Plans Within Plans

Yanno how things never end up as you planned? Yeah, well, the Ride the Lightning video I made falls right into that category. No Alice in Chains music after all. I ended up with a brand new Breaking Benjamin song. The funny thing is I still couldn’t make up my mind on the song even after I’d firmly decided on the band. So Nikki and I listened to three different tunes. Every time I heard one I’d think, “THAT’s the one!” Then I narrowed it down to two songs. I was pretty sure I wanted Without You but then I listened to Dear Agony again. But Nikki was sure. Without You.

So I finished the video and uploaded it wondering if I’d chosen right. The next morning I found myself unconsciously humming the song as I thought about the next scene I needed to write. Funny how things work out. It was the perfect song after all! It worked out like a plan within a plan although sorta random at the same time. 😉

I’ll get back to Ride the Lightning in a minute cause I have a cute story to tell about it. But first I need to let you all know that Fire Season was nominated for a Rainbow Award. At the moment, they are taking votes from the public so that they can narrow down the nominees to a set of finalists that a panel of judges will chose a winner from. If you read and liked Fire Season, I very much appreciate your vote. I’d tell those of you who just want to support me to vote, but that feels sorta unethical for me say.

Anyway, the voting isn’t all that easy either unless you’re used to Live Journal polls. Here’s how you can vote for Fire Season in the Rainbow Awards:

Click this link to be taken to the poll.

Once there, you must sign in with either a Live Journal, Google ID or Open ID in the upper right corner. After you’ve signed in, on the left hand side click Fill Out Poll and you will get the voting page. Each category has multiple groups. You may vote for only ONE book in each group.

If you do not have any of those IDs to log in with you can leave a comment at this link with the name of the book you are voting for. Scroll to the bottom of the category and click on Leave A Comment.

I’m also guest blogging over at Naughty n’ Nice where I talk about being a Flash in the Pan! LOL You won’t want to miss me being all self-critical. *wink* I have lots of stuff coming in the next two weeks from interviews to blog posts to video features and contests. One of the things you can check out daily for one of my videos or books is The Romance Studio’s 13 Days of Halloween.

So, Ride the Lightning. First thing I have to say is that if it goes to print I’m sending autographed copies to Dave and Vahid. Vahid, of course, is my black dragon hero. Although, he’s a little tarnished at first. Dave, on the other hand, is blazingly hero-ish as the heroine’s best friend. Vahid Delrey is an arrogant black dragon who doesn’t really want Emily as his mate. She’s cold and haughty and not at all what he thinks will suit him. It’s not until he finds her in a BDSM club, hanging from her wrists, beaten bloody by an inexperienced Dom that he discovers her secrets and begins to feel chivalrous. So Vahid has issues. *sigh* (Yes, I know the story is sorta plans within plannish too.)

Dave Forrester, on the other hand, is a Magia (a wizard) who has been Emily’s best friend for years. As the owner of Far From Heaven (a BDSM club) he watches over Emily and tries to keep her from going too far off the deep end.

The funny thing about using bits of real people in a book is that I get it, but new readers don’t. Carol, a sweetheart of a woman on my Tales Yahoo group, didn’t realize that there was a REAL Vahid. So I showed her a photo from my Flickr account. Oh dear. She positively DROOLED over the real Vahid. Not that he’s not droolworthy. It’s just that she had a “Oh, oh, oh! OMG He’s REAL!” moment and it amused me. LOL Vahid already knew he was gonna star in this book but I hope Dave doesn’t get pissed that my character looks like him and has a thing for Liz Hurley… Wonder if he knows anything about whips?

Okay, time for a Marcus and then I need to haul myself off to work!


Ahh, so beautifully pensive. If you like Marcus click on this one and download it. It’s a large file. I’m off now, so have a great Monday!


Awards? Contests!

bbb_darkdelight_200x200For my birthday this year I’m giving away stuff. Today, you can win a copy of The Pixie Prince by going to Bitten By Books for their Bloody Halloween contest. The other two contests are being held for me by The Romance Studio and Coffeetime Romance and More. My two contests last the whole month until my birthday on Halloween. The prizes are probably my best prizes yet. Well, they are if you like my writing and you think that someday having one of my first autographs books might be of some value. LOL

Here’s the info on the two month long contests:

At TRS: Winner of the drawing will receive… an autographed copy of FIRE SEASON!

