Rainbow Snippets – Kisses

This week I’m starting something new. I joined Rainbow Snippets! I welcome all the readers and writers who follow all the links in this Facebook group and read all these lovely LGBTQ+ writing snippets.

As a little background for those of you who don’t know me, posting snippets is how I ended up getting published. I was writing in a multi-writer online fanfic type story and began posting snippets on this blog. A few authors started coming by and one, Jennifer Leeland, started bugging me to get write something for publication. She’s really the first person to honestly tell me I could write and be published. And she was right!

For my first six Rainbow Snippet sentences (which are really seven sentences), I give you Bryce and Joss from my current WIP which is about 2 years past due. (And I know my agent has probably forgotten who I am because I got so sick I’ve owed her this book for a year!) At any rate, there’s less than 20K to finish this and I am trying to find the time to actually finish this year. This what Bryce thinks of Joss’s kisses in Out of the Pocket.

“I love you.”

Joss went so still, Bryce feared what would happen when his lover finally moved. His stomach crawled with apprehension. But then the green eyes lit with a fire Bryce had never seen before and the hands that held his hips gentled in a way he’d never felt before.

And then, Joss kissed him.

That first kiss in the dark had been a revelation, a door opening onto a world Bryce had only dreamed of until that moment. This kiss contained all the treasures of that world.

That’s not a real cover. It’s just a little inspiration I made for myself. For more Rainbow Snippets, please visit the Rainbow Snippets group on Facebook, which is public. All the writers either have or will be posting links to their snippets this weekend.

Have a good one!

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12 Responses to Rainbow Snippets – Kisses

  1. Louise Lyons says:

    That sounds like an amazing kiss.

  2. Jana Denardo says:

    A lovely moment in time. Welcome aboard and I love your blog’s header.

    • Lex says:

      Thanks! The header has evolved from a more vampirish header to this one with cats because of my babies (kitties.)

  3. What a lovely snippet. I love those last couple of lines.

  4. Lovely snippet. Wondering about Bryce’s story. And look forward to seeing you around every week! 🙂

    • Lex says:

      Bryce and Joss’s book has been owed to my agent for far too long. I need to jumpstart myself and finish it!

  5. Charli says:

    Welcome to the group!
    Thanks for posting, love the feelings in this snippet–well done! <3

  6. Such a lovely scene! Now I want to go back to that first kiss! <3

  7. Lovely snippet. It says so much in so few words.

  8. Kasia Bacon says:

    Awww! Tenderness. I’m a sucker for that. Well done!