At Long Last Love!

30daysofchristmas2016So after three years of no 30 Days of Christmas…it’s back! Thirty days of romance books given away! Only this time I’m scaling it back a little. I’m not starting the day after Christmas (obviously.) I’m not doing MF (more on that later.) And it’s only thirty days exactly, from December 1 to December 30. So thirty days of MM book goodness. Included in the thirty days are books from me and books from some of your favorite MM authors. It’s my hope to bring some Christmas spirit to MM readers this year and for MM authors (me included) to find new readers! All of the posts will have giveaways which readers can try to win by leaving a comment. Some posts will have additional prizes you can win by participating in a call to action.

If you’re a reader, this could be your lucky month! The winners each day are chosen my Rott, my hubs. He does this in a really scientific way…he gives me a number. The comment for that day that matches the number is the winner. Rott doesn’t read my blog (he doesn’t read any blogs) so he has no idea who you people are. 😉

Thirty days of romance books you could win. From my friends and fellow authors at Loose Id, from indie LGBT authors that you love, and maybe authors who are new to you! That’s a whole lotta love!

Come back tomorrow to see what I’ve got in store for you on Day One!


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