Day 12 – 30 Days of Christmas 2017

Yesterday I had Liv Rancourt and Melissa Costa as my featured authors and today, I’ve got the winner of their books! Give it up for JenCW! WOOT!

Today, I’ve got THREE books to giveaway from four authors! Featured today are NL Gassert, LL Dahlin and Jenna Rose and Katey Hawthorne!

NL Gassert is the author of The Protector, a 2009 Lambda Literary Award finalist for best gay romance.

NL Gassert (Nadja) is a native of Germany and nomad by choice. She has lived on three continents, including two tropical islands, where she survived super typhoons and earthquakes. Her nomadic lifestyle recently ended, when her redheaded Veteran husband (“Hooah”) retired from the military. They settle in lush Georgia (for now).

A professionally-trained concierge, she also worked as a public relations assistant and was a staff writer for a Japanese weekly. She has a master’s degree in Communication and Information Studies from Rutgers University and currently works—underpaid, but not underappreciated—at a Middle School.

Nadja is a member of Romance Writers of America.  She is a fibromyalgia warrior, a recovering insomniac, and a voracious reader.

The Protector

Soren Buchanan feels trapped by his controlling father James, a businessman who’s clever at masking illegal financial dealings on the tropical island of Guam. When James finally asks too much of him, Soren flees to the FBI for help.

Until Soren’s information pans out, the Bureau can’t protect him — so the task falls to Mason Ward, security specialist and former US Army Ranger.

Protecting Soren should be easy enough, but Soren is young, seductive, and not entirely forthcoming about the trouble following him. Mason must fight his growing attraction to the young man as well as thugs sent to bring Soren Buchanan home … dead or alive.

This finalist for the Lambda Literary Award for best gay romance is perfect for fans of LA Witt’s Okinawa series.

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LL Dahlin enjoys making love…one story at a time. A writer of contemporary romance as Leela Lou Dahlin she’s branched out into one of her favorite Genres Male/Male contemporary romance. Always with her head in a book…either reading one or writing one. She is a RN case manager by day,  a writer by night and loves to hear from her readers.

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The You I Knew

Thirteen months ago, down to the matching dimple twins were in a fatal accident. One dies and the other has amnesia. One twin has a wife and the other a husband and it’s possible a huge mistake has occurred. When flashes of memory start to return a decision has to be made…believe what the world tells you or go with your heart. Their love depends on it.

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Jenna Rose is an avid reader and writer, particularly when it comes to science-fiction and fantasy.  Currently, she works as a receptionist, but her real love is writing. In her free time, she likes to read comic books, play video games, and waste time on the internet. She currently lives in Massachusetts with her dog, Harley.

Katey Hawthorne is an avid reader and writer of superpowered and paranormal romance, even though the only degree she holds is in the history of art. (Or, possibly, because the only degree she holds is in the history of art.) Originally from the Appalachian foothills of West Virginia, she currently lives in Ohio with her family, two cats, and one very large puppy. In her spare time she enjoys travel, comic books, B-movies, loud music, video games, Epiphones, and Bushmills. Her favorite causes include animal rescue and bisexual representation in media. She is an unashamed fangirl and collects nerdy tattoos like she’s trying to prove it.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble>Loose Id

Kanaan & Tilney: The Case of the Arms Dealers

The first in the series is Kanaan & Tilney: The Case of the Arms dealers. It’s like paranormal mystery–with an m/m pairing. There are puns, supernatural hijinks, a grouchy wolf shifter, and a demisexual main character. Their website has more, if you wanna check it out.

John Tilney–praeternatural pyrokinetic and mystery author–has noticed the bottom dropping out of the market for his usual gothic fare, so he goes to Lowell Kanaan, PI, for a crash course in noir. Lowell, the cranky wolf-shifter detective, isn’t sure why he agrees to let John shadow him–though it might have something to do with John’s weirdly endearing honesty… and pretty lips. John thinks he’s found the perfect detective novel hero in Lowell, but it isn’t long before he realizes he doesn’t want Lowell for his book, but for himself.

As they become entangled in a supernatural whodunnit involving the Zombie Mafia, black market body parts, and shady insurance deals, their partnership grows closer–and hotter. But when it comes down to the wire, Lowell’s wolfy protective side threatens to drive John around the bend, or at least out of the office. Good thing John’s as much sunshine as he is fire; hopefully it’s enough to help them catch a murderer before they end up in literal pieces, too.

Ooooh. Don’t those three look good? I know I’d read them! For a chance to win all three books, leave a comment on this post by midnight Pacific time. And keep coming back, I’ve got the best MM authors on the planet coming soon to this blog and YOU could win their books just by leaving a comment here on every new post!

Happy Holidays!


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  1. Alexis Woods says:

    All of those blurbs sound amazing. Military books are my fave. Toss in some mystery… sigh. <3

  2. Jean Reads says:

    Haven’t read any of these, but they all look interesting! Thanks for the chance!

  3. Trix says:

    These do look fantastic!

  4. Cinders says:

    They all look and read to be excellent stories! Thank you for a chance and thank you authors!

  5. Elayne says:

    All new authors to me, sound good. Thanks for the chance.

  6. susana says:

    thank you so much for the chance. I’m always looking for new authors, and your recs sound great to me!

  7. zarah says:

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  8. Laura05 says:

    Looking good, thank you for the chance and good luck to everyone 🙂

  9. Sula says:

    Fingers crossed and thank you for a chance to win copies of these books and for adding more books to my wish list <3 Seasonal Greetings 🙂