Day 22: 30+ Days of Christmas 2013


The winner of the BDSM book bonanza from yesterday is Elizabeth Benanti. Congrats! The authors will be in touch to arrange to get your prizes.

Today is the start of our full on holiday daze portion of the giveaway. Usually from Dec 20 to Dec 25 or 26, I feature only holiday related stories. The books featured today are all MM. There’s nothing better than a little man on man holiday loving and VJ Summers, Declan Sands and Bren Christopher deliver! Make sure you read to the bottom because there’s some extra chances to win prizes there!

BreathofHeaven_200Breath of Heaven by Lex Valentine

Note: This book can stand alone but you’ll understand it better if you’ve read Afterburner. And as a side note, this cover is my work and per ZA Maxfield, it’s the best cover I’ve ever done! (I’m a little partial to it too!)




Sebastian Marchetti and his husband Ryder Beckett are flying high since their retirement from the Air Force. They’re still young, still hot for each other and enjoying life as a married couple and members of the Flying Marchettis aerobatic team. When tragedy strikes their extended family, the couple become parents overnight and the demons of Ryder’s past return with a vengeance. With the Marchettis and the entire town of Forza pitching in to help, Bas and Ryder strive to make Christmas unforgettable for a special little boy and his newborn brother while laying to rest past and present pain.

SantaClausIsComing_VJSummersSanta Clause is Coming by VJ Summers


Author’s website


After his annual gift run, all Santa really wants is a drink, a shower, and a long winter’s nap. When he sees the new live entertainment at his favorite North Pole bar, he realizes he wouldn’t mind adding a little stress relief to his post-Christmas wish list. Lucky for him, lounge singer and drag queen extraordinaire Chimera is perfectly happy to make every wish on his list come true. Again, and again, and again!

ohhoaleynight_500Oh Hoaley Night by Declan Sands


Author’s website


Adam travels to Candlelight, Indiana to visit his parents for Christmas. When he arrives he discovers somebody has killed a man and dumped him in the manger of the living crèche at the local church. Unfortunately, all signs lead back to Adam’s father as the murderer. A Sheriff with a grudge and a small town more interested in gossip than reality, convince Adam that it will be up to him and the gang to clear his father’s name.

perfectmoment_coverThe Perfect Moment by Bren Christopher


Author’s website


New York City event planner Michael Cove has been dating temperamental artist Jude Kendrick for two years. Convinced their relationship is going well, he’s not inclined to rock the boat.

Jude wants more. For a long time, the holidays held only memories of loss and grief. Now he has one bright spot in Michael. But Jude’s career is taking off and Michael works every evening. Late nights and early mornings are not enough. He needs Michael to be there for him, and he wants to be there for Michael. If Michael moves in with him, they can make the most of the time they have together.

But Michael is certain that Jude will soon tire of him and refuses to take that risk. When Jude’s old flame reappears, all bets are off. Faced with unexpected competition, Michael’s doubts come boiling to the surface. Now Michael must make a life-changing decision, and learn his own heart in the process. Status quo is no longer an option.

Can Michael overcome his fears and give Jude a perfect Christmas memory, or will he lose the best thing that’s ever happened to him?

Don’t those books sound like they’d get you into the mood for the holidays? You could win all four books by leaving a comment on this post by midnight Pacific time (3 am Eastern.) If you happen to have read them all, leave a comment about that and you could win a MM audiobook! As an extra bonus, anyone who can tell me what the two planes are on the Breath of Heaven cover and what they’re doing could win a MM audiobook too!

Happy MM Holidays!



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  1. Serena says:

    Can I still participate? Because I’d love to! This is the first time I do this. =P

  2. Lisa G says:

    Would love a shot at this great giveaway! Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  3. Jbst says:

    Please include me too. I love reading holiday stories.

  4. DebraG says:

    I love this collection!!

  5. Midia says:

    Count me in. Thanks.

  6. bn100 says:

    Interesting covers

  7. Joder says:

    Awesome selection that I sssssooooooo want! Pretty please!?!? I’ve been good….sorta!

  8. Callie says:

    Please count me in! 🙂

  9. Traci B says:

    What a great giveaway! Thanks.
    (My phone ate my last comment. )

  10. Traci B says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! Count me in.

  11. VJ Summers says:

    Ooh! I am in an AWESOME group! I want ’em all myself! Lol

  12. Laurie P says:

    What a great prize package, please count me in. And the jets look closest to the F-16 Fighting Falcon.

  13. Trix says:

    These sound irresistible!

  14. elaing8 says:

    These sound great.

  15. claudia says:

    Haven’t read them yet, but would love to.

  16. Angi Popotnig says:

    wohoo, great! 🙂
    2 F16 doing a mirror flight.

    • Winter/Lex says:

      They are F-16s, but they’re a special kind. Check out the paint job. And the move with one plane inverted above the other is a mirror formation but it has a specific name. The plane that’s inverted is always #5 which has its number painted on upside down.

  17. Thank you so much!!! Definitely will be warm this winter 🙂