Defending My Title

I’m not really. Not defending my title, I mean. In my head I sort of feel like I am, but I’m not really. See, last year I won an Ariana award. Entries close on Friday for this year’s contest and I haven’t chosen my entries yet. I asked for some help over at my good friend ZAM’s Yahoo group. As always, the gang helped tremendously and I decided to enter a cover I did for a YA book and a sci-fi book, two categories I hadn’t entered last year. In all honesty, the sci-fi cover is my first in that genre and the YA only the second in that genre.


In the contemporary category where I won last year, I have two covers I could enter and the gang at ZAM’s is equally divided on which cover I should enter. One is a het romance and the other is a gay romance. The covers are as diverse as could be for falling into the same category.

And then there’s the paranormal category. My heart’s favorite is my own cover, but there are other good ones too. So how do I choose?

I could even enter in the historical category this year. I created two historical covers but only one of the books came out in the eligible period so I’m thinking maybe As Time Goes By will be my historical entry for next year.

I have until Friday morning to choose my entries so if you have an opinion on what I should enter, leave a comment and let me know!

And now, it’s Marcus time!

Ahhh. What a visual treat! Today’s been nothing but visuals for you. LOL I’m gonna head off to the cemetery and leave you all to ponder those covers. Don’t forget to let me know which ones you think I should enter in the Arianas.

Have a great Monday!


I’m in a big hurry. I almost forgot to post! But what is a Monday without Marcus? I could not let you all down!

Here’s the deal. We’re looking for a house  (mobile home actually) in a big hurry. We saw one we like. Like the price. Love the park (out in a canyon.) There’s some issues. Meh. I don’t wanna jinx anything and we’ve not even made an offer or anything. Rott’s still thinking…but neither of us can get the place off our minds. So excuse my stress please.

I finished Breathe Me In. LOVE this couple. Really, really do. And the trading cards for them will come this week and I can’t wait to see them.

Finished cover art for SJ Frost and Stevie Woods. Lovely authors, both of them. Working on a few covers for other authors. Nothing done yet, nothing to show off yet, but soon over at Winterheart Design.

And speaking of showing off…

I have a new hairdo also but you’ll have to hit my Facebook page to see it.

Okay, how quick was I? I gotta go to work…

Here’s Marcus and then I’m racing out the door!

Oh yum. Sooooo handsome! Okay, I’m outta here. Have a wonderful Monday!

Tap, Tap, Tap

Shhhh! That tapping you hear is my keyboard. I’m on a deadline. Breathe Me In has to be turned in to my editor tonight. I’m in a rush to finish. No time for anything else. However, I do want to tell you that on Saturday night I won an award. The 2011 Ariana Award from EPIC for the best erotic contemporary romance…COVER. Yes, cover. Neither of my finalists in the book part of the EPIC Awards won. The other cover finalist I had didn’t win. Just this one.

What a winner, eh? I was inspired, I swear. Tess’s book is seriously hot and I actually read it before I did the cover. The inspiration seems to have worked.

Anyway, back to the tapping keyboard of my computer and the manuscript I need to finish. Before I go, here’s my Monday Marcus!

Even his arms are pretty, I swear. LOL You can see how old that photo is by looking at the software behind him. Windows 95? Yikes! Everyone have a great Monday!

I Would Like to Thank…

It’s official. I am now an award winning author! Ride the Lightning placed 3rd in the erotica category of the 2010 Lories Contest put on by the From the Heart Romance Writers chapter of the Romance Writer’s of America. This is a really thrilling milestone in my career and I’m so excited that it happened with this story. I thought for sure it would have been the oh so popular Fire Season, but nope. My poor little red dragon with her abused past brought this one home. And I couldn’t be more proud of her!  I don’t have my badge for my website yet. That’s forthcoming but I was told I could announce this today.

I do have people to thank for helping me reach this milestone and I figure they all know who they are. My readers and friends here on the blog are a big part of this. My publisher and editor Mary K. Wilson. Nikki and Rott and the babies. My supportive co-workers who never once said, “Ew. You write what?” but have always said, “Wow! That is so cool!” All the friends I’ve made on the loops, authors and readers and fans alike. All the Bar ladies who always believed in me.  This is just the coolest thing to start the week with. I have a huge smile despite my back hurting like hell.

One more thing before I give you a Marcus… My friend and fellow author Lisa Alexander-Griffin has a new book coming out with a new press in August. Passion in Print is an imprint of MLR Press which is one of my publishers. Lisa requested that Winterheart Design make her cover so since it’s official on the cover art, I thought I’d show you what I made her.

