a puppet for his lord.

Titus glanced at the bruising around his wrists. “It is done, my friend. What happens now?”

Marcus sighed, his face twisting into a grimace. “You will be held here for three days. On the fourth day, I am to hobble you and take you into the arena to meet your fate.”

“Hobble me?”

“You are arguably one of the finest gladiators in ten leagues. Sending you in there as you are would do more harm to the others than to you.” Marcus chuckled lightly, but none of the amusement reached his sad eyes. “You will be starved over the next few days, and I will slit your calves before you enter the arena.”

He choked out a sound very much like a sob before he could recall it. Titus closed his eyes, fighting to remain calm. “Just kill me now and be done with it. I will be a dead man before the others in that condition.”

“And that is the point. And because my dominus commands it so, it is what I must do. It is what you should have done, son of Corinius.”

There was nothing more to be said. Titus had made his choice. He now only had to face the consequences of his actions. Still, better to be killed by his fellow Romans before the glory of the public than sold into a lifetime of slavery. Then again, if he evaluated his so-called life, he’d been living as a slave for three years now, despite the appearances the dominus presented. Yes, better dead than another forty or fifty years of this, not as a gladiator in the arena, but as a slave in the dominus’s household. Once upon a time he might have believed in being allowed to be freed, but Marcus was testament to that lie. His freedom still kept him tethered to the gladiator life.

Yes. Better off dead.

Marcus’s footsteps slapped against the cold stone floor as he walked away. Titus didn’t bother to watch him leave the room, knowing full well he couldn’t bear the sight of his friend’s departure. The next time he saw the man, he’d be within an hour of his execution.

The chains kept his hands elevated above his head, the slack in them just enough to allow him to take a single step in one sideways direction or the other, but left little room for anything else. With perverse admiration, he recognized how they forced him to remain standing, his muscles practically immobile. By the end of three days, he’d be so stiff and miserable, if he managed to walk under his own power, he’d be impressed with himself.

Perhaps only minutes later, a sound outside of the door caught his attention. He turned as much as he could toward it. “Back already? Stay of execution?” he asked dryly.

A man much more slender and definitely more refined than Marcus stepped into the light. He was tall, thin. His dark hair framed his face in a style that suited patricians, rather than the common man. Slender hands held a cloth to his face, helping to muffle the thick scent of sweat and blood in the chamber room. Green eyes blinked lazily as they studied Titus’s frame from foot to manacled hands. He felt uncomfortable beneath the scrutiny. It spoke too much of sexual wantonness.

“Do I know you, friend?”

“Would a stay of execution please you, Titus Corinius?”

Titus turned, keeping the man in full sight as he circled him. He had the unnerving feeling the man was only seconds away from trailing his fingers over the muscles of Titus’s body. “Who are you?”

“Come into my service, and I promise you a life you have never imagined.”

He didn’t bother to get his hopes up. “My life is forfeit. There isn’t anything you can offer my dominus to change his mind.”

“Do not be so sure.” His steps were slow and confident. He made his way around Titus without physically touching him as he feared, but he could feel the weight of his gaze on his backside. Relief filled him when the man walked into his sightline again. Damn the chains for leaving him so exposed.

“If you have me freed, what would you want from me in return?” Titus hissed as the man made a single step forward and cupped his cock in his hand. He tried to jerk himself free, but the man kept a firm grip on his member.

To his horror, the man began to stroke on his length. And true to form, his cock stirred to life.

“I am no boy lover,” Titus barked.

The man stroked faster, his touch as sensual as a woman’s. Titus gritted his teeth, holding his hips still against the pleasure. His mouth went dry, and he swore he’d bite his tongue in half before allowing a moan to break past his lips. By the time he was fully erect, his testicles heavy and aching, sweat peppered his brow and he tasted blood.

The man bent over him and licked a pebbled nipple before gazing into his face again. Titus’s heart plummeted when the man said, “Fortunately for you, I am.”

Hunger Aroused is available at Carina Press as an ebook or at as an audiobook. I hope you get a chance to read Corin’s story, and see how through one incredible woman, he’s turned his past around.

