Fresh as an Old Sock

I believe I’ve begun this new year feeling about as fresh as an old sock. I have so much stuff going on with Lex Valentine and Winterheart Design and at work that instead of being energized by the bright shiny new year we have…I’m just tired. I’m starting to wonder if maybe I should use a little of that stockpile of vacation hours that I have.  I can’t afford to go anywhere but just the idea of not getting up at the ass crack of dawn every day is appealing. The simple joy of sleeping in an extra hour is so nice. I did that a couple of times over the holidays and I can’t tell you how wonderful it made me feel. I won’t tell you how crappy my back felt from my POS bed though.

I long for the ability to lie in bed and read books on my Nook for hours upon end. That would be my idea of retirement. I know I’m not ever gonna be able to retire and cruise the Mediterranean on a mega yacht while I write my books on a state of the art laptop.  But to just sleep in or lie in bed reading all afternoon seems like a dream.

Oh, those luscious dreams. The bad thing about them is that 1) you wake up and 2) all that lying around means my brain would be dreaming up more and more plots and I’d never be able to relax after all.

I’ve been told that the tired I feel and the apathy come from the big M. Not Men. Menopause. Gross topic if you ask me.  But supposedly I’m wiped out because of the M, not because of other stuff. I don’t really care what/who is doing this to me.  I just want it to stop.  So I ponder taking more than a day or two off work and wonder if it will help at all.

I do know that a Marcus does wonders for me and like every Monday here on this blog, I have a Marcus photo!

He looks like he’s dressed for the weather here. No matter whether he’s dressed or undressed, Marcus is always hot!

I’m headed off to the office now. Gotta a lotta work to do this week working on the end of the year and end of December stuff.  Even old socks have their place in the universe! Have a great Monday and if you’re in the southland, try to stay dry!

Hey, Psssst!

I’m off work today.  It feels awesome too.  I might just go back to bed. After 30 days of blog posts over at the Lex Valentine blog, giving away books, I’m tired. I don’t really wanna blog and I can’t think of anything I want to say anyway. Other than the fact that I don’t have to work today.

I feel as buoyant and giddy as a teen because I don’t have to get dressed. I don’t have to get in the car. I don’t have to punch the time clock. Wheeee!

Here’s a Marcus while I revel in that feeling a little longer.

That shirt is sure tells the truth. Wish the shorts did too. HEH. I might be an old lady but I am still a dirty girl.

I think I’ll go back to bed. It’s cold outside. I’ll be back either New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.  Have a good one!


When I think of the word “versatile” I think of this guy: Andrei Andrei.

If you’ve been coming to my blog since it started you might remember his face. He’s been on here before. He’s not as hot as Marcus but he’s close. His blog is called Versatile and I subscribe to the feed and get notices from him when posts videos and photos. He’s some seriously good eye candy. He also inspired a plot but I’ve yet to finish that book. Maybe this year…

Anyway, the versatile part of today’s post isn’t about Andrei. It’s about Nina Pierce who gave me the Versatile Blogger Award. Giving me the award means I need to tell you seven things about me and then pass this award on to some interesting folks I think you should check out.

I know it’s sorta meme-ish but without Diesel‘s Grundir on the payroll, protecting me from memes, I’m sorta stuck. Since it’s Christmas week, I thought I’d give this a holiday twist and make each thing about me Christmas related. So here goes:

1. I love Peppermint Bark. It’s my favorite Christmas thing. I’ve been hunting for Hagen Dazs Peppermint Bark ice cream because Selena Illyria said they came out with some.

2. I still have the stocking my mother bought for me when I was a baby. Yep. It’s almost 50 years old. There’s a photo of it on my Flickr page. Don’t mind the caption on. It’s older now!

3. I like Christmas lights year round. When we first moved into the condo we live in now, Rott strung Christmas lights around the bathroom mirror for me. His idea but I love it!

4. I don’t really like turkey for Christmas, but the company I work for always gives us one. I prefer ham because we just had turkey a month before on Thanksgiving. I bought a ham this year. The bird goes in the freezer until I need to warm the house on a cold day!

5. When we lived in Tempe, AZ for a year, the Tempe Fire Department adopted us and gave Nikki a wonderful Christmas. She was about 18 months old.

6. I’m a sucker for a great Christmas romance book right down to the sappy Regencies with proposals beneath the mistletoe, secret babies, pretty much all of it if it’s a Christmas story. The rest of the year you couldn’t pay me to read a secret baby story.

7. Everyone knows that I love Josh Lanyon’s Christmas story The Dickens With Love, but my favorite Christmas book of all time is Gift of the Magi. I even took that theme and used it in Christmas Hookup, my free Christmas story.

So, there ya have it! Seven Christmas things about me! Now, go on out there and check out Nina’s seven things and the seven things of the two people I talked into doing this meme with me!

Jaime Samms

Evie Balos

Now, that the versatile blogger meme is over, it’s time for a Marcus!

