It’s Been 8 Years?

I had to go back to the database of posts to figure it out. When an author mentioned on Facebook that my 25 Days of Christmas was a great idea, I said I’d been doing it for years. I couldn’t remember how long so I had to go back and look. And lo and behold, it’s been 8 years. That being said, here’s the announcement…

I’m still lining up the MM authors and as of right now, I haven’t received the information from everyone who committed. So, I guess I’m still taking authors. That’s good for them and for the readers. More work for me, but that’s okay. This is the season of giving. Lots of people have helped me out (and continue to do so) while I’ve been homeless and living in the RV. I need to give something back and money is out of the question because I just don’t have any.

I’ll be honest. It’s hard to put yourself out there day after day and admit to people that you’re in a bad place and need help. It’s been so bad for us, we’ve considered suicide a lot. It seems like every week or so we do. It’s exhausting to try to keep your hopes up when bad stuff continues to happen. Yes, there is a very small community of people who help us, who realize that the RV maybe wasn’t the best idea when the amount raised wasn’t enough to buy something truly viable. I have the fiercest of love for those people. They are determined that my family will survive this. They have more hope than I do. Because of these people, I know that I have to do this giveaway. I have to give something back in some small way.

This may be the last giveaway. I’m about 75% convinced to take this blog down and let the domain go. It’s an annual $14 that I wouldn’t have to spend if I let it go. I rarely come here to blog like I used to. It used to be my go to place to come and say whatever I wanted. When I look back at some of the blog post titles, I laugh. Pee in a Pickle Jar. Speshul. Can Vampires Be Gay? And there’s Gay Day posts that remind me of my friend Ethan Day whom we recently lost. Most of all, this blog is what led to me being published. If I hadn’t been blogging and posting snippets of my writing here, Jennifer MacKenzie would never have found me and encouraged me to submit something to a publisher. I wouldn’t have become Lex Valentine.

It’s with a heavy heart that I kick off this 8th Annual Christmas Giveaway because next year, might not be here and there probably won’t be another giveaway. I live less than a paycheck away from being on the street, from losing everything, my job, my kitties, my life even despite the help we receive. I can’t write much. My graphics business is getting less and less work every week, including no work from publishers any longer. I’m not sure I’ll even be able to survive until this time next week let alone next year. But I’m determined to do this for 2018 even if it might be the last year.

I hope you all will visit this blog in record numbers in December. I hope I see lots of comments of readers trying to win the books the authors have generously donated. Every day, the blog will post a new day of books to be given away. A link to the blog post will go out on my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Please share the daily posts to your feeds, your social media, your groups. Let’s make this the best year ever.

Thank you all for your support.

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One Response to It’s Been 8 Years?

  1. Cinders says:

    This story is amazing and I still read it ! You are so sweet and wonderful! After the last couple of years I wonder if you would do this.