Bestselling author Dee Carney writes about tortured men and kick-ass women. Read more about her books by visiting her web site,

I tell you, anything Dee writes is worth reading! Go check out this book. You’ll fall in lust. I promise!

Happy Wicked Wednesday!

M&M Makin’ the Rounds

You know how I love vampires. TVC is forever in my heart as some of my favorite fiction of all time. (Not to mention how much I adore Dave2’s cartoon TVC.) I not only write it while wearing my author persona Lex Valentine, but I read it. Voraciously. When two of my favorite paranormal authors offered to come by here and talk vampires on their blog tour I jumped at the chance! Despite the fact that a guest blogger is pretty much unheard of here at Sunlight Sucks, I couldn’t pass up this chance to introduce you all to Mandy M. Roth and Michelle  M. Pillow.

Big thanks to Lex Valentine for letting us come here and play today! We’ll get started with our first Q&A.

Dead and Totally Doable

Q: Do we bite? Do we like the idea of being bitten by others? What is our take on vampires?


Michelle: Yes. No. Yes. Wait, what was the question again?

I don’t bite. It’s Mandy you have to look out for. With me you’re generally safe unless you’re a giant plate of pasta… mmm…pasta. Wait, darn it!, I got distracted again.

In real life, I don’t really like to be bit. You know, mouth germs and all. But in novel life I think the idea of vampires needing your blood to survive, that thing that is primitive and vital to our own lives, is very intimate. Vampire represent those things most humans long to be. They’re immortal and we’re generally afraid of death or at least fearful of the unknown. Vampires are (depending on the version) beautiful and alluring. We age and have bad hair days. They’re powerful, beyond mortal law, and intense. Plus, they have the age = knowledge thing happening because they’ve been there, done that. As  a woman, being chosen by a vampire is like being chosen not only above all others in your time, but all others over *enter the vamp’s age here*.

Of course, this isn’t counting the horror version of the vampire. With that version some of the same things still apply. They’re powerful and primitive. I think they represent those parts we’re not allowed to express…with good reason. Whether horror movie or romance novel versions, Vampire live beyond societal restraints. It’s a fun world to play in.

As for my books, I tend to like the darker vampires—brooding, bored, arrogant, with a god complex. They’re not all saints. Some struggle with their curse. Some think it’s a gift. In the coming month’s I’ll be re-releasing Tribes of the Vampire through The Raven Books ( Much of my world building is based on extensive historical research and vampire myths from all cultures—not just the typical Victorian view of vamps. Now that it has a new home, I hope to add to the series very soon.

Mandy: Do I bite? Hell yeah! Hard. Really hard. I love, love, love the idea of vampires and being bitten. I wish I could fully explain it but I don’t understand it myself. All I know is Dark Shadows did it for me in a big way. The very idea of a timeless, immortal bad ass who needs something from someone weaker (human) is a turn on to me. I think it gives them a layer of vulnerability and empowers the human within the story—unless of course your vampires are evil blood-lusting crazed maniacs who drain everything they see until it’s shriveled.

Vampires are what first inspired me to write fiction at all. Daughter of Darkness has a master vampire named Pallo in it who owns and operates Necro’s Magik World & Supernatural Theme Park. Think of Victor Victoria—but here you have a vampire, pretending to be a man, pretending to be a vampire who owns a supernaturally themed amusement park. The idea came to me while on vacation with my family at Sandusky, Ohio’s Cedar Point—Hallow Weekends. So, yes, to answer the question, dead is totally doable and I bite.

Featured M&M Book of the Day:

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Mandy M Roth

Michelle M Pillow

Thanks for letting us hang here, Lex! Everyone, remember that to be entered in the contest at the end of the tour, you need to comment on the posts. You can enter as much as you like.

Join us tomorrow when we visit Shelley Munro where we answer the question Who Are You Again? ? (Shelley’s url Blog: )

Many thanks to Michelle and Mandy for coming by and talking vampires today. They sure made having a guest blogger totally painless.  I already have a bunch of their books, but I must check out Daughter of Darkness since I don’t have that one. Oh, and here’s Dave2’s TVC, just to titillate us this Tuesday! LOL

Wishing you all a very TVC Tuesday!