Big TV

Well, Rott did it. He bought a big TV Saturday. He’s been talking about it forever, drooling over the LCDs, high def, and 3D stuff. On Friday, I caught him measuring the wall across from the couch. He said, “Sixty five inches is pretty big.” He holds up the tape measure, extending it across the wall above the TV wall unit. I think my eyes bugged.

He pays no attention to my eyes, of course. He’s considering that wall and what it will look like with 65-inches of flat panel TV on it.  So I tell him, “I’m sixty five inches tall.”

He stares at me momentarily with a calculating expression in his eyes. “That’s a pretty damn big TV. It’s on sale on some shopping channel. About $1400. Apparently, that’s a steal.”

Now, my eyes really bug. “Tell me you didn’t buy a $1400 TV.”

He shrugs. “Nah. But I’ve been thinking about it.”

Then yesterday I come out of my writer cave and I find him tap-tapping away on my netbook. He glances up at me and says, “I bought a TV.”

I groaned. “Oh, please. You didn’t by that TV that’s too big for this little condo, did you?”

He makes a face, scratches his beard, gives me three kinds of heart attacks and says, “Nope. I got a Sony. It was on sale, had good reviews, and I got some kind of rebate amount off by using my BofA card. It’s only 40-inches but it will be here in a couple of days. I paid for expedited shipping cause I couldn’t wait to see the space station on it.”

I think I sagged in relief. Sixty five inches of TV is like way too much TV for us poor people who live in a rented condo. I can deal with 40 inches. We used to have a 32 inch TV, but for the past couple of years have been reduced to a 19-inch in the bedroom (covered in dust because I barely ever turn it on) and something like 24 inches in the living room.

I can’t help but wonder if the TV will be so cool that I’ll want to sit and watch it. I don’t watch TV. Haven’t for maybe three or four years now. Oh, a show here and there, but nothing regular. I can’t even imagine what the 40-inch flat panel will look like or sound like hooked up to Rott’s surround sound system. It’s a realm I’ve never been to and I’m curious, but in a cautious way. I don’t need that TV distracting me from my writing although I rather think that wouldn’t happen long term.

So on Wednesday we’ll have a new TV. I’m a bit in shock and so is Rott. Today he has buyer’s remorse looking at the state of his bank account. I don’t blame him. Once he paid for some fancy ass cables and a power thingy and an extended 3 year warranty and expedited shipping…he’d spent $1000. But I’m impressed that he spent two days researching the TVs and prices and all. I’m impressed that he didn’t give in and buy the 65-inch TV that turned him on so much. He did exercise some restraint which is a good thing. Now, it’s up to me to exercise some and not let that thing seduce me from my computer and my manuscripts.

Meanwhile, Rott is now researching DVD players so he can get a new one that will be more compatible with the new TV and all its bells and whistles. *sigh*

I’ll just slink along now and move to the non-techie part of this post where I plaster a hot Marcus onto my blog. 😉

Ahh, now that is more my style! Heh.

Before I go, I want to remind you of my 30 Days of Christmas giveaway at the Lex Valentine blog. Today’s book isn’t a romance. It’s an anthology of odd Twilight Zone-ish tales. My pal Marty Mankins has a story in it as do other pals of mine. My story is about female empowerment. Not my usual style but a naughty little tale nonetheless. So come on over and comment on the Day 4 post for a chance to win a copy of Weirdly III.

Have a great Monday and I’ll see you in a couple of days for Wicked Wednesday!

Cold Sun

The sun is out after a couple of days of rain but, it’s cold! YES! Finally! It’s currently 48 degrees out there. Yippeee! It also promises to be a cool Thanksgiving not an 80 degree one.

Rott continues to have the worst cough ever. I appear to be pretty much over it and was last week. I have a little lingering occasional cough but that’s nothing for an old hand at asthma like me. Luckily, Nikki (Motley) hasn’t been here to get it. It was a horrid cold although I didn’t get it nearly as bad as everyone else who has had it.

Couple of quick things before I hand you a Marcus and take off for work. First, I got a new phone! Oh, wooty woot! I can Tweet now from anywhere! I missed my Winterheart Twitter account. I’m not a good web Twitter user so I’ve just not been tweeting. It was awesome to tweet with Dave2, say hi to Karl, and give MattMan a good morning. All I need to do now is pass a hug on to Gooster. 😉

I got a Samsung Vibrant, a Galaxy S Android phone. It’s seriously fun. I loved my HTC Dash but damn. This new phone is orgasmic.

