Over the years, I’ve belonged to different groups on the internet. They always seem to fade away at some point. Not so much because people get bored with what the group does, although I’m sure there’s a portion that do, but because the dynamics of the group change. Back when Rott and I belonged to, the group started splintering because of new people joining and fights and wars that broke out. It wasn’t fun anymore so some people stopped going. That changed the dynamic of the group the extent that it wasn’t fun for other people anymore either and they stopped going.

At the horse racing sim, I’ve seen that happen with different residencies and groups within the game. I still play although I seem to be able to only play for about six or seven months out of the year. I go on hiatus around the holidays and have trouble getting back to the game before the Derby. And I miss the people there when I don’t play. The problem is that the dynamic has changed so much that I’m not the only one who doesn’t go there daily to post or chat. We’ve all gotten sporadic about it. But every time I think of giving my stables to Fabman and TBS, I can’t. Not ready to let go I suppose. I love the game too much despite my lack of time for it.

The same thing happened with the Bar, the serial story where I used to write. It’s happened to Yahoo groups I belonged to. It’s even happened somewhat here in the Blogosphere. Sure, Dave still does what Dave has always done. You can always count on him to post. Karl still does his causes and talks about his angst. Gooster still posts hotties. Hilly still talks about her emotions. Marty still talks about music. Jester does his American Idol updates. I’m still here with my Marcuses. It just seems – with the exception of Dave – that we all do it less than we used to.

Rather than bemoan the fact that things aren’t the same as they used to be – and really who wants to be in stasis anyway? – I’m just glad to know that I belong. And I’ve had great places to belong and friends to belong with. And if they come around here once in awhile and say HI as Trotter from the sim did a week or so ago, well then, that’s something that I cherish. Those friendships, that warmth, that belonging. And it never goes away really, even if the group does. It’s always still there in your heart. You just have to remember to take it out and look at it and hug it once in awhile.

And now, as I always do on Monday, I have a Marcus!

I’m outta here. Lots of work to do at the cemetery. So everyone have a great Monday!

PS: Marty…way to go on the writing! Go, Marty! Go, Marty!


I’m late. It’s cause 1) I’m sick with a sore throat and 2) I can never make the scheduling thing work! If someone could teach me I would appreciate it!

Anyway, I had an idea-fest this weekend. Oh, I thought up all sorts of fun things. Some things I cannot talk about yet. Other things I can. One is a slight change for this blog. I’ve only had the one guest post thus far (Mandy Roth and Michelle Pillow) and they did so well with all of you that I thought we’d give TVC the chance to be a real mascot here. I came up with Wicked Wednesday where I give guest bloggers a chance to talk about vampires and vampire books and movies. But no Twilight. Not ever. Oh, no.

So this Wednesday the Wickedest author I know will be here talking about the vampire hero in her new Carina Press book Hunger Aroused. Dee Carney writes hot characters and I am a very lucky lil author to be able to call her a good friend! If you like your vampires hot and intelligent, you cannot go wrong with Dee’s book. This will give you vampire fans a chance to look at some new books coming down the pike. I also like the idea of dusting off TVC and letting him have a little “face” time. I was so tickled when Dave2 created him. Now, he’ll get to show up more often. 😉

If any of you non-author readers of my blog are interested in doing movie reviews or book reviews of vampire themed things please feel free to email me and I’ll schedule you on a Wicked Wednesday. It’s all about the vampires, baby!

Things are quiet on the home front. I screamed myself silly on Saturday when Zenyatta was beat in the Breeder’s Cup and I scared the crap out of Rott. My horses in the DerbyFever game did okay. I had a few nice wins. I’ve been stockpiling breeding points most of the year and now I’m pondering how to spend them in January. Yes, I have very devious breeding plans…

I’ve been making some new covers for Passion In Print and MLR Press. You’ll find those over at Winterheart Design as the authors approve them. Also, I’ve got two releases this week. If things go as planned MLR Press will release Honorable Silence on Veteran’s Day. It’s a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell anthology and my novella is Afterburner. The book also features works by William Maltese, George Seaton, and Maura Anderson.

