Winter’s Big Pimp’N Friday

Since I am guest blogging over at The Kyra Sutra, I thought I would throw a hodge podge of things at you here. Something simple. I figured I would pimp a few things, show off a couple pics, rant and bitch a little, and uh, tease you. Of course, such a simple idea can snowball if you’re talking to Shiny when you’re spouting off your ideas. She said, “Ooh, pimpin’ stuff on Friday. What a great end to the week!” I’m thinking, I wasn’t gonna do THAT much pimping. Then she got really quiet and I wondered if she went to get coffee… Oh, no. That would have almost been better than what she did go do. She popped up fairly quickly and dropped a link into the IM window. What appeared was this:

You’re laughing. I know I did. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. (Must stop drinking so much Diet Dr. Pepper.) I’m not crazy about the hat, but I LOVE the Pimp Goblet. Or whatever they call it. So now, because Shiny went to so much trouble to ensure that this is Big Pimp’N Friday, I give you, my pimps of the week:

Greg from the horse racing sim didn’t like any of the music I posted this week. Therefore, this pimp is for Superhopper, a band near and dear to Greg’s heart. If Greg comes online before I finish writing this post I’ll get a picture of Kermit, the singer, to add to this. The pic I’m thinking of is a must see. The music rocks and my fave is the very first song!

Next, on my pimp list is a message board near and dear to MY heart. It’s run by a hot young Scottish lad who stands 6’10”. It’s called Zanctuary and the folks there love new people. Most of the members are female, so if you are male and you like being hit on, having your ego stroked, and pretty much having a harem, this message board could be for you! However, since some of the people are, ahem, sexually open (into BDSM, bisexual, etc) you shouldn’t go there if you aren’t like minded, or at least quite tolerant. Women may find the place rather fun too, but I really think the men would like it more. I’ve brought a bunch of guys there. They all love the attention!

I want to give a shout out to some people with new blogs. First up is Shiny. She was supposed to write a rant about how she wanted to be the only Shiny, only to discover there is a male Shiny. I haven’t been there yet to see if she did. However, we can all run over there and check her out at RxVenomQueen’s Thoughts. Now, the male Shiny is apparently a new blogger too! His blog is quite amusing. You have to read the one with the email to his brother using spam. Shiny, the man, can be found at Shiny’s Takeout. Now, if I tout Her Shinyness, I must also tout My Biotch, Mary. Mary’s blog is no frills. So is her writing, but you will still come away with a chuckle at the very least. Mary’s Two Cents from Flippen is worth a read. Oh, and there’s hotties today. Woot! And last but never least, is the gal that everyone knows from her comments. Hellohahanarf opened up shop and boy, is she doing some hot biz! You will find her standing on a Midnight Cliff.

Mr. Fabulous has a CLEAVAGE CONTEST going on at his blog and he posted his cubicle for all to see. In honor of his cubicleness, I am posting a pic of my office, which isn’t an office. It’s just a big desk in a big room with a bunch of other desks. This pic was taken last October, but nothing much has changed. Just my computer’s desktop and our phone system. That’s the old phone in the left corner of the pic, and a hot Scotsman on my desktop. I put a screenshot of my blog on my desktop every morning now.

Matt-Man is gearing up for a BIG weekend. After all, Friday is GOOD Friday, and we know Matt is yummy and good. He’s really been on it with the religious stuff recently, but his meatlessness will be at an end this weekend. I’m sure there will be many “Praise Jeebus” choruses heard in Bagwine in the next 72 hours. Not being a Catholic, although I have some crazy baptismal certificate that says I’m one, I don’t know much about all this religious stuff. I coulda sworn Palm Sunday was a masturbatory holiday. Swing by Matt’s place and see how he’s preparing to partake of meat once more.

Now, don’t forget that I’m supposed to be going over to The Kyra Sutra to post some fuction, er fiction about butt sex. Turnbaby got the crowd all hot and bothered with some hot Southern style lunchtime sex, and I am gonna deliver some explicit California style erotica where my heroine gives up her little rosebud to our tatted down hero. Yes! A chance to be free of my home-blog constraints! If Kyra can post Dean’s naked ass on her blog, I can certainly post some fiction about a fairy taking it up the ass.

That’s it for the Big Pimp’N Friday post. Come see how outrageous I get over at Kyra’s. Cause ya know, we all need a little fuction sometimes!