Six Sentence Sunday 47

This week we go to one of my WIPs. I’ve just turned in my MLR Press Christmas story Breath of Heaven and it will be out December 15. So now I’m only actively juggling four WIPs with the same number simmering on the back burner waiting to be called to the front. This six is from Scrambling.

Evan McAdam sat on the hard plastic chair in the hospital waiting room. Beside him sat the only man he’d ever loved. The man who had sobbed in his arms the night before. The man he’d made love to for the first and probably only time that same night.

To be honest, they’d made love all night and into the wee hours of the morning so it wasn’t just one time. Still, Evan knew it would probably never happen again.

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Six Sentence Sunday 46

I’m still doing my retrospective of Tales books, but this is my last week to do that. Next week, I’ll have something different for you, The most recent of the Tales books is Breathe Me In, Tales #6.5. In this book, vampire Wilson North discovers his bloodmate is Garrick Forrester, a noted wizard with old Magia blood and owner of the Paris BDSM club Beyond Pleasure. In this scene, Will confronts the bad guys on their turf.

Will didn’t move but he sensed that some of the acolytes in the room shifted, as if they were about to converge on him. The demon ran his hands over Will’s bare back, the heat of the caress almost burning him.

“Since you don’t enjoy men that way, my lord, it will be my pleasure to fuck him in your name,” the demon murmured. “For your glory and gratification, of course.”

“Shut up, Xeven,” Guerlain hissed. “For Garrick’s mate, I might make an exception.

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Six Sentence Sunday 45

It’s Six Sentence Sunday and I’m continuing my Tales of the Darkworld retrospective with Book 6, Sunstroked. Just realized yesterday that I never finished the video for this book so I’ll have to do that soon. Meanwhile, here’s Corey and Seth!

His mate raised golden brows and smiled angelically. When did you become such a slutty boy?

Seth rolled his eyes in disgust and cut into the syrup and butter laden pancakes. I was always a slutty boy, Corey. You’re the one who’s been celibate since the last time I was in this house. I’ve been bad. Very bad.

I love these two. I guess I need to make that video now. LOL

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Six Sentence Sunday 44

Sorry I’m late! Was out all day yesterday at OCC RWA’s 30th Birthday Bash and didn’t get home until late. Finished up the day with a couple of workshops in pajamas in author suites. Came home and passed out without posting! Ack!

This week’s six is from Tales of the Darkworld Book 5, Common Ground. This book is a menage a quatre with hero and heroine Marius and Saire and secondary characters Weylyn and Keir Randall. Yes, the same Weylyn from this week’s release, Weylyn’s Gift. Since it’s release week for Weylyn’s Gift I thought I’d give you six from Weylyn instead of from Marius and Sair.  The setup: Weylyn and Marius have just found their mates having sex in the bathroom. They’re both turned on by it and Weylyn explains to Marius the different things that could happen if the two of them join in. Marius is a little shocked by Weylyn’s words.

“You knew I was bi. I like sucking cock. Love being sucked. And I love anal sex, top and bottom, male or female.” A corner of his mouth lifted in a grin. “You’re fucking hot and I would enjoy being with you. So, all of that being said, do you want to play?”

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Six Sentence Sunday 43

I’m off to the West Hollywood Book Fair with Z.A. Maxfield and James Buchanan today so I hope to see all your Sixes when I get home if I’m not too wiped out.

This week’s continuing retrospective of Tales of the Darkworld gives us Ride the Lightning, Book 4. This book has an asshole hero and a heroine who tries to commit suicide. It also gives us mating in shifted form. Dragon form.

As the flames died away, Emily found herself pressed to the dirt of a hay field, Vahid still throbbing within her as his body covered her from behind. With a moan, her shaky legs gave out and she sprawled in the dirt. Vahid landed on top of her, his heavy body wracked with shudders. After a moment, he pulled his cock free of her pussy and slumped beside her, their sweaty bodies still touching. They lay still and panting, smoke swirling around them for long minutes.

The aftermath left them both limp and dazed.


Just for grins, I found this on a search of the words “dragon sex.” In Ride the Lightning Vahid is a black dragon, but Emily is red so the artwork doesn’t really work here, but it’s amusing nonetheless.

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