Day 16: 30+ Days of Christmas 2013


Wasn’t that a great collection of EC books yesterday? The winner of the whole bunch is…Tina Christopher! Yay! The authors will be in touch with Tina to get her copies of all the books.

Today is a paranormal MM day and have I got some yumminess for you! MM goodness from Liz Strange, Tuesday Morrigan, Annette Gisby and me! The stories range from vampires to wizards and both my cover and Liz’s are my art work.

Encounters-MagicLessons_200Magic Lessons by Lex Valentine



Wizard Club owner Drake Keating is restless and dissatisfied with his life. His friends and occasional lovers have all mated and he’s tired of casual one night hookups. His search for companionship lands him face to face with Justin Scott, the sexy human who manages his club. A year earlier, Drake hooked up with Justin only to dump him when he thought he’d found his mate. Now, he’s discovering just how wrong his previous actions were. Justin gives the wizard one shot at mending what he broke and Drake’s determined to show Justin that he’s changed. He has one night to learn the magical lessons of love and open the door to a future with Justin.

453x680EmbraceLifeDeathThe Embrace of Life and Death by Liz Strange


Author’s Website


Kieran is a hundred-and-twenty-year-old immortal, originally hailing from the harsh, famine-stricken life of 1880s Ireland. He has surpassed death and thrived, gaining wealth, power and knowledge. Azrael is the angel of death, but his mission is far from ominous. He is the protector of the grief-stricken, and the champion of lost souls. The two are polar opposites in mission and nature, yet are inexplicably drawn to one another. The Supreme One sees all, and when he discovers the truth about the relationship he is enraged. Their commitment to be together must be stronger than his determination to keep them