15 Minute Break

It’s pretty sad (or daunting depending on your outlook on life) when I have to use my 15 minute break at work to get my blog post up. I didn’t exactly forget it this morning, but I ran out of time. I didn’t sleep much last night between my sore throat and the fact that I was on the last bit of work on Fire Season.

Fire Season is now off with the betas (thank you Jason Edding, Ethan Day, and Kris Jacen!) and my editor has it too. Anything the betas find I’ll work on in edits. Edits for The Pixie Prince are next and I’ll be getting edits soon for Ain’t Nuthin’ But a Hellhound and Runaways.

Next up on my writing list (after some work at The Bar) is Rousing Caine for MLR Press. I’m hoping it’s good enough for a slot in the anthology. Also up next is a slight change in plans. Originally, Book 4 of the Tales of the Darkworld was Common Ground, Marius Granville’s story. (A menage a quatre for you fans of erotica.) Instead, Vahid and Emily pretty much came alive for me as I wrote Fire Season.  I think it’s time to expose Vahid’s secrets and vulnerabilities. I left him showing a crack in his composure by drinking too much in Fire Season…

So here’s a Marcus I have on my computer at work. He’s just yummy no matter what he’s wearing but this is just to get me in the mood for the M/M cowboy Christmas story I need to write… not that I see Marcus doing men.  I mostly only see him doing me, but well, that’s a whole other blog post, isn’t it? Ahem.


I’ll be back at the Flirty Author Bitches on the 16th so I’ll see you there! Have a great Marcus Monday!


Mad Scientists

I had the opportunity to blog over at You Gotta Read Reviews over the weekend and I gave them a little insight into my mad scientist method of writing. If you get the chance, and you want to know how I do this, what makes me tick… check it out HERE.

I do kinda have a method to my madness. It’s not much of one but mostly I have this GPS in my head that steers me toward what I need to do. First and foremost is hie myself to the cemetery and do the best I can at the job I’ve held there for 10 years come June 14. Like any job, there are things about it that annoy me on occasion, but the truth of the matter is, I’ve been there a significant amount of time which means what I like about it completely outweighs the annoyances.

Once I’ve satisfied my requirements for the job for the day, and I can go home, the mad scientist inside me takes over. I go through my email and if there are no crises to avert, no people to help, no promo to do, no posting of hot naked men to my Tales of the Darkworld yahoo group, then I write, or do my plot work, or do subs for FB/WCP, or work on trailers for other authors.

In the mad scientist mode, I write like the wind as my friend author Z.A. Maxfield says. Sometimes this is in Word Wars and sometimes not. Weekend before last, I ruled by knocking out 11K. This past weekend… meh, not so much. A measly 2K mostly written on my netbook from bed. God I love that netbook. I wish I could get the fucking email to work though… all the settings match the ones on my desktop but damned if I can’t get the stupid thing to SEND. Okay, I digress.

A lot of writers get in mad scientist mode like I do. They live with the characters in their heads. I dream about mine a lot. Which is kinda weird because, as most of you who’ve followed this blog over the past 15 months know… I don’t sleep a lot.

All of this must somehow work for me and the GPS in my head keeps me on track with things cause this weekend I got a contract for Runaways, the companion story to Mating. On top of that my editor sent me the Mating edits and I worked on them for an hour and sent them back to her. Within a half hour she’d sent it off to the proofreaders and I sent her a cleaner version of the manuscript for Runaways. Then, M.E. Ellis sent me a cover for Runaways. Because this story is a companion story to Mating and Emmy did Mating’s cover, I’d wanted her to do Runaways cover too. I just didn’t expect her to do it in a half hour. It was a great weekend despite only writing 2K. I can’t say I didn’t do anything because I did get the blog post out, finished the edits, and had some forward progress on Fire Season.


