Leap Year Heat Brazilian Style

It’s Friday. It’s Leap Year. It’s time for we women to just kick back and drool and prepare for the weekend. So here is what I’m gonna do: First off, here’s my fluffy self. Yup. I’m half a blonde now. I hope my brains don’t take a hike as easily as my grey hair did.

Second, CNN is spoiled for me now. They keep playing that damned Air France commercial. Argggh! We have NO winners yet! This is very distressing. SOMEONE has to know who this guy is. Below is a link to the video of the making of the commercial. C’mon people! We gotta find him!

Okay, the last thing before I get into Brazilian Leap Year Heat is this: Here are two links for the guys. They lead to naked Kelly Monaco. View them judiciously with KY or Jergens or whatever greases yer palms. LOL The reason I am sending the men away is because this Friday’s post is for women and hot gay dudes. You straight men go visit the Kelly links and we’ll see you back here this weekend.

Naked Kelly Slideshow

Naked Kelly Video

Now, ladies, since the men are gone, we can get down to business. First of all, for those of you who adore a smart, smartass man wearing nothing but a white circle… visit here: Naked Matt-Man at Bagwine Ruminations

Now for our Leap Year Brazilian Heat, I begin with… the Verga brothers, aka Rafael and Alexandre. I have no idea how any of you managed to miss the fact that there are TWO Vergas. Oh, yeah. Double the heart throbbing, not to mention throbbing in other places. I personally cannot choose between them. They are both hot as f**k. Life is better when you can look at them. Don’t you think so? Click HERE to see Rafe naked. Rafe’s got a really handsome face and has been in all kinds of ads. He’s very popular in gay blogs too. I’m sure you ladies know why. Heh heh.

I think Alex is older, but when it comes to hot bodies there is not much to choose between them. I just happen to think that Alex has a little bit more of a “dirty boy” look in his eyes… like he would be down with all kinds of kinky fun. Rafe looks more like a beach boy. Alex looks like he’d say, “Wanna watch me…” I don’t remember all the ads they’ve been in but somewhere I have a Guess ad with Alex in it. Yum. BTW, at the Bar, Rafe is the visual for Dare Kronos and Alex is the visual for his older brother Valerian. They are silver dragons written by Opalgirl.

My next Brazilian is Andre Coelho, he of the luscious 501s. I have a whole series of him in those jeans, wet and dry. I don’t think the net could stand it if I put them all here in this one measley little blog post. Maybe I should make an Andre page on winterheart.com or rottnroll.com. What do you ladies think? Should I shoot my wad and show off all the Andre at once? Or should I dole him out to you a little at a time? You can leave me comments to alert me to your preference.

Just in case you happened to think that our gorgeous Andre was all body and no face, I’ve posted a second pic of him. Those eyes… I dunno about the rest of you, but they give me the shivers. Why don’t they make more men like this? I don’t understand how these Brazilians can stare at a camera like that. They make you feel like they are standing in front of you asking you if they can take their clothes off or take yours off. *Fans self* This is a very hard blog post to write. I need a bib. Seriously. And just so you don’t think I didn’t snatch this guy up to use as a visual for the Bar… I did. He’s Griffin Rothchild Kohl, a vampire.

My final Brazilian for this Leap Year is Rafael Lazzini. I always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, but after seeing this picture, now I’m panting to learn. I wonder if he would give naked lessons? Him naked of course. Me… drooling, yet again. Even in clothes this guy is hot and again, it’s the look in his eyes that captures my attention the longest. Sure, the hot body grabs my attention, but the eyes and the expression in them holds it. Men should always look at women like they want to devour them. We appreciate shit like that. Hell, we more than appreciate it. We’d kill for it. This Rafe is also an Opalgirl character at the Bar… Roman Wulf, a werewolf.

Have a happy HOT Leap Year everyone, and have a great weekend, filled with sexy people who look at you with eyes that devour you. If those pics up there got your engine revved and you want some good reading, come on by the Bar. We’re happy to have you read all the erotic posts that I can’t put up on this blog. That Alaric and Alexandria. WHEW! They are like bunnies! Every other Al and Lex post is rated XXX. If any of you visit writing.com you’ll find some XXX stuff in my portfolio there. My name there is cemeterywinter and the name of the piece is called Dante and Roman: Runaway Train. It’s about a werewolf and a vampire who meet on a train going from Prague to Hamburg. Basically, they take one look at each other and spend the journey in the sleeper car! Enjoy!

