Day 28: 30+ Days of Christmas 2013


Winner of yesterday’s awesome books is Gabrielle Lee! And the winners of audiobooks from me are Yvette and Trix! Congrats to all!

You might have noticed that site looks different today. That’s because I’ve switched the theme to the one I was using for the Lex Valentine website. That website will be undergoing a MAJOR change in the next week. It’s been planned for six months or more but since I spent the better part of this year battling health issues, it’s taken most of the year to get the pieces in place to relaunch the site in it’s new outfit. Since I loved the theme I’ve had for my author site I decided to just migrate it over here to Sunlight Sucks. I get to keep the theme I love, but use it to give my blog a fresh look while I modernize my author website. The Lex Valentine site probably won’t be ready to see until the new year.

The books I’m featuring today are really special. Not only do I have the sequel to Broken Bonds for you, I also have books from some good friends of mine. Stephani Hecht and Jaime Samms both write in the Lords of Aether with me and Jackie Nacht is Steph’s sister. Jackie, Steph and I hung out in old Albuquerque at GRL in Oct 2012 and had a blast. Jaime is one of the authors I first did a cover for back when Jupiter Gardens was Pink Petal Books. I’ve got one book each for you from Steph and Jackie plus a book they wrote together. And from Jaime I’ve got TWO books! They’re all great MM writers so I know you’ll all want a chance to win these books!

BitterBonds_432Bitter Bonds by Lex Valentine




Dominant Jake Conrad isn’t going to get involved in another relationship with a submissive. Burned by two former submissives, Jake vows never to collar one again. Then his best friend Ray brings him a sub like no other. Finn is damaged and bitter, although not as bitter as Jake. The white haired submissive has secrets and talents Jake never dreamed of and the lure of Finn’s need to submit calls to Jake’s soul.

Everyone Finn has ever loved walked away from him. He fears caring for anyone when he knows the outcome will shatter his heart again. When Finn falls for Jake, he gives his lover the ultimate gift, a chance to have the dreams he set aside years before even though he knows that if Jake accepts the gift, he’ll walk out of Finn’s life forever. A slave to his love for his Dominant, the submissive finds his true strength in easing Jake’s bitterness even at the cost of his own happiness.

WarlockUnchained_WDWarlock Unchained by Stephani Hecht


Author’s website


In the future, where being a warlock is unlawful a team of brothers risk all to save one of there own in his quest for freedom.

As a warlock, Delton is marked as an enemy and imprisoned by humans in an internment camp. After spending five grueling years there, he manages to escape. His freedom is short lived when he finds himself cornered by guards who want to take him back to the camp. Then Delton is rescued by the handsome and mysterious warlock, freedom fighter, Vicen.

As Delton spends more time with Vicen, he finds himself drawn to the other warlock. But, can Delton trust Vicen? Or is he about to have his trust betrayed in the worst way?

PBandJPeanut Butter and Jelly for Two by Jackie Nacht


Author’s website


The sexy chipmunk shifter isn’t afraid of the dentist; he’s in love with him.

Phillip has the best job working at the Paranormal Dentistry for the Fanged and Friendly. As a chipmunk shifter, Phillip has seen handsome men walk through the door but none so gorgeous as his boss and wolf shifter, Dr. Gunner Samuels. When he finds himself being manipulated by his best friend to ask the big bad wolf over for dinner, Phillip realizes his biggest dilemma, he’s never cooked a day in his life, let alone meat. Can Phillip pull off a fabulous dinner for two? And has Gunner had his eye on the sexy shifter all this time?

warmingupsebastian510w-220x330Warming Up Sebastian by Jackie Nacht and Stephani Hecht



Thrown into a world of paranormal of violence, there’s only one thing to do: create your own destiny.

Sebastian has been tossed into the thick of a war between the Birds of Prey and Blood Demons. He’s heard it all about fate, destiny, and this is how it’s going to be. Oh, hell no, it isn’t. Sebastian has his connections and will use them to help him and his mate Wren solve the problem of the mates’ loss of freedom.

Wren has been drawn to Sebastian since he laid eyes on him. Hurt by his refusal to even be near him, Wren feels at a loss of what to do until he follows Sebastian one night. Wren discovers that Sebastian may have been in this world a lot longer than they all ever knew.

NotasEasyasitLooksFSNot as Easy as It Looks by Jaime Samms

Author’s website



Don Jenkins will do anything for a happy, thriving family and home. When he discovers that Griff McAllister, his life partner and love since high school, seems to be losing faith in him, he’s at a loss for how to mend the relationship. Then Howard Campbell is added to the mix, a man Don and Griff both love beyond words, and jealousy and mistrust threaten not just their bond, but even Don’s ability to keep his farm viable.

Nearly losing Howard in an accident serves as a wakeup call. They begin to pull their relationship out of the muck and work to remember why they came together in the first place. If they can figure out how to help one another and make sure each man gets what he needs, the trio might build the loving future they’ve dared to hope for. They have to be brave enough to commit every resource they can muster—especially trust, understanding, and acceptance—and realize true love is never as easy as it looks.

facetoface_800Face to Face by Jaime Samms



They say home is where the heart is. They never mentioned rusty fire escapes, hustling or dumpsters. They never warned how fragile hearts could be, either.

They say home is where the heart is. For Skate and Denny’s sake, they had better be right, because all they have is each other.

For eight months, they’ve been running from past mistakes, a vengeful gang and their own inner demons. But living on the street has become less and less viable. As winter deepens and food gets scarce, they have to make some tough choices. How much can they sacrifice before it becomes too much?

Desperate for survival, Denny is forced to make decisions when Skate no longer can, and takes them back to Rainbow Alley, where their lives first went wrong. Hoping Rolly can help them escape the gang and the streets with their lives, and maybe some of their tattered pride, he begs for help. But going to Rolly might prove to be the one thing that their fragile relationship can’t survive, not to mention that the chaos their return unleashes in the Alley and with its protectors could make them more enemies than friends.

WOW! What a great bunch of books! For a chance to win all of them, leave a comment on this post by midnight Pacific time (3 am Eastern.) I hope you all had a great Christmas.  I had some small Christmas miracles happen and I’m waiting to see if the big one comes through on time. Crossing fingers…

Have a great day after Christmas!




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