Okay, here’s a Marcus and then I’m off to the office.

That winning posture suits my mood today. Plus,  he has great arms. Rawr.

Wishing you all an award winning Monday!

Insert Irony Here

Um, yeah. I don’t do the vote begging thing very well. “Vote for meeeeee!”  I’m the type of person who will tell everyone there is a voting opportunity, but leave it at that. I’ll post it here, post it to the Yahoo groups I belong to on the appointed promo days, and pretty much leave it at that. The voting thing eats at me because it’s just not logical.

Let me backtrack for a second here and tell you what’s going on. Love Romances Cafe, a book review site, announced their nominees for the Best of 2009. Fire Season has been nominated for Best Shape Shifter Novel. I am, of course, honored. I posted excerpts and promo’d a little at LRC’s showcase day on their group yesterday. But voting starts today so I’m pretty sure the Yahoo groups are inundated with authors pimping for votes. *sigh*

To me this process is not logical. It’s backward. Of course, as much as I love Elisa Rolle, I thought the Rainbow Awards were a little backward too. (Although to give Elisa her due, she tried really, really hard to make it as agenda free as possible and I commend her for even taking on the project.) Here’s the deal. With the Rainbow Awards, Elisa allowed everyone to nominate books and vote on them. Then she took the popular vote winners to a panel of judges. I liked this… except that the judges then got to add to the list with books they thought belonged there. That didn’t feel right to me. I just wanted to yell, “Either or, people! Either or!” With the judges adding books to the list on top of the popular voting, it just felt like there were more chances for people to push an agenda.

With LRC’s nominees, I think (and don’t quote me here cause I didn’t ask) the LRC staff looked at the reviews they’d given that year and chose their nominees from that list. Now, they are asking the public to vote on them to choose the winner. And, as you can tell, I’m not so crazy about that process either. And don’t even get me started on Preditors and Editors! A well respected site letting people nominate themselves and vote as much as they want based on email and IP addresses. Puleeze. What a joke. I can’t for the life of me understand why they would do that. In my eyes, it simply tarnishes their reputation.

I guess I just feel that there needs to be a clear selection process for nominees and then a clear judging process based on criteria. Not this popular voting crap. I won’t win jack no matter how good my book is because I don’t “pimp the vote.” Yeah, sure Fire Season did get the popular vote win at Rainbow Awards, but I wonder if then it made the judges leery of it. Cause yanno, I might have been had I been in their shoes.

To me, you need a selection committee to choose nominees. (In a review site’s case, this would be people who make the selection from the top reviews of the year.) Then you need a group of judges (not the same people as the selection committee) to make their choices based on a set of criteria. Of course, I suppose I’m living in a rose colored glasses world to hope that things would be done in such a logical manner in all these awards. And I don’t mean to sound ungrateful either. I just like things to be fair and when you can’t bring yourself to pimp for votes, things become really unfair.

At any rate, Fire Season is nominated for Best Shape Shifter Book of 2009. If you would like to vote for it, and/or happen to think it IS the best shape shifter book you read in 2009, I invite you to send in a vote. Here is the information:

Voting begins FEBRUARY 15th and ends FEBRUARY 22nd.

To vote: Send an email to dawn_roberto AT yahoo DOT com with “LRC’s “BEST OF 2009″ Awards” in subject. If this is not in the subject it will not be counted.

All entries must be received by 2/23/2010. Any entries received after that will NOT be counted and automatically deleted.

To vote for Fire Season just state in the body of your email “Fire Season – Best Shape Shifter.”

In other news, Flirty Author Bitches is back up and running with a line-up of Monday-Friday blogging with some of the hottest authors and aspiring authors out there! Today’s blogger is my friend Regina Carlysle. Please stop by and show her a little belated Valentine’s love and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a prize.

I’ve submitted Insolence to Cobblestone so now it’s a wait and see thing. Still waiting on edits for Where There’s Smoke. The AWH contest for Rekindled ends today. AND, I need to power on with the reluctant Common Ground. I thought the addition of Weylyn to this story would make it easier, but it started turning into the Weylyn show because Marius and Sair have… issues. *sigh* I’ll be spending lots of quality time with them today.

Now, my Marcus for today is a little bit of yummy that I seriously need on this holiday Monday.

If you’ve been by Winterheart Dot Com lately, you’ll have noticed that there’s some sawdust from construction. I still don’t have all the graphics up nor have I figured out the stupid thumbnail script yet. I will. I just need some time. I have plans to revamp this blog too but the header will stay so don’t worry that you won’t recognize it one day. LOL

Have yourselves a simply wonderful President’s Day Monday! MUAH!