Thursday Thirteen the Fifth

Before I get to the meme, let me update you on the search for the man in the Air France pool commercial. I found a video showing the making of the commercial, but no info on the director or actors. I found the name of the ad agency that put that AF campaign together, but nothing on the commercial itself. David thinks it’s Garrett Neff, who is the face of the new Calvin Klein cologne for men. Shiny doesn’t think the eyebrows are right. She’s giving Garrett the thumbs down. I couldn’t find any references on the net to Garrett having done that commercial. So the mystery still stands, and the prize is still waiting to be awarded… Keep looking people! I’m being driven nuts here, and even new blonde streaks in my hair hasn’t helped!

Thirteen Graphics I’ve Made in Photoshop

1. I made this to use as a sig tag at the Zanctuary message board. The hot body is Andre Coelho. I use Photoshop 7. Can’t afford a newer version yet, and this one is still working for me so I can’t justify getting a new version. This sig has 3 layers. The font is Hans Hand. I really do love 501’s on men… Ummmmn!

2. I made this avatar to use at Z too. It’s the companion graphic to the 501s. It’s also Andre Coelho. I used the same layer style as the sig tag. It also uses the Hans Hand font. If you want a good place to get fonts try fontgarden.com. The owner has a lot of handwriting fonts and uses famous and/or funny quotes to create a sample of each font that is available to download. The site is a really great resource for people who make graphics.

3. This is the sig tag I made to use at the Black Dagger Brotherhood message board. It’s a reference to the BDB character Zsadist. There are 4 layers to this sig. The font is Scriptina, which is the font I use on this blog’s graphics.

4. This is the banner I made for a character I created at Bardic Web. Famke Janssen is the woman. I got bored with BW. Role play isn’t as much fun to write as the full blown story writing we do at the Bar. There are 6 layers to this banner, and the font is called Vivaldi.

5. This is an avatar I made for Twisted at the BDB message board. He wanted a pimp and his name in a cool font. When I told him I had an Old English font that dripped blood, he got really excited. LOL The font is called Blood of Dracula. The text is metallic looking because of a lighting effect called Crossing Down. If you click on the image and look at the bigger one, you’ll see the sheen to the letters.

6. This is a graphic I made for a Bar t-shirt at Cafepress. The idea came from my Bar character Weylyn, who is a werewolf. Weylyn is bi-sexual and the literal horn dog of the story. He is a fun guy, always looking to get his “were” on; his euphemism for getting laid. There are six layers to this graphic, and the font is Vivaldi. If you’re interested in the Bar t-shirts, the link to the store is on the Bar website.

7. Ah, a lovely Bar sig tag or banner. You’ll find this at the Bar’s Cafepress store too. The graphic uses the Bar’s fanged logo and the Vivaldi font. I think we have stickers available with this logo. I mostly use it for a banner.

8. I made this avatar to use at the BDB message board. It features Kelly Monaco. You remember Kelly, I’m sure. Heh. I made this because they were having an event on the board, and I wanted to look like I was ready for the party! This graphic uses the Pristina font, which is a really excellent font for graphics. I made a few other graphics for use during that BDB event, including “bouncer” avatars for the mods, featuring Vin Diesel.

9. This is another of my avatars for the Bar. That’s Joss Stone in the photo. The font is called Freebooter Script. The reason it says Guilty Pleasure is because at the time I used this avatar, Tait was a new character in the story. She was on a mission to seduce another woman’s mate. The guy was a bad boy, and he was pretty helpless to resist Tait. Even so, he was eaten up with guilt over wanting her. They end up together, but not for long. They both realize they’re better friends than lovers.

10. My current Bar avatar. It features singer Natalie Imbruglia and Italian actor Raffaelo Balzo. They depict my character Tarren and her mate, Jen’s character Helios, who are silver dragons. Currently, in the story, Helios is missing, hence – Lover Come Back. I made this by cutting off the head of the guy behind Natalie. Then, I replaced it with Raffaelo’s head and blurred it to match the blurred body.