Next, I was invited to spend Black Friday hanging out at James Buchanan’s house with other local authors. I can’t tell you how exciting that sounds. Even Nikki wants to go. I’m not all that literary so I don’t envision it as tea and elevated discussion afternoon, but it sounds like a total romp!

Let’s see, what else? Ummmn…Oh yeah! I have a prize to give away! Last week I was on a bunch of blogs and I offered a prize to one lucky commenter. I put all the names in a box and showed Noisy the box of crumpled paper. As usual, he grabbed one and ran off with it. After chasing him around the bedroom to get the paper, I found that the name on the sticky note was…Tonya Callihan! Tonya, you win an electronic copy of one of my books so check my backlist at and I’ll be in contact via email to see what you want.

Speaking of giveaways, stay tuned to this blog this week because on Wicked Wednesday I have Marisa Chenery posting about her vamps and on Thanksgiving I will be announcing a special Christmas contest for Lex Valentine readers.

Now, how about that Marcus? I did Six Sentence Sunday this weekend and one of the authors posted a pic of Marcus. I drooled as I always do. LOL

Oh yum. That is an awesome image. I love the expression on his face. Okay, I love the hot body too. 😉

Now, that it’s 47 degrees with golden sun I’m headed off into that cold sun day to hold down the fort while my boss is on vacay. I hope he enjoys his days off while I stress of commissions for payroll. Seriously, he deserves the time off. He’s a good boss. We love him and he works really hard. I even voted for him for Employee of the Year. He’s not perfect but he’s grown as a boss, something I appreciate.

Here I go, off to the cemetery! You all have a wonderful Monday!

Where’s My Cold?

Apparently, the only cold I have is the one in my head. Yes, after three years without a single cold…I got one. It was rather inevitable since everyone in my office has had it, people rarely stay home, and if you ask them if they have a cold, they tell you they aren’t sick. It does kinda give it away that they are hacking and coughing and blowing their noses and can’t hear on the phone cause their ears are plugged, but nonetheless, I have had people tell me they aren’t sick and then proceed to start coughing and sneezing. What can you do?

The worst part of my cold hasn’t been me being sick. The worst part is that I gave it to Rott. He’s not a good sick person. He gets angry about being sick. Things go bang, crash, boom when Rott is sick. And then I feel uber guilty. Not that I meant to give it to him because of course I didn’t, but I do live in the same house. I guess I shouldn’t have sat in the recliner and fallen asleep thereby spreading my germs around the living room for him to ingest. I’ll just keep to myself the fact that he could have woken me and told me to get the hell to bed and away from him. *sigh*

Now, the other reason for this title is that it’s November. Hello? Turkey Day is just around the corner. And what temperature do you think it was here yesterday? 82. WTF? That’s too hot for me. Where’s my winter? Where’s my cold? I want 68 degrees so I can put on a coat, wear a sweater, and not start sweating at 1 in the afternoon! I freaking hate global warming. I swear it’s half the reason I got the damned cold. The temperature here in SoCal cannot make up it’s mind. Hot, cold. Rain, wind. Dry, wet. This fall has seen record breaking heat waves. 107 in October? 102? This isn’t right. I want my cold.

Well, if I must have hot, then I’ll settle for Marcus. His kinda hot is always welcome with me.

Click on that to see the full-size image. Oh, baby. Now that is a very welcome heat!

I’m gonna take myself off to work but before I do, you can check out my Lex Valentine blog to see six sentences from my latest WIP, a sequel to Rock My World that released on Friday at Ellora’s Cave. There’s also a post there called Back to Back about Rock My World and my Veteran’s Day release Honorable Silence. I’ll be at Castles and Guns tomorrow and I’m also part of Eliza Gayle’s Naughty November. If you like naughty excerpts, you’ll want to check out Eliza’s site.

Have a great Monday!


I’m late. It’s cause 1) I’m sick with a sore throat and 2) I can never make the scheduling thing work! If someone could teach me I would appreciate it!

Anyway, I had an idea-fest this weekend. Oh, I thought up all sorts of fun things. Some things I cannot talk about yet. Other things I can. One is a slight change for this blog. I’ve only had the one guest post thus far (Mandy Roth and Michelle Pillow) and they did so well with all of you that I thought we’d give TVC the chance to be a real mascot here. I came up with Wicked Wednesday where I give guest bloggers a chance to talk about vampires and vampire books and movies. But no Twilight. Not ever. Oh, no.