Also, this past week seemed to be the week that all the authors I know found Twitter. Having been on Twitter about a year now, I ended up helping a lot of people. Lost count of the times I said the tweet in Tweetdeck is because someone you follow twatted. They didn’t understand the whole twat versus tweet thing either. Which is okay. They are not PRB after all. We seem to have our own language in the PRB. It’s like secret code, which also goes with me being a mad scientist type so I like it.

Now, that I’ve babbled away about my mad scientist life, I’m going to share a NEW Marcus photo. I just got this one and I’ve never seen it before. I’m already in love with it…


The man looks good for 40. If we all can’t look that good, we should have a partner who does. HEH. I could sit here all day and look at that photo and let my mad scientist have free reign, but I do have to go to the cemetery.

You lot have a great Monday!


Is Annoyed a Color?

Before you read this, you might want to read Jester, Britt, and my post from yesterday including the comments. What’s written below pertains to all of these posts.

After yesterday’s soul baring post about my writing and self esteem, I have something that seems, on the surface, to go along with it nicely. I took this damned color test thingy because Jester did. I wondered if the color thing explained why Jester had been annoyed recently. Maybe it explains why I’ve been so moody lately. That would certainly be the answer for someone who believes in karma and fate and all that stuff. I don’t really happen to believe in supernatural explanations for the inexplicable, however.

At any rate, here’s the results of my Color Test.

ColorQuiz.com Winter took the free ColorQuiz.com personality test!“Strives for a life rich in activity and experience…”

Click here to read the rest of the results.

I don’t think we can box any of us up as tidily as all of these quizzes do. No two of us are alike and the answers are too pat. Still, they are kinda fun and this one tied in nicely to yesterday’s post.

At Britt’s yesterday, she had people post the link(s) to posts they wrote that they liked best. Reading them was an adventure. I haven’t finished yet, but it was an amazingly creative thing to post. I liked the way it was interactive and how Britt herself went to read all the posts. It was one of those things that makes you smile about the community that is this blogging world.

I posted the link to my 10th Thursday Thirteen. It was 13 excerpts from The Bar that included a kiss. The reason it is my favorite post is because in the comments people told me how the kisses made them feel, and how they wanted to go kiss their S.O. Reaching people with my writing is important to me, whether it’s here or at The Bar. So on the day my self esteem was feeling bruised about my writing, Britt’s post made me think of that TT and how the readers felt after reading my writing.

I feel much better now. Vindicated in a sense. I loved all the comments I got on yesterday’s post, but Vixen was right in the end. I had to find the satisfaction within me. My satisfaction wasn’t in my writing, but was in the feelings my writing evoked in others. So thank you to Jester, Britt, the commenters on my blog yesterday, and everyone who commented on my Thursday Thirteen the Tenth. My self esteem is totally sending you all hugs right now!

Have a colorful Thursday!

Fry Daddy!

So yesterday I was grilled. Today, I have fired up the FryDaddy since I’m a little tired of BBQ.

My sizzling victim is Kevin of Always Home & Uncool. Kevin’s blog says that he is a work at home, Gen X dad who is rockin’ the ‘burbs. The cast of characters on his blog include My Love (his wife the executive), Thing 1 (his Hannah Montana wanna be daughter) and Thing 2 (his sweet and sour son), and Murphy’s Happy Recap (his faithful canine companion). Okay, I stole the words from his profile , but really, Kevin tells his story much better than I could.

I dug into his archives a little to prepare for the questions. I didn’t have to dig far to recognize that Kevin is not your average suburban dad. He’s just really not average at all. The man is sharp as a tack and more amusing than a lot of the humor bloggers out there.

As some people *cough* Nicholas *cough* know, I’m not a fan of fluffy blogs and blog posts. Some of the stay at home dad blogs I’ve seen are just as fluffy as the mommy bloggers who squee over Oprah and Rachael Ray. I cringed when I drew Kevin in the lotto that is Neil’s Great Interview Experiment. My cringing was for naught as you will see.

Without further BS on my part, here’s the interview, with my comments below each of Kevin’s responses.