Also being released this week is Rock My World. This is my first book at Ellora’s Cave and I can’t tell you how exciting it is! This story has spawned some other ideas for me, one of which is already in the works. You can get a taste of the WIP by checking out my Six Sentence Sunday post over on the Lex Valentine blog.

Since I need to get my behind to the office I’m going to give you a nice new Marcus and head off into the sunrise…

Did I ever mention that I like his shirtless photos best? Well, I do!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to share the deets of some other parts of my idea-fest soon. I just have some stuff to work out before I spill the beans.

Wishing you all a very happy Monday!

Sunday Silence – Belmont

I knew better than to assume it would happen.

By the time the next Belmont Stakes rolls around, it will have been 31 years since Affirmed won the Triple Crown in 1978. In the most electrifying Belmont ever, Secretariat won the race by 31 lengths, in 1973. Maybe the race gods have a thing about number 31. After all, I was born on 10/31.

Fake Horses & Pornfest

I love Trotter. He always makes me laugh. In a different way than Irish because, God and the sim knows, they have completely different styles of humor. Trotter is a friend from the horse racing sim game I play. Trot’s wise with a dry sense of humor and a frank appreciation for women. I whined in the sim chat that no one was commenting on my blog. Trot says, “Where’s the pics?” We all thought the same thing… Trot wanted nekkid women which reminds me of pornfest. So I decided I would talk about Trotter today. Trotter, the sim, and pornfest.

Pornfest is a creation of my S.O. Rott. Rott hooked up all the TVs in the condo to a porn feed from his DVD player. You can see porn in virtually every room in the house – he calls it Pornfest. Of course, when my kid was younger he could only do Pornfest when she went to her dad’s for the weekend or when we were gone for the day at work and school.

I used to tell the story of Pornfest in the sim chat room and most of the guys were complimentary. I mean, c’mon… what man isn’t into porn? The only ones I’ve ever met who didn’t like it were the holy rollers. And they prolly did too but just wouldn’t admit it. Just because you believe in God or Jesus doesn’t mean you can’t get turned on by people having sex.

Trotter is unabashedly male. I can smell the testosterone through the computer, I swear. He’s low key about it… not like Vett and his Girls Gone Wild attitude. No, Trotter is suave and uses his dry humor to advantage. I always think of him as the James Bond of the sim. Shaken, not stirred. Although I suppose in Trot’s case he’s stirred, not shaken! LOL So if Trot’s Bond, I guess that makes Irish Felix Leiter. Felix is the CIA agent who is Bond’s pal. He’s the Jerry Lewis to Trot’s Dean Martin. They are both hot as hell to the sim females although some of them refuse to admit it and prefer to hit on Greg. Heh.

Greg’s charm not withstanding, all the women seem to acknowledge Trot as the man about town (and the sim) that he is. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one disagree with him in the sim chat. Unless we’re talking sires and breeding. EVERYONE disagrees about THAT. It’s the universal cause of discord because no two people agree on breeding except the Super guys from Del Penn. I’ve never seen such fighting as the simmers do over breeding fake horses. Breed this one over. No, don’t. This is a good breeding. No, it’s not. Dixie Union is a good sire. I’ve never had the urge to use him. And on and on. I know, if you’re reading this and you’re not from the sim you’re going WTF is she yammering about?

The people from the sim are as fierce about it as others are about porn. Some people can’t live without at least a little porn entertainment in their lives. The simmers can’t live without their fake horses and the whole sim lifestyle of breeding and training and betting. Okay, some of the simmers can’t live without porn either. Like Trotter insinuating that he wouldn’t comment on my blog unless I posted pics… meaning naked ones. Maybe I’ll post a naked Kelly Monaco just for him this week. LOL

I guess we all have our obsessions. Mine is Marcus. Ok, and the sim. *sigh* Okay, Pornfest too. You got me there. Now I’ve confessed to everything. Well, maybe not everything. Heh. Time for me to go. The hot grocery delivery guy is due here anytime with my food! Just another little obsession of mine… like the fake horses and pornfest. Only this obsession breathes. Heh Heh.

Laters peeps!