Looks like I’ll have three releases this month: Rousing Caine in the MLR Press anthology LOVE ME DEAD featuring William Maltese and AM Riley, Ain’t Nuthin’ But a Hellhound in the jam-packed creepster anthology Weirdly 3 from Wild Child Publishing, and the PRINT version of Fire Season at Pink Petal Books.

This contest has 2nd and 3rd place prizes so there’s more chances to win!

Check out The Romance Studio for info on Lex’s Halloween Birthday Giveaway!

At Coffeetime Romance: Winner of the contest will receive… an autographed copy of TALES OF THE DARKWORLD VOLUME ONE!

Check out Coffeetime Romance and More for info on Lex’s Halloween Birthday Contest!

One last noteworthy thing in my world this week… Fire Season has been nominated for a Rainbow Award. The first part of the process is to get enough votes to make it to the finals. I rather don’t think that will happen, but if you liked the book, like my writing, or just want to support me, check out the information below and click the link to vote. I know lots of people don’t like to vote in these things and just seeing my book there amongst the stars is a huge thrill for me. Voting is a little confusing so if you do want to vote for Fire Season, here is how you do it:

If you have a Live Journal ID or Open ID click on the voting link and login in the upper right corner, then put a check next to the book(s) you are voting for, scroll to the bottom and click Submit.

Voting Link:″ target=”_blank

If you do not have a Live Journal or Open ID, you can leave a comment at the link below with the title and author of the book(s) you are voting for.

I appreciate every vote and am very happy with Fire Season’s success and popularity with readers. Your feedback means a lot to me whether it’s a comment on this blog, a vote for Fire Season, or word of mouth recommendations.

And now behind the fold you’ll find a Humpday Hottie or two! I’m off to work so have a great day!


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I’m not praising the Monday, really. However, there are things for which I am grateful this Monday. So I shall commence singing the praises of those things!

First, let me say that I would make a crappy politician. See, I can’t just nod, shake hands and move along. So when I said I got a rejection letter on the same day I lost a contest, and all the bloggers and all the writers and authors from my Yahoo groups came out to send me email and post comments here and at Lex Valentine… well, I was touched. And I spent like the whole day sending and posting thank yous. I can’t just nod and move along like a politician. I most sincerely appreciate all the encouragement I’ve received from everyone.

I do have to mention three people who most especially deserve an extra thank you from me. First to Jen, for her constant encouragement, for helping me with Silver Linings from the moment I finished the first draft, and for wanting to see Alex and Maris get pubbed. Next, to Jason X for the comment that had the most impact with me. And finally to author and editor Mary Winter, who took the time to read and critique Silver Linings and email with me on Saturday night. I’ve added 2K words to this story and it’s going someplace I never thought it would go. We’ll see how it all shakes out.

Next is my Marcus for this Monday. I found a few new photos of him this weekend. Some not as flattering as usual, but that’s okay. My guy is getting older. Lots of women don’t think he’s the thing anymore because he’s almost 40. My reply to that is how many men look this hot at 40?

And finally for today, Dawg, who is one of my most favorite reads now, has gifted me with a cool award, which I can now pass on to others! I love the ones I can pass on. Spread the love! Thanks, Dawg. You’re awesome!

Here’s the rules of the award:

So here are seven eight of my favorite blogs (while trying not to give it to someone who already got one):

  • It’s Just Justin – Sweet, hot guy. Awesome photography. Plus, did I say he was hot?
  • Banal Leakage – A day without Marty is not a good day. He’s one of my fave people!
  • Tech-Babe – TB is a snarky, sexy IT girl with a heart of gold.
  • Kapgar – Why I didn’t start reading him sooner, I just don’t know. I must have been brain impaired.
  • Redneck Romance Writer – I can’t miss Jen’s blog. I get twitchy when I do.
  • Bagwine Ruminations – I love a man who posts meat on his blog and no one does that better than Matt-Man.
  • Why? What Have You Heard? – Mojo is another blogger with great photos. Plus, he’s just a little naughty too.
  • West of Mars – No list of my favorites is complete without Susan and her rock band.

