What Was I Thinking?

Umm, yeah. I registered for the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention. Do you know how much money that was? And how much the rooms are? And the parking? And all the stuff I have to buy (like a suitcase) because I don’t travel? And all the promo stuff I have to get?

Good thing this convention is deductable for me. Still, please don’t tell Rott how much I spent…

Actually, he has a fair idea. He already ix-nayed on the parking for 5 days at $35 a day.  “Oh, no. You can pay ME half that and I’ll drop you off Tuesday and pick you up on Sunday!”

Yeah, right. I’ll buy gas which means he better drive me in the Infiniti and NOT the little Honda. If I gotta be chauffeured, I want to be seen arriving in the luxury SUV. Never mind that it’s 8 years old. It’s still an Infiniti.

And idiot that I am…I have to be ME. I can’t just get a black suitcase. I have to get a giraffe print one. I can’t just get a black sleeve for my netbook (I’m not taking the full giraffe print laptop case I already have because I’m not taking all the accessories.) I have to get the giraffe print one. I can’t just carry my giraffe wallet by its leash. I have to get a new Dooney letter carrier bag that I can sling across my shoulders. Giraffe print, of course.

I didn’t get new pajamas. They didn’t have giraffe print ones. *grumble, grumble*

Damn it. People are gonna remember me. Even if it’s to laugh at my giraffe crap.

And did I tell you that I get to sign books? The print ones and cover flats for the ebooks? I DO! Two days in a row! OMG! I will totally feel like a real author then. But I think I need to figure out how to sign my pen name…

This is like a new world for me. I’m excited and scared to freaking death. And the money…*moans* What was I thinking? Do you know what I could do with the money? I could buy a new washing machine and a new battery for the Infiniti, both of which died last week. But no. I had to indulge myself. My ego. Well, my author ego really. Not that I have much of one to indulge but by the time this convention is through I’ll either have a little bit bigger one or what I do have will be reduced to rubble.

Have I mentioned I’m a complete wallflower who is terrified of meeting new people? Hilly remembers how I am. I would never have faced Dave Diego without her. But here I am willingly facing the firing squad of hundreds of people on my own.

Someone told me I would be okay once they slapped that name tag on me that says, “LEX VALENTINE, AUTHOR.” And maybe that is the crutch I need to lean on to make it through. I need to remember that even though I am pretty much low on the totem pole of authorship and pretty much unknown, there are SOME people out there who will recognize my name. I just have to keep remembering that I had the balls to walk up to New York Times bestselling author Allison Brennan at the Orange County RWA meeting and she made my year by looking at my name tag and saying, “I know who you are.”

Maybe that’s what I was thinking when I whipped out my credit card and paid for this convention.

Now, how about a Marcus that I don’t need my credit card to pay for?

Oh yum. God, he makes my Mondays easier. Despite what I spent this weekend. *winces*

Have a great Monday everyone!


I’m surrounded by nosy people.  Some nosy people I don’t mind.  When my kid looks over my shoulder and says, “Whatcha doin?” I don’t mind.  When the neighbor in the building across from us has her mom over for a visit and the old lady sits in the window all day long staring into my house at Rott…I mind.  So if my immediate family wants to know what’s up, I find that sweet. When the neighbors, landlord, and other relatives poke their noses into things, I find that intrusive.

Am I alone in this feeling of being intruded upon when relatives come over and have to look at my bed and my bedroom? Or when the landlord has to come over with his handyman so he can look around while the guy is working? Or when neighbors come onto my porch to peer into my windows? My bedroom is my space. I don’t want anyone in it except the person I sleep with or my kid. I may rent the place where I live but it’s my home even though someone else owns it. And the set of stairs leading to my porch only goes to my porch so unless I invited you over or you have some kind of important business with me, you have no business on those stairs or on my porch trying to peer through my blinds or screen door.

I would love to hear from others about this. Do you get annoyed by nosy people? Nosy neighbors, landlords, and relatives? Do you not like people in your bedroom? I seriously don’t like people in my bedroom. This one totally gives me the creeps. The thought of people I don’t know well staring at my bed makes me want to hurl. Please tell me I’m not alone in this!

Anyway, moving on to non-neurotic topics…I have a very pretty Marcus for you this Monday. He could look at my bed. Or jump in it. Heh.

Go on now, tell me your worst nosy tales and while you’re at it, have a great Monday!


I did taxes yesterday. I love the online programs for them. Sure I used to have a tax preparer’s license but I love doing them online. They ask you all the questions and you click yes or no or continue. Sometimes you fill out a box or two.  They import your data from last year’s return and it’s just too easy. You can practically do it in your sleep.

When you have a business like I do (author=business) you get to answer a whole slew of different questions. I always like the one where it asks you if all or part of your business is at risk. Uhhh. DUH. YES. Always YES.

See, that seems like a totally stupid question to me. In this economy, all business is at risk. Everything is at risk. Life is a risk.  To me, about the only sure thing on this planet is that if Rott eats beans, he will pass gas.  Of course, it’s also pretty much a sure thing that he will eat Mexican food. It’s his favorite.

At any rate, I thought about all the stuff that is at risk in our lives and all the stuff that could be classified as a sure thing. There’s not a lot of sure things in this world. Nothing related to money is a sure thing except that I’m pretty positive that whatever we have coming in (you, me, and the rest of the world) it’s gonna go out again. Maybe not all of it will go out, but certainly whatever money we make or acquire in some other way will leave our hands again. Even if it’s only $5 for a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato.