1. Why did you decide to name your kids (on your blog) after characters from Dr. Seuss?

I’ve read “The Cat and the Hat” a few zillions times to my kids over the years and it just stuck in my head. They are at the age when playing and having fun are all that matter, and that’s a good place to be in life.

BTW, I’ve called them many other things in real life. But in the end, Fric and Frac was too easy; Harold and Maude, too weird.

Hmmn. I used to call Motley the PITA. Too easy and too weird in one fell swoop. Too bad it was also very true at times. HEH.

2. Do you think it’s hard to be a “Daddy Blogger” in a “Mommy Blogger” world?

I don’t like compartmentalizing us into Dads or Moms. We’re all parents. We have a common enemy. Unite, Servants to the Sippy Kid Crowd!

But honestly, it’s like being an ice cube in a sea of hot tea. I mean, how can I compete with the raw sexuality and rawer language offered up by the Oprah-fueled masses?

I’d never realized that the sippy cup crowd cursed and had raw sexuality. If that’s the case why didn’t they rip Karl’s clothes off of him this year at BlogHer? Maybe the raw sexuality is same sex in nature… after all, sex with another woman is a dangerous thing in a stay at home mom world, isn’t it? (Don’t shoot me for the cliche!)

3. C’mon… you can tell us… is My Love really the main bread winner in your family, or are you secretly the inventor of the Samurai Shark (or some other item that Billy Mays hawks on the tube)?

My father co-wrote the lyrics to “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Around the Ole Oak Tree.” I live comfortably off the royalties. Tip of the hat to both Bush administrations!

Ahhh. Gotta love a man who can bash two Bushes with one shot!

4. Why do the new friends to your blog only have nachos and mozzarella sticks to choose from? Shouldn’t there be a nutritious choice like zucchini sticks?

If you insist, I can nuke some spinach nuggets in a pinch. You like Cheez Whiz on yours?

Meh. I’ll pass on spinach nuggets and Cheez Whiz. I’m more of a hot wing kinda girl.

5. This is a twofer: What made you start blogging and how did you decide to become a humor blogger? (Don’t say it’s cause you think Diesel is funny either. That’s a cop out answer, even if it’s true that he is funny. Heh heh.)

My credit card was canceled because of delinquent charges for too many, um, online services, so I needed to find something else to get my creative juices flowing between freelance gigs. I did corporate communications for a very conservative Fortune 500 company for almost 10 years, so I needed a lot of practice to relearn how to write something besides “ours is a culture of continuous improvement and, by managing talent effectively and exceeding the expectations we set for our customers, we can increase EBITA by adding value for our stakeholders through cause marketing that redirects discretionary spending as we bounce along the bottom of this down cycle.”

I became a humor blogger because I have no real insight or wisdom to provide anyone on anything in particular. Kinda like Dr. Phil.

I work in Accounting. I know EBITA and EBITDA. (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) I like a man who can work that into a sentence.

6. What’s your favorite beer and why?

What is this – “Sophie’s Choice”? It all depends on the situation, the place, my mood, the company, etc. For sheer beer pleasure, Young’s Double Chocolate Stout is incredible. It’s a beer. It’s a dessert. It’s a floor wax. For everyday quaffing, I like to pick up the Saranac Trail Mix 12-pack so I can choose one to suit the situation. Yuengling makes a great beach beer. Most of the Red Hook beers — ESB, Pale Ale, IPA — are excellent. Sam Adams’ products are uniformly fine, except for the bizarre cranberry beer they push at the holidays. They briefly made a Hazelnut Brown Ale in the late ’90s that I thought was really special. God … I’m welling with nostalgia …

I’m sitting here stacking up Kevin’s choices against Rott’s Beer Fridge... Two thumbs up on the Young’s Stout. Red Hook ESB isn’t bad. Rott agrees with the Sam pronouncement… and wonders why Kevin hasn’t tried Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, which only comes out in the winter?

7. If Thing 1, Thing 2 and My Love all went on a trip somewhere for 5 days, leaving you alone to take a solo mini-vacay, where would you go and what would you do?