Give those people a read, if you’ve never read them before. There is a reason I visit them! Happy non-rejection Monday!

More Smoke Than Fire

So I did that Feedburner thing last week. I’m not sure why. The little button over there in my sidebar went from 0 to 41 in a week. I wasn’t sure it was an accurate record of how many people subscribe, but I thought 41 was a pretty fair number for a blog newb like myself. Then, today, the number dropped to 38.

My first thought was Meh. Then I thought, “So 3 people aren’t subscribing to me anymore. Hmmmn.” Next, I started to frown and my thoughts turned to, “I’ve been that boring lately?” I hadn’t thought I was any more boring than usual!

Figuring that my blog must be more smoke than fire *snort*, I shrugged it off. I’m not that into the numbers game when it comes to blogging, but it did get me to thinking… Lately, I’ve been adding to my feed reader and my blog roll, not deleting. So my question to you today is, why do you stop reading someone? Why do you unsubscribe and/or stop visiting their blog? What does it take to turn you off of someone or chase you away?

I’m sure the replies to those questions are as varied as the people who come here and whose blogs I visit and/or read. Still, I’m curious… so indulge me in comments with your answers if you would, please.

You Are The Beary BestSince it’s Sunday, it’s a good time to give out the very special bear award that Dawg gave to other bloggers. Dawg went to the Vermont Teddy Bear factory and their slogan is “If you care, send a bear.” So Dawg gave the bear to Karl, who gave it to me. So now I’m going to pass it on to 10 other bloggers. The rules are simple:

  1. The Beary Best Award is given to those people who we want to know we care… just because
  2. See rule #1

Don’t forget that the bear award should link back to Dawg. If you need the code click here.

Now for the people I think deserve one of these. (I’m omitting the people Dawg and Karl gave one to, not because I don’t care about them, but because I’d like to spread the bear a little further into the PRB.)

I’m not including Motley because she got a Blackberry instead of a bear. Heh.

We’re off to El Torito brunch with Karl today so have a Beary Brunchy Sunday!

Who’s a Marcus Whore?

How can I top the Marcus mosaic I did last week? I should never have done that. I just spoiled all the future Mondays. I do have a nice Marcus pic though. I thought perhaps something rather formal was needed since we do have the last of our awards to hand out today. So here’s Marcus in a collar, cuffs, and a tie. Hee hee.

It’s just perfectly appropriate that the end of Blog Reader Appreciation Week should fall at the end of the Marcus Award contest. I’m just a giving fool! And for those of you who didn’t win something, there is still an open contest at this blog. No one ever won the Find the Air France Commercial guy. The commercial is called “Pool” and no one has been able to discover the name of the man in the commercial. If someone is brave enough to try, here’s the link the post about this contest. I found the name of the director, which escapes me now, but it’s buried in one of my posts. I did blog about this commercial at least 3 or 4 times.

To recap my BRAW stuff, Hilly talked to me on Woopra (and remains the only person ever to talk to me on this!) and won a pack of Dave’s playing cards when my order arrives. Marty’s name was drawn from the Dooney purse in the comment entries contest and he wins a hat from our Cafepress store. The end of the Marcus Award contest also fell on Friday. I tallied up the numbers and… MaryO from My Two Cents wins a fanged t-shirt! YAY!!!

I have no clue how she managed to outlast Fab on this one because she’s been pregnant and caring for a newborn plus 2 kids, a DH, pets, and a job through it all. I have no idea how she found the time to come by here, read, and post 115 comments! Now, that is loyalty for ya! Mary… I LOVES YA! Send me a PM at the Bar and tell me what size t-shirt you want.

Keep your eyes peeled for more tiara pics this week. Also, I’m still thinking about ideas for how I should be awarding the Marcus and the Alaric in the future, so feel free to leave your thoughts and ideas on that in comments. Believe me, I will appreciate every one! Have a yummy Monday!