No NaNo

Seems like almost everyone I know is doing NaNoWriMo. I just can’t. I write in such fits and starts that doing 1500 words a day wouldn’t be possible. And falling behind (even if I know in my head I would probably be able to catch up) would be depressing. I don’t need anything that depresses me and might keep me from writing.

At the moment I’m on a writing roll and I probably am doing close to 1500 words or more a day. I write at lunch which can produce about 500-1000 words depending on whether or not I get interrupted or distracted. (No one ever heeds the Do Not Disturb sign on the back of my chair!)

I’ve got several WIPs I’m juggling all at the same time but that’s nothing new. I’ve always juggled a few at a time. I’m trying to make sure I keep posting little bits on my Facebook Author Page in order to get or keep people interested in me.

I know that GRL was supposed to be uplifting but somehow, for me, it had the opposite affect overall. That post I wrote about falling into relative obscurity? GRL made me feel even more like I am just spinning my wheels at this writing gig. There’s just a lot of people who don’t know who I am and while I know that with my head it doesn’t stop me wondering about what happened at GRL. Honestly, there were people who I talk to online who just walked past me there as if they didn’t see my big ole banner with my name on it. I know those events can be overwhelming, but…just but. *sigh* I felt invisible and I think it made me even more determined to finish up all my obligations (which will realistically take a couple of years) and then retire this pen name. I doubt I’ll stop writing but Lex doesn’t seem to be an author with a good fanbase anymore so it’s probably time to let her go and seek some change. After I complete said obligations…

With retirement of the pen name firmly in my sights as a goal for sometime in the next few years, I do have lots to write before the name says goodbye. So here’s a snippet from Save Your Love. (My Facebook page has a snippet of The King of Dick Lit.)

The engine of the car was fully engulfed in flames when a fire truck pulled up. I stared morosely at the car as hunky firemen hastened to put out the fire. One man managed to open the hood and they sprayed the engine compartment with foam. Foam, not water. Jesus. That meant the fire had been electrical. With a sigh, I waited for the flames to turn to smoke and then walked slowly through the rows of artichokes toward my totaled car.

A fireman came toward me. As he neared, he pulled off his helmet and ruffled his dark gold spikes. Something about the movement sent my senses spinning. I squinted at him, wishing the sun wasn’t behind him so I could see his face.

“That your car?” he called out.

The voice turned my spinning senses into an out and out spiral. In the space of a few seconds, I was eighteen again, my heart thudding so hard I thought my chest would burst open.


The fireman’s confident stride stumbled. “Jared?”

Joy flooded me. There was no other way to describe the sensation. Even my fingernails felt ecstatic.

“Matt!” I dropped my bag in the dust of the field and rushed toward him, throwing my arms around him. My face pressed into the space just under his ear. “Matt!”

One hand cupped my ass, pulling me against him and the other grabbed my hip and squeezed. “Holy shit! Jared! What the fuck are you doing here? Why didn’t you call?”

He hugged me hard and then pulled back, sneaking a quick glance over his shoulder. I reluctantly stepped back. I had no idea if Matt was out at work and I didn’t want to unintentionally out him if he wasn’t.

“I wanted to surprise you,” I murmured, unable to look away from his handsome soot stained face.

He flicked one dark gold brow up and pointedly gazed at my car. “You sure did that.”

A nervous chuckle escaped me. “Pyrotechnics have never really been my thing.”

My inspiration this week came from a little British movie whose American title is Tonight You’re Mine.

Check out the trailer here. Luke Treadaway just bypassed Jared Rackler in my head for inspiration of the week.

The movie has a Facebook page. I liked it. You should check out the movie and if it inspires you, like the page! I’m off to find the soundtrack now. Just to keep the inspiration rolling, yanno. Even if I’m not doing NaNo. 😉

Have a great Monday!



Six Sentence Sunday 58

This week, more from my WIP Bad Choices. Last week’s six was about Peyton’s lack of a wedding ring and ended with Cooper asking Peyton why he was there. Today’s six is his reply.

“I’m here for you, Cooper. I walked away from what the three of us had all those years ago and I never looked back. You and Devlin got engaged. I got married and had a kid. But you know, you were always there in my head and heart. When Dev died, I couldn’t deny the truth any longer.”

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Six Sentence Sunday 50

Since this is my 50th Six Sentence Sunday post, I thought I’d do a little something different. One lucky commenter will win their choice of my backlist in ebook format. Must post by midnight Pacific time Sunday, November 26.

My six today comes from a WIP that has no name other than it’s temporary one of “Kissing Joan Collins.” In this scene, Logan’s best friend Chase dresses up as Joan Collins for Halloween and when he comes out of the bathroom, his costume is so good, Logan doesn’t recognize him at first.

Those legs, that ass, the fucking dimples.

“Jesus Christ, Chase! You look like Joan Collins on steroids!” he gasped, his heart upping its beat to triple time as he stared at his best friend’s perfect ass covered in skin tight designer label linen.

“Like it?” Chase’s amused baritone gave away his delight that he’d stumped Logan for all of a minute and a half.

“Fuuuuck, it’s enough to turn me straight.”

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Six Sentence Sunday 49

This week I have a taste of my Christmas Cowboys WIP, Cupid Christmas. This will be out just before Christmas and is the last in the Forbes Ranch Christmas Cowboys Series. In this snippet, Steve is about to risk everything and ask his former lover Dalton out to dinner.

Now, Steve had to face the man who had taken away his dreams of a loving relationship and set him on a path of soulless one night stands and chance encounters.  Dalton’s eyes held wariness and his posture had an unnatural stiffness, as if he’d braced himself for a physical blow. Considering his words only minutes before, Steve figured his former lover thought he might have stopped him in order to get in a few licks, verbal or even physical. Not that Steve had ever been the fighting type. He’d always been a lover not a fighter which is one reason he’d never fought to keep Dalton all those years ago.

“Something I can do for you, Steve?”

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Six Sentence Sunday 48

Last week, I gave you a taste of my super sekrit project Scrambling. This week I have a taste of the steampunk serial I’m taking part in. Lords of Aether will be launched in December and features myself and authors KC Burn, Charlie Cochrane, Jason Edding, Stephani Hecht and Jaime Samms. This six is from my inaugural post featuring my characters Anthony Banning and Jack Starr, former best friends and lovers.


“I never thought I’d see the day the great Jack Starr fell in love.”

Anger simmered in Jack’s seemingly casual pose. “This isn’t about how I hurt you, Anthony. This is about how we’ve been friends our entire lives. I need your help.”

With a sigh, Anthony gave up his minor thoughts of revenge.

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