Where is my drool bib? I swear each image is better than the last. How does he make almost 40 look so damned good? *sigh*

Okay, before I toddle off, don’t forget to come by the Lex Valentine blog and comment on today’s post for a chance to win a free Christmas book during the last week of my 30 Days of Christmas event!

Happy Christmas Week Monday!


Oooh, sparkly. That would be me. I wore sequins to the company Christmas party. A sequined top and sequined ballet flats. My shrug sweater had silver threads. I sparkled.

Funny how sparkles can make you look a whole lot more interesting than regular clothes. It’s probably why that Meyer woman decided to make her vampires sparkle. They are a whole lot more interesting – in a WTF kind of way mostly – because they sparkle. A lot of people complimented me, so I suppose I looked a lot more interesting wearing sequins than I do in an Eddie Bauer sweater.  Either that or they all thought I was a vampire and figured they’d better be nice.

I had a good time even if I didn’t play black jack (it was Casino Night) and I won a huge memory foam contour pillow which I promptly gave to Rott the moment I got home. I had a snack and a Mr. Misty and watched women’s college volleyball with Rott on the big screen and wow! Next thing I knew it was midnight! I was still sparkly and floaty and feeling good from a nice evening and so many compliments on the sequins. I should wear them every day. 😉

Before I post Marcus and stumble off to work, let me remind you to visit the Lex Valentine blog daily and leave a comment for a chance to win that day’s book. Today’s book is my bestselling gay for you paranormal novel Fire Season. This book has been critically acclaimed and still outsells everything else I do. If you’ve been wanting to see what all the fuss is about, this is your chance to maybe do it for free!

Now, I need a really sexy Marcus today to combat my sleepies. I need something so hot it will perk me right up…

You can click that puppy for a bigger image. While you’re doing that, I need to find my drool bib…

Ahhh. I feel better now, with or without sequins!

Have a great Monday!

Hairy Grannies

What’s the deal? Have you looked at the spam on your blog lately? Mine is filled with ads for photos of hairy grannies. That has to be the most bizarre thing I’ve ever heard. I mean, I know there is every kind of fetish imaginable out there and hundreds of thousands of websites that will indulge those fetishes despite how extreme they may be. But c’mon. Hairy grannies? Who gets off on looking at hairy grannies? And just exactly what IS a hairy granny?

I’m starting to think maybe I just don’t want to know. It’s gotta be something bad. Like gross bad. Like pervert bad. And I wonder at the grannies who let people photograph them. What self-respecting granny does that? Are they all Photoshop images? Like *shudders* God, I just need to delete those spam comments. I’m getting visions of some pretty bad stuff here.

So despite the hordes of kinky spam comments I’m likely to get by talking about what’s in my spam folder, I just had so many of them that I had to mention it. Don’t think I’ll ever understand the kink though. LOL

Well, it rained all Sunday and Sunday night. I can handle the rain. I like the rain. What I don’t like is being the only building on the block whose sprinklers come on at 7 am when I am leaving for work. I can’t get to my freaking car without walking down the alley, out to the street, and around the corner. The entire sidewalk between buildings and down to the street sidewalk is flooded. The grass verge and the stepping stones to get to the curb are all flooded. The sprinklers are going nuts spraying water everywhere. If I want to get to my car I either walk the equivalent of a block and a half or I get drenched.

When I saw the water going, I checked the buildings on either side of us. Neither of them had sprinklers on. I looked down the street. No one had sprinklers on. Just my building. The mother effers. Grrrr. First it’s parking wars and my neighbors who disobey all the association parking rules, now it’s the fucking sprinklers. I swear it does not pay to live where I live and have a vehicle.

I swear, I’m like a magnet for this sort of BS. I mean, how many of you have to deal with shit like this? I live a Murphy’s Law life, seriously. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. And I’m so not going into the Big TV debacle. Oh, no. But as I’m writing this…the damned thing is still not hooked up. This time Rott’s excuse has to do with Sony’s paperwork that says you need to install some software first and once you do, they can peek into your TV and see what you’re watching. Rott flipped out, howling about the privacy act. *sigh*

You all have to be having a better time of it than I am. Your December has to be better. I mean, none of you are stuck in the middle of a Christmas short story that you can’t finish, are you? You’re not having parking wars and sprinkler issues and expensive new TV hullaballoos, right?

It’s just me. My life. No one else could have this kind of existence, could they? God, I feel sorry for you if you do! It’s enough to make you want Alzheimer’s.

In order to combat these horrid feelings and the hairy granny visions, I need to gift myself with a Marcus!

Oh, yeah. Click on that and check it out full size. Yummeh!

Now, before I toddle off to work, don’t forget that you need to comment on each day’s post at’s blog in order for a chance to win a book. I’m giving away books every day through Christmas.  Today’s book is my EPIC Award finalist Insolence. It’s the story of best friends (M/F) who discover they’ve been in love with each other all along. And there’s some kink in there to help things along. 😉

Have a great Monday!