11. I made this in an Intermediate Photoshop class my company sent me to about 5 years ago when I was putting together graphics for their merchandise kiosks. This graphic was made when the instructor was going over how to do some of the really cool things, like make text look like it was on fire.

12. These are the jockey silks for my Stupor Stable at the DerbyFever.com thoroughbred horse racing sim. It’s a backwards Superman S. The whole thing was a tongue in cheek spoof of the sim’s Super Stables, which are run by 4 of the best players in the game.

13. This is Weylyn, my current Bar sig. Well, really it’s Ian Somerhalder. LOL But this is how I envision Weylyn when I write him. The font is called Natalie’s Scribble. I think it’s actually someone’s handwriting. There’s a place on the net where you can make a font of your handwriting. The bad thing is, you have to pay for it. Some day, I may do this, since my handwriting isn’t too bad, if I’m paying attention to what I’m doing!

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And that folks, is it for my TT #5. If you’re wondering, yes, I did get fluffy yesterday and get my hair done. No, Jazmin didn’t cut off much, so my hair is still very long. Yes, she did dye it, but not the whole thing. She turned my grey streaks into blonde streaks. Unfortunately, I don’t have a digital camera any longer and the cell phone pics don’t show the 5 shades of blonde woven through my hair, hiding my grey. Instead, the cell pics just look like I have grey hair. Grrrr. $85 and the cell pic doesn’t show a damn bit of the blonde. Oh, well. Guess that means no pics for you people! Maybe next time…

Save My Brain… Win A Prize!

My brain is overloaded and I am frustrated. I have been looking everywhere for the guy in this video. I saw an Air France commercial with a guy who looks like a skinny version of Marcus Schenkenberg. Shiny and I looked and looked for info on who the actor/model is. The longer I looked, the more tweaked I got. I HAVE to know who he is! In fact, I now need this info so badly, I’m willing to put up a prize for whoever can find out who this is, with proof that he’s the dude in the commercial. So posting in comments that it’s Joe Blow the model won’t cut it. Show me a link to a story with pics or a website, something, anything, that proves your submission is the correct dude. If you find the Marcus look alike you will win this prize: A lovely Bar t-shirt! Oooooh! It has fangs…

Here’s the video, your only clue:

Okay, now that I’ve got that off my chest, it’s time for a Tuesday tune. This band was popular in Southern California in the 80’s. They partied with all the best bands of the era, Motley Crue, Ratt, etc. The lead singer’s name is Jizzy Pearl. He used to have a website with webcams from every room in his house. LOL The people from the KNAC.com chatroom used to hang out in chat and watch Jizzy. It was hysterical some nights because he’d be falling down drunk and do weird shit. Mary, this should be one of your theme songs. I’m posting this for you, cause they say the F word every other line!

Now, for some eye candy for the women. Well, for Mary. This is a wallpaper. There is no pretty boy face to see here. Nuthin’ but carved male muscles… all grungy like, and so real you can smell the sweat. I have to say he doesn’t do much for me. I need a face with eyes that devour me. So all of you who, like Mary, enjoy an anonymous hard body that looks like it could take a licking and keep on ticking… click on this for the full size and download to your desktop.

One last note and then I have to go come up with a plausible excuse for begging off jury duty. Tuesday night I have a fluffy appointment. My hair has gotten so long I can tuck it into my pants in the back. The ends are ratty and stringy and not healthy. So I’m going to get it cut. If I’m feeling really brave, and let them talk me out of my hard earned dollars, I will get it colored too. If I do this and I like it, I’ll have the PITA take a pic of it for Wednesday’s blog. Thanks for reading!

Roaring Into Another Marcus Monday

Yes, it is Monday again. I’m almost glad that it’s Monday. This past weekend was a doozy. First up, here’s our Marcus picture for the week. Now, I know I went a little overboard with pics last week and Marcus was in every post I made. However, in my defense, the women all liked him, and the men didn’t pipe up and tell me to stick Marcus where the sun don’t shine. So this week, to keep we women moving forward in a positive manner, here is Marcus on a motorcycle. Such a manly pic. Almost as manly as the one where you can see the head of his um, you know, through the wet white swim trunks. Just thinking about that pic makes the day go better for me. Today’s pic just adds to the enjoyment.

