Day 19: 30+ Days of Christmas 2013


Winner of yesterday’s MM goodness is…Sarah Kalaitzidis! WOOT!

Today’s books aren’t MM nor are they strictly MF either. Today, I’ve got menage (and more) books for you! Leading off the list is my book Runaways which is MMF and paranormal. Next, we have my fellow EC authors Mardi Ballou and Jan Springer with some serious hotness. And rounding out the group today are books from Rhea Regale, Jean Joachim and Tianna Xander. There’s lots of pairings going on between these covers!

runaways_msr_newRunaways by Lex Valentine



Werewolf Ranulf Verlaine and his longtime lover, vampire Griffin Rothschild, have sworn they will fight to stay together if either discovers another is their mate. When Ran meets beautiful vampire Dante Ducoin on a train from Prague to Paris, mating lust explodes between them and Ran forgets the pact. He forgets everything but sinking into and surrounding Dante, who is equally lost in Ran. Newly bonded, the pair run away to New York City.

Griffin chases after his lover, pulled by a metaphysical force. When he finds Ran and Dante, mating lust shifts their bond to a triumvirate. The three can’t keep their hands, or anything else, off one another. But lust isn’t everything. For the triumvirate to thrive, Dante must carve out a place between two men who have been lovers for years, Griffin must share the only man he’s ever loved with a woman, and Ranulf must balance his pack responsibilities with his love for his mates.

Reunions600x900Reunions Dangereuses by Mardi Ballou


Author’s Website


According to anonymous newspaper writer Gossip Guru, vampires are crappy lovers and the legends of their sexual prowess are worthless hype. After publishing her opinions, GG doesn’t have many fans in the San Francisco vampire community. Vamps Jake Ardlow and Dean Morley uncover GG’s true identity and set out to correct her misconceptions.

Successful businesswoman Pam Holland writes the GG column for fun, never dreaming that anyone is taking her seriously. Then Jake and Dean, classmates she crushed on at the high school they all hated, convince her to be their date for the twentieth reunion. Pam, who doesn’t know how much the guys have changed since high school, feels like she’s died and gone to heaven.

At first, reunion night is even better than Pam’s fantasies. Then reality strikes, and she’s in for some surprises. So are Jake and Dean.

A-Merry-Menage-ChristmasLowResA Merry Menage Christmas by Jan Springer


Author’s Website


Dr. Kelsie Madison can’t remember the last time she’s had no-strings sex and that’s her clue she’s been working way too hard. It’s time to unwind at the Key Club by indulging in a yummy Christmas present for herself. Something she’s never experienced before – a red-hot ménage.

ER Dr. Ryder Greene and his roommate, physiotherapist, Dixon Flynn love sharing their women. They’ve had their eye on cute Dr. Kelsie Madison for quite some time, but she’s a workaholic and she never has time to play.

When they learn she’ll be at the Santa Claus Ménage Night festivities, they’ll make sure they’re the ones kissing Kelsie under the mistletoe and if they get their wish, Kelsie will be taking them home for Christmas.

rr-temptedbyhertrinity-fullTempted by Her Trinity by Rhea Regale


Author’s Website


After two hundred years, Zandra Arella’s Awakening brings a frightening twist. Three of the four Elders have been destroyed, her sire the final target. Zandra has little time to learn the ways of this new world. Each hour she delays in tracking down the lethal Trinity is an hour her enemy has gained.

Lucien, Damion, and Tor Corrington are no strangers to their father’s greedy demands and cunning ideas. They disregard his claim that the Assassin is hunting them down until they cross paths with Zandra. Her acute knowledge of a strange vampire-specific virus, the sudden depletion of succubi, and a cryptic concern for the Elders and their Assassin leaves the brothers, especially Lucien, certain the woman hides more than she shares.

Passions erupt between Zandra and the Corrington brothers, but with pleasure comes haunting secrets and dark betrayals. She has one chance to save Sire, the vampire breed, and her Trinity, and to convince the brothers to trust her and hope that following her heart doesn’t kill her…again.

0ddead94-858f-4a8e-97e1-4a1f40842142Love’s Last Chance by Jean Joachim


Author’s Website


Would you go back for one more day with a man from your past? Questioning her decision to leave each of three men five years ago, Dorrie returns for one more day with them. Was she hasty in her decisions?  Will her return to the past bring the love she seeks or will loneliness propel her back into the arms of the one man who broke her heart?

3425BEARYMERRYXMAS510-430x645Beary Merry Christmas by Tianna Xander


Author’s Website


When Lara’s car breaks down, she starts walking, even when logic dictates she stay with her car. After walking for miles in the cold Scottish Highlands in December, she follows a pair of unlikely prophets in the form of turtledoves into the woods. Why not? The way she figures it, she’s dead anyway.

When Duncan and Jamie follow two turtledoves who just won’t take no for an answer, they find the most beautiful woman they have ever seen, sleeping as though she were some fairytale princess.

A snowstorm, two rescues and an unexpected infant later, they all must decide if they belong together or if this was nothing more than a holiday filled with magic.

Lara follows two turtledoves into the woods, she expects to die. Instead, she finds two gorgeous shifters who are hot enough to die for.

Don’t those books sound hot? If you think you’d like to have them, make sure that you enter for a chance to win them all! Leave a comment on this post by midnight Pacific time (3 am Eastern) and you’ll be entered in today’s giveaway. If you’ve read all of these books, leave a comment about that and you could win an audio book!

Happy Holidays!









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