Day One: 30 Days of Christmas 2016


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Yay! It’s Day One of my 30 Days of Christmas. Today, I’m going to start out the fun with a book of mine, a Christmas book. A very kinky BDSM Christmas book. And I’m going to treat myself as if I’m one of the authors who will be giving away their books here in the days to come. So you’ll get my bio and the book info just as if I were the guest.

It’s my hope that this post will get shared in so many places that lots of  MM readers will come by all month and check out all the authors.  No matter how popular you are as an author, we all need more readers! What better way than if every author who signed up shares the daily post and gets their readers to come by? Every author will get some love from new readers this way. And as MM readers and authors, aren’t we all about LOVE IS LOVE?

So without further ado, today’s author is Lex Valentine who is giving away a copy of her holiday book Broken Bonds in both ebook and audiobook so you can read and listen at the same time!

IMG2016_smYou could say Lex is driven to put words on paper. Well, digital paper.  At the beginning of this decade her love of romance books took her to author sites which led to more writing and the creation of a blog called Sunlight Sucks. That’s where author Jennifer Leeland first saw her work and encouraged (cough *bullied* cough) her to submit her writing to publishers.

Now an award winning, multi-published, PAN author, Lex is a member of Romance Writers of America and active in her local Orange County chapter.  Despite how distinguished that sounds, Lex is still driven by the written word, driven to write them and read them. At one time she had so many books her husband banned her from bringing home anything but digital editions.

Born and raised in Salinas, California, home of the California Rodeo, Lex moved to Southern California in 1992. Creative and a little left of center, with her writing and graphic arts as the main focus of her life these days, Lex is a minority in conservative Orange County where she lives with Rott, her long haired, tattooed husband and a bunch of cats she calls Babies. She has one daughter, a millennial who is an artist and gamer. Lex loves loud rock music from any era, builds her own computers, wears body jewelry in her ears and has a double helix threaded with purple titanium. Purple is her favorite color of course. A former IT Geek, Lex works full-time as a bean counter at a 105 year old cemetery.

You can find out more about Lex and her books at Or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… just click one of the icons in the sidebar. 🙂

BrokenBonds_200Broken Bonds

The one thing Haven Noel wants for his Christmas birthday is for his master, Kellen, to love him. But the wonderful Christmas Eve Haven plans for his master goes awry and instead of receiving his master’s love, Haven ends up on the street without his collar. Heartbroken, Haven heads to the club where he and Kellen originally met, only to find it closed.

With a blizzard descending and nowhere to go, Haven curls up on the club doorstep, courting death. Hopeless and shattered, on the verge of losing consciousness, he makes a wish for Kellen to find happiness some day. Two angels with a vested interest in Haven and Kellen’s happiness hear his wish and conspire with Kellen’s family to save Haven’s life, bring love back to Kellen’s heart and give them both the best kinky Christmas ever.

Available at Amazon,  All Romance eBooks, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.

Broken Bonds, Souls in Bondage Book 1

Narrated by Chris Chambersbrokenbonds_audio_300

 For a chance to win the ebook AND the audiobook, leave a comment! The winner will be announced the next day.

Tell all your friends! We’re giving away MM books all month long here at Sunlight Sucks! Are you wondering who is coming up? How about Tara LainJM DabneyTinneanRider JacobsFelice Stevens… and AJ Llewellyn.  Does that get you going? It should! And there are more to come! I’ll hint around with more names tomorrow. So you have to come back if you want to know. 😉

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Happy Holidays!


At Long Last Love!

30daysofchristmas2016So after three years of no 30 Days of Christmas…it’s back! Thirty days of romance books given away! Only this time I’m scaling it back a little. I’m not starting the day after Christmas (obviously.) I’m not doing MF (more on that later.) And it’s only thirty days exactly, from December 1 to December 30. So thirty days of MM book goodness. Included in the thirty days are books from me and books from some of your favorite MM authors. It’s my hope to bring some Christmas spirit to MM readers this year and for MM authors (me included) to find new readers! All of the posts will have giveaways which readers can try to win by leaving a comment. Some posts will have additional prizes you can win by participating in a call to action.

If you’re a reader, this could be your lucky month! The winners each day are chosen my Rott, my hubs. He does this in a really scientific way…he gives me a number. The comment for that day that matches the number is the winner. Rott doesn’t read my blog (he doesn’t read any blogs) so he has no idea who you people are. 😉

Thirty days of romance books you could win. From my friends and fellow authors at Loose Id, from indie LGBT authors that you love, and maybe authors who are new to you! That’s a whole lotta love!

Come back tomorrow to see what I’ve got in store for you on Day One!