About the Blog

This blog has been around for longer than I have been an author, ie more than a dozen years. In fact, the blog led to me becoming published. But that’s a long story and unless someone asks me for it, I don’t tell it any more.

At any rate, I got away from blogging and the site just sat there. When I had to move all my sites to a new server, I let this one go. Then, I got an idea. Why not open the blog up to other authors, especially those who wrote paranormal books? They could do cover reveals and giveaways and I could open up to blog tours as well. Some author friends liked this idea.

And then…I saw someone asking questions about reviews. I remembered how some of us got on the bad side of Amazon by reviewing our author friends’ books. What if I opened this up for authors to post reviews of other authors’ books? No one to slap us down here and it would give us all a chance to tell readers and other authors alike what books we liked and why.

The part I like most about this? I don’t have to come up with the content!

So there you have it, the new incarnation of Sunlight Sucks. Still paranormal leaning, still authorcentric and if I, or someone else, feels like blogging about their cats, well, we can do that too!

Welcome to Sunlight Sucks!