We all have things we’re partial to.  Restaurants and food. Authors and books. Clothes and colors. The list can go on and on. Last night I asked my Yahoo group to tell me which of the sex scenes (or love scenes if you prefer) that I’ve written were the hottest and why.  Just a little informal poll. I want to see what they say and I have a reason for doing so.

This week I started dismantling The Bar. The writers are all busy with other things in their lives and a couple of them went in and removed their posts because they have copyright concerns. When it became obvious that rather than leave a disjointed story up there, the whole thing would need to come down, I emailed the other authors and removed all the readers from the board so no one could access it but the writers. Then I began the process of taking it all down.

As I was copying my posts to a Word doc to save, I realized that some of the scenes I’d written really stuck out in my mind. They were favorites for whatever reason.  Then it hit me that even in my published works, I had scenes and characters who were my favorites.

Unlike some authors who spit out their work and never look back, I use my prior work to fuel whatever the current manuscript is. I use it to evoke a specific headspace and mindset that I need to produce a scene.  Sure, there are some books I have that are old and well-loved and I use those too sometimes. In my own writing, I know just where to go to dig up the emotions needed to complete a specific scene. For instance, if I need to write a scene filled with despair and pain, I’ll go read Rousing Caine, the part where Jason’s in the hospital, Chris is dying and Jason finally gets all the lessons Caine tried to teach him.  I cried when I wrote it. I cry when I read it and it has fueled other scenes.

I suppose that makes those scenes my favorites. And I’m curious to see if the people in my group have the same feelings as I do about some of those scenes.  I think that if they are feeling what I feel, then I am absolutely doing what I am supposed to do when it comes to writing. So I can’t wait to see these responses. If you would like to play along, feel free to leave a comment and tell me about your favorite scene or character that I’ve written. Show me your favorites!

Today’s Marcus is a beauty. I always feel that Monday cannot go wrong if his naked chest is on my blog.

I posted over at Flirty Author Bitches last week about how my brain isn’t maturing at the same rate as my body. I’m still looking at hotties younger than me and my kid just turned 21 yesterday. If you get a chance, stop by Motley’s Facebook or Socially Dead and wish her a happy 21st.

Hope you have a great Monday!

More Smoke Than Fire

So I did that Feedburner thing last week. I’m not sure why. The little button over there in my sidebar went from 0 to 41 in a week. I wasn’t sure it was an accurate record of how many people subscribe, but I thought 41 was a pretty fair number for a blog newb like myself. Then, today, the number dropped to 38.

My first thought was Meh. Then I thought, “So 3 people aren’t subscribing to me anymore. Hmmmn.” Next, I started to frown and my thoughts turned to, “I’ve been that boring lately?” I hadn’t thought I was any more boring than usual!

Figuring that my blog must be more smoke than fire *snort*, I shrugged it off. I’m not that into the numbers game when it comes to blogging, but it did get me to thinking… Lately, I’ve been adding to my feed reader and my blog roll, not deleting. So my question to you today is, why do you stop reading someone? Why do you unsubscribe and/or stop visiting their blog? What does it take to turn you off of someone or chase you away?

I’m sure the replies to those questions are as varied as the people who come here and whose blogs I visit and/or read. Still, I’m curious… so indulge me in comments with your answers if you would, please.

You Are The Beary BestSince it’s Sunday, it’s a good time to give out the very special bear award that Dawg gave to other bloggers. Dawg went to the Vermont Teddy Bear factory and their slogan is “If you care, send a bear.” So Dawg gave the bear to Karl, who gave it to me. So now I’m going to pass it on to 10 other bloggers. The rules are simple:

  1. The Beary Best Award is given to those people who we want to know we care… just because
  2. See rule #1

Don’t forget that the bear award should link back to Dawg. If you need the code click here.

Now for the people I think deserve one of these. (I’m omitting the people Dawg and Karl gave one to, not because I don’t care about them, but because I’d like to spread the bear a little further into the PRB.)

I’m not including Motley because she got a Blackberry instead of a bear. Heh.

We’re off to El Torito brunch with Karl today so have a Beary Brunchy Sunday!