Depends on the time of the year. Spring, I’d go to Florida and do the spring training baseball circuit. Summer, I’d take a tour of Major League Baseball stadiums. Autumn — me and the dog would go hiking the New England hills. Wintertime … I’d fly to London and visit all the pubs serving Real Ale that I could.

Not being a fan of baseball or hiking, I applaud the booze hound in Kevin and concur that a trip to London to drink ale would be awesome!

8. What mainstream movie do find incredibly arousing?

“The Princess Diaries 2.” Anne Hathaway’s eyebrows send tingles to all the good parts.

I like her boobs better.

9. What’s your favorite music/songs to play during sex or a romantic evening?

“(I Wanna Be Your) Alpha Male” by Steve Burns to send the proper signals (it’s all in the “boom-shucka-lucka). “Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)” by The Offspring for the bump ‘n’ grind. “Godzilla” by Blue Oyster Cult for the cuddling afterward. Also, you can never go wrong with the entire “Liquored Up & Lacquered Down” CD by Southern Culture on the Skids.

Anyone who likes BOC and the Offspring is A-OK by me!

10. I like to retell my dreams on my blog if they are either especially vivid or about other bloggers. Tell me your most interesting blog-related fantasy, daydream or real dream/nightmare.

People read my blog then promptly subscribe to me and unsubscribe to dooce because, while I am not a Wii-distributing pioneer, I am far more interesting and relevant to their lives.

Why do I feel like Kevin has read Avitable’s blog?

And there you have it. Kevin of Always Home and Uncool. Because this is Tuesday, and in honor of Kevin, I’m closing with a tune I’m sure you all will enjoy. In my case, it brings back memories of KNAC.com and one of the chat roomies named Kyuss who used to monitor bang to this song. Also, I think this was recorded when Ron Welty was with the band. My readers may recall me saying that I met him at my company’s Christmas party last year. Here it is… the Offspring!

Pretty Fly For a White Guy

Now, go check out Kevin’s blog and have a happy ale drinking, Offspring monitor banging Tuesday!

More Smoke Than Fire

So I did that Feedburner thing last week. I’m not sure why. The little button over there in my sidebar went from 0 to 41 in a week. I wasn’t sure it was an accurate record of how many people subscribe, but I thought 41 was a pretty fair number for a blog newb like myself. Then, today, the number dropped to 38.

My first thought was Meh. Then I thought, “So 3 people aren’t subscribing to me anymore. Hmmmn.” Next, I started to frown and my thoughts turned to, “I’ve been that boring lately?” I hadn’t thought I was any more boring than usual!

Figuring that my blog must be more smoke than fire *snort*, I shrugged it off. I’m not that into the numbers game when it comes to blogging, but it did get me to thinking… Lately, I’ve been adding to my feed reader and my blog roll, not deleting. So my question to you today is, why do you stop reading someone? Why do you unsubscribe and/or stop visiting their blog? What does it take to turn you off of someone or chase you away?

I’m sure the replies to those questions are as varied as the people who come here and whose blogs I visit and/or read. Still, I’m curious… so indulge me in comments with your answers if you would, please.

You Are The Beary BestSince it’s Sunday, it’s a good time to give out the very special bear award that Dawg gave to other bloggers. Dawg went to the Vermont Teddy Bear factory and their slogan is “If you care, send a bear.” So Dawg gave the bear to Karl, who gave it to me. So now I’m going to pass it on to 10 other bloggers. The rules are simple:

  1. The Beary Best Award is given to those people who we want to know we care… just because
  2. See rule #1

Don’t forget that the bear award should link back to Dawg. If you need the code click here.

Now for the people I think deserve one of these. (I’m omitting the people Dawg and Karl gave one to, not because I don’t care about them, but because I’d like to spread the bear a little further into the PRB.)

I’m not including Motley because she got a Blackberry instead of a bear. Heh.

We’re off to El Torito brunch with Karl today so have a Beary Brunchy Sunday!