So this Wednesday the Wickedest author I know will be here talking about the vampire hero in her new Carina Press book Hunger Aroused. Dee Carney writes hot characters and I am a very lucky lil author to be able to call her a good friend! If you like your vampires hot and intelligent, you cannot go wrong with Dee’s book. This will give you vampire fans a chance to look at some new books coming down the pike. I also like the idea of dusting off TVC and letting him have a little “face” time. I was so tickled when Dave2 created him. Now, he’ll get to show up more often. 😉

If any of you non-author readers of my blog are interested in doing movie reviews or book reviews of vampire themed things please feel free to email me and I’ll schedule you on a Wicked Wednesday. It’s all about the vampires, baby!

Things are quiet on the home front. I screamed myself silly on Saturday when Zenyatta was beat in the Breeder’s Cup and I scared the crap out of Rott. My horses in the DerbyFever game did okay. I had a few nice wins. I’ve been stockpiling breeding points most of the year and now I’m pondering how to spend them in January. Yes, I have very devious breeding plans…

I’ve been making some new covers for Passion In Print and MLR Press. You’ll find those over at Winterheart Design as the authors approve them. Also, I’ve got two releases this week. If things go as planned MLR Press will release Honorable Silence on Veteran’s Day. It’s a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell anthology and my novella is Afterburner. The book also features works by William Maltese, George Seaton, and Maura Anderson.

Also being released this week is Rock My World. This is my first book at Ellora’s Cave and I can’t tell you how exciting it is! This story has spawned some other ideas for me, one of which is already in the works. You can get a taste of the WIP by checking out my Six Sentence Sunday post over on the Lex Valentine blog.

Since I need to get my behind to the office I’m going to give you a nice new Marcus and head off into the sunrise…

Did I ever mention that I like his shirtless photos best? Well, I do!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to share the deets of some other parts of my idea-fest soon. I just have some stuff to work out before I spill the beans.

Wishing you all a very happy Monday!

Birthday Explosions

I was a dedicated Tweeter a couple of years ago. I lived on Twitter. My Facebook…meh. Not so much. I had far, far more people on my Twitter account than my Facebook. Then two things happened at once. One, some people I knew on Twitter began lessening their Twitter usage. And two, I couldn’t have it on at work anymore. That took my Twitter karma to like zero pretty quickly.

The same thing happened with my Yahoo IM. A few people I talked to almost daily stopped using it or used it very rarely (or had themselves invisible to me cause they didn’t want to talk to me anymore) and again, I couldn’t have it on at work anymore.

In the space of a few weeks, my interactions with people began to change in a really big way. Then I started to have more deadlines and my writing career became more demanding. That meant no Twitter or IM when I got home. It meant promoing my books and writing and writing.

Now, my personal Twitter account isn’t even used except to send out notices from my feeds. I rarely turn on my IM because the people who used to talk to me daily, just don’t anymore. And I’ve found that the flip side of this coin has become Facebook.

Yesterday, my FB exploded. I had almost 100 birthday wishes posted to my wall. Of course, some of the people whom I used to speak to daily on IM or Twitter and who are on my FB didn’t bother to acknowledge me but I think that’s a flag to me that they just don’t give a hoot. I’m taking under consideration the notion of unfriending those people who never comment to me or respond to my comments. Despite the fact that we were once close friends, apparently, they don’t want to know me anymore so what’s the point in being connected on FB in that case? It does make me sad to lose friendships though. Or rather acknowledge the loss of friendships.

At any rate, my birthday caused an explosion of posts on my FB wall and I have to say, it felt good. This wasn’t an easy birthday for me but Rott and Nikki (Motley) helped me through it by making my day peaceful and stress free. I wish everyday could be that soothing. I needed the peace something fierce and today, I feel much better for yesterday’s quiet.

Many thanks and hugs and MUAHs to everyone who stopped by my FB page yesterday or who sent me birthday wishes on the loops and in email.  You all helped make my day perfect and I cannot express in words how very much, and very sincerely, I appreciate that.

It truly was a banner week for me with the notification that I had two books final in the EPIC Awards. I have no expectations of winning and I won’t be attending the conference and award dinner in Williamsburg in March (that’s not so much about not winning as it is a travel, time off and money issue.) Still, just finaling means a lot to me. And it means I need to get more serious about where this career is going.

I have a lot of thinking to do both about my writing and my friends.

Now, I have a Marcus and it’s a new one for me. I just found it today and it has a total vampire look to it that just goes hand in hand with Halloween and sexy paranormal books.

How hot and sexy is that? RAWR. I could just lick him…

Hope that warmed up your first day of November Monday! Have a good one!