Now that I am suitably sedated by Marcus, I’ll tell you my tale of weekend woe. I’m watching the giraffe purse on eBay, remember? The auction ends at 4:20 pm Pacific time. Well, at 12:30 I go out to the bank to pull out some lovely refund cash. I’m waiting in line watching this guy roll across the floor in his office chair. I start thinking about my 10 year old beat up office chair at home. Then I start thinking of how my back’s been out for several days, aided and abetted by the broken back on my desk chair. I decide to walk across the bank parking lot to Office Depot and get a new chair once I’ve made my withdrawal.

Turns out Office Depot is now closed. It’s moved to a new location. So I get in the car and head out to Staples. You’re thinking, what a boring set of errands. Why is she telling us this shit? Heh. Did I mention it was supposed to rain? Did I also mention that since I was only going to the bank and then home, and it wasn’t raining when I went out, I left the house in flip flops with no jacket? You’re laughing now. I can hear it.

At Staples, I get a chair for $50. Black leather even. Didn’t even take much time. The clerk rang it up, wheeled it out to my car, and wedged it in the backseat. That’s when my weekend turned to shit. I got in the car and it wouldn’t start. Fuck me. So I call my kid and tell her the car won’t start. I tell her I’m gonna wait a few minutes and try again. After all, the dumb thing’s been acting up a little recently. Twenty minutes later, still not starting. So my kid calls a couple friends to come and give me a jump.

The PITA and I are yakking about the eBay auction, and I’m eyeing the time with a jaundiced eye. 2:10. Not long after that Aaron and Ashley show up. Forty minutes later, after waiting for the car next to me to leave so Aaron can pull his Explorer up to the Intrepid, and after the kids have fumbled the jumper cable thing a couple of times, a nice Joe Citizen comes along and resets the cables, revs the Explorer’s RPMs up, and voila! My Intrepid fires right up.

Now it’s almost 3 pm. The PITA tells me not to come home. She says the smart thing to do while the car is running is to go replace the battery. I’m whining that I want to go home. Did I mention that all through the jumper cable thing, it was fucking pouring rain? It’s stopped at this point, so I look at my flip flops and sigh. I hate it when an 18 year old is right. So I drive to Pep Boys. It’s now twenty past 3, and the Pep Boys guy is telling me it’ll be an hour to an hour and a half before my car will be done.

I grit my teeth, start walking across the parking lot to Marie Callender’s, and pull out my cell phone. I give the PITA my username and password for eBay and have her pull up my watch list. The giraffe purse has less than an hour to go, and it’s still at the same price. I heave a sigh of relief, and go into the restaurant. Half an hour later, I’m picking at a Frisco burger and drinking coffee to get warm. My phone goes off. Text from the PITA. The purse is up to $223. Well, shit. At this point, it’s not really a bargain anymore. If I have to pay $5 more than the current bid, I might as well have bought a brand new set from Dooney and Bourke. I tell the PITA to forget it.

As I’m walking back across the parking lot at the same time the auction is ending, it starts to rain. No jacket. Wet slippery flip flops. Fuck me. I see my car being backed out of the bay as I approach. I pay and get in the car to drive home. When it fires up I find the silver lining to my cold, wet, miserable weekend. My car didn’t pass smog because of 1 single thing. The check engine light was on and no one knew why. I’d been resigned to spending a grand for the mechanic to trace the problem through the electrical system. When I started the car, the check engine light was off. It stayed off the whole way home. Fuck me again. But this time in a good way.

The PITA carried the office chair in for me and put it in front of my desk. I huddled in it, wearing my fleece jammies, trying to get warm, while I thought of that stupid $100 battery. There are times in life when you say, “I’ll be damned.” Sometimes you say it when it’s not really worth it. This time it really was.

Okay, the Marcus Awards for the past week shake down this way: Mary was a busy bitch and earned 5. Matt earned 4, but he gets an extra Marcus because he gave me a COW. Nicholas didn’t give me grief for being fluffy so he ended up with 5 as well. So 5 Marcuses each for Mary, Nicholas, and Matt. Jason from Gorilla Sushi admitted that his computer has the same name as mine! WOOT! I am not alone! Two Marcuses for Jason along with Shiny, Susan, and Mr. Fab. Our one Marcus award winners are: LadyRose, Darla, Karen, TwoPugs, Shawny, Tempest Knight, Denise, and Kaige. Feel free to post the Marcus on your blog!