Given that almost nothing is a sure thing, shouldn’t we just enjoy our moments and stress less? Easier said than done, right? I’m gonna try to tell myself this every day to help ease stress. I don’t know if it will work but I’m willing to try for awhile.

I’ve got a Marcus today since it’s Monday and that’s my Monday schtick. I’ve decided Marcus isn’t a sure thing because, like the rest of us, he is getting older. He still looks good now, but who knows? At 50 he might not be so hot. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I love purple. He totally matches my Lex Valentine website, don’t you think?

I’ve got a contest entry to finish up tonight and several cover art requests to finalize so I’m a bizzy person! Not to mention my regular job which has been uber busy lately for me. My company is getting a new website and I’ve been helping the designer. I like him, like his work, and I’m really excited to see my company get a more interactive website.  So I’m off to the office to see what today brings in new developments on that site.

Have a great Monday!


Lately, I’ve not been able to produce too many words on my WIPs (work in progress.) Just too tired. Life at home and at work has just been frenetic. And I’m on my annual sabbatical from the horse racing sim too! I typically don’t race in December and January.  So you’d think I have a little more time than usual, but oh no.

It is true that I’ve been watching some TV. Hard to resist concerts in high def and Rott is loving the Palladia channel.  The Foo Fighters concert at Wembley was amazing in high def. I was totally enchanted and spending time watching the new TV with Rott has been good for our relationship. Still, I’m falling behind and I need to get a move on.

While the amount of writing I’ve been doing is quite small, what I have done is very lush. The words, the descriptives are just rife with visuals and sensation. I had eight sentences of this over on the Lex Valentine blog yesterday for Six Sentence Sunday.  Here’s an expanded version so you can see what I mean about lush.

Dark lashes flicked up and the beauty of Wilson North blazed through Garrick’s very soul when their eyes met this time. The lure of such angelic masculinity proved too much for him and he found himself pushing off from the marble crypt. He glided toward the bench where Will sat, his sole thought to lose himself in the salvation those dark eyes promised.

A visible shiver went through Will as Garrick stopped before him. Holding out his hand, Garrick silently prayed to the gods that Will would just take it and question things later. At the moment, all Garrick wanted was to touch Will, hold him and love him. Problems and logistics and the real world and all its damned obligations could come into play and be solved – or not – later. For just this moment in time, Garrick wanted to hold Will and breathe him in and know that they belonged to one another.

With dark eyes blazing, Will slipped his hand into Garrick’s and they both hissed in a breath as a metaphysical crackle of electricity arced between them. Then with a slow, fluid motion like that of wings unfurling, Will came to his feet. Garrick noted the slight wince the vampire gave as his weight settled onto both legs. He sensed rather than saw the pain that lanced through Will’s body despite the natural grace of his movements.  And he wished with every bit of his theurgic strength that he could heal his mate’s injuries despite the sure knowledge that Will had received the best healing possible after his accident. Helplessness never sat well within Garrick and with this man it spurred his natural possessiveness.

This is an excerpt of Breath Me In which is the next Tales book, an unexpected story that demanded it be told. Hence the 6.5 number. LOLI’m hoping to get back into the swing of things this coming weekend and use the weeknights to get some website graphics and book covers mocked up. Cross your fingers that I stay on task.

Before I head off into the dawn for work, here’s a lovely Marcus for this Monday.

He should totally be a book cover model. I’d buy every book with him on the front.

Hope you all have a great Monday!

Resurrection of the Dead

Yesterday, I put Socially Dead back up. Motley wants to blog again but she wanted a less teenager-y template than Skully. Although she liked Skully, she was tired of the pale blue and pink.  So Motley’s back (hasn’t posted yet though) with a new template (Cold Stone, same as I use at Lex Valentine) but those of you who used to visit her will recognize Skully at once.

There’s still some updating of info we need to do (I need to fix my CafePress stuff) but it’s all small stuff at this point. The blog has now been resurrected and hopefully it will have more of a life than her past “I have no life” musings. If you get a chance, cruise on by and take a look at Skully’s – and Motley’s – new home.

I’ve decided I don’t have much of a life either. All I do is work. Work at the office, work at home. Of course, there are days writing is sheer fun and other days when it’s just work.  I have a lot of writing ahead of me this year including a resurrection – erm, revision of my five year old Regency manuscript for a contest. Luckily, I only have to fix 30 pages of it for the contest and it doesn’t have to be a completed manuscript. That’s good for me cause the damned thing has no ending. More than 75,000 words and it’s just hanging there waiting for me to finish it. I’m hoping the revision of 30 pages gives me the impetus to finish this sucker.

A bunch of stressful things are going on at home and before you ask…things are fine with Motley and Rott.  We’ve just got external stuff happening that is putting a lot of strain on all of us right now. I’m sleeping even worse than usual, but I’m hoping some things that are up in the air at the moment will be resolved in a  few days one way or the other. No one’s dying as far as I know so I figure I’ll just bite the bullet and try to deal as best I can and hope for the best cause I guess it could all be worse. (How many cliches did I just slap into a single sentence, eh? LOL)

I’ve got a nice Marcus in his undies here in honor of my friend Sally whom I recently found on Facebook after having lost touch with her more than 20 years ago.  She’s a little down in the dumps so I sent her a copy of The Pixie Prince and told her Max the underwear model should make her laugh. Because of Max, I bring you Marcus modeling underwear.

I do love the way he fills out boxer briefs…

On Wicked Wednesday I’ve got a guest blogger talking about vampires so come on back and check it out later this week.  I hope you all have a great Monday!