BTW, did you realize yet that Marcus’ photo was taken on my bed? Heh heh. Where else would a Marcus belong? Have a happy Marcus Monday!

Confessions of a Secret Fluff

Twelve steps work for some people. I don’t think it would work for me. I mean, I don’t think anyone would take me seriously if I got up in front of the group and said, “Hi. My name is Winter and I’m secretly fluffy. I have an obsession with… designer handbags.” I am fluffy. Girlie. Googly eyed over some really feminine things. I never used to be like this. I used to be a much more hardy soul. As I get older though, I find myself liking some of these freakishly feminine things. Things that are distinctly… fluffy.

Now, I promise not to post my kid’s baby pics or give you a TT with 13 reasons why I love my old man, but c’mon. I’ve subjected you to my purple toes already! So you know I like to do the pedicure thing. Well, I’ve graduated. I now do the pedicure AND manicure thing. I even buy my own OPI polish so I’m not using the salon’s watered down stuff. I have a thing for OPI’s Russian Collection. Currently, my fingers have on Russian Navy and my toes have Affair in Red Square. I have Siberian Nights, Midnight in Moscow, and Catherine the Grape too. Manicures and pedicures are fluffy things. You do not give a shit about my manicure and pedicure, do you?

Well, I’m copping to the mani/pedi thing only as a preface to showing you how serious my illness truly is. I came home yesterday wiped out from more than 10 hours at the office without lunch and nary a break. I checked taxbrain.com and lo and behold, my refund has hit the bank. CHA CHING. What did I, in my exhausted state, do? I went to eBay. I went to eBay and typed in 3 little words. DOONEY AND BOURKE. $86 and a matching star purse and wallet later, I left eBay and went to… uh huh, you guessed it… dooneyandbourke.com. I checked out the price of the giraffe print purse I’ve been lusting over for months. I checked out a cool bracelet. I put them both in the shopping cart and almost had a coronary. The cart was almost $300 once tax and shipping was slapped on. Holy Handbags!

Okay, I saved the cart. I did not check out. That was the first non-fluffy thing I’d done since I got home, if you discount sitting in front of the computer in my underwear and a ratty Eddie Bauer t-shirt. I went back to eBay… and found that same giraffe print bucket purse WITH a matching wallet going for less than the price of the brand new giraffe print purse. I put in a bid and someone promptly topped me. After that, I put the item on watch. I’ve been watching since last night. The auction ends tomorrow. I have not yet decided to buy the purse. Even though it is used, if it goes for less than $200 it is a steal. So, I’m watching.

While I’m watching tonight, after yet another 10+ hour day with no lunch break, I find a Dooney bracelet. This one has charms on it… fucking PINK charms. Ooooh. The one in the cart at Dooney’s website doesn’t have charms and is $55 + Tax + Shipping. This one is less than $50, has free shipping and no tax. At 3 minutes left in the auction, I’m a click fiend. The bracelet is now mine.

So, do you think that has satisfied my girlish obsession for awhile? Nuh uh. I’m still watching the giraffe purse. I still lust after it more than I lust after Matt-Man’s knobby knees and tented boxers. I lust after it more than I lust after Marcus. *GASP* That is like the ultimate fluffy confession. That I want a giraffe print designer handbag more than Marcus Schenkenberg. I suppose it’s because the purse is attainable, and Marcus, to my everlasting dismay, is not.

I am mostly sardonic in nature, but deep inside me there is a fluffy feminine girl who buys designer purses, paints her toenails purple or red, loves getting a manicure and pedicure, and… wants a Tiffany padlock pendant. *sniff* I’m sorry. I know you all thought I was above that girlish squeeing behavior. Go ahead. Feel free to call me a poser. I feel like one. Take away my Dooney camera bag purse with the rainbow candy colored zipper. I deserve your scorn. Maybe I’ll make up for it by giving Mr. Fabulous a cleavage shot in a Frederick’s of Hollywood black satin corset to post for his cleavage contest. After all, no self respecting fluff, who adores Victoria’s Secret, would buy her corset at Frederick’s. I, however, wouldn’t think of buying it anywhere else but the last bastion of skanks and sluts. I guess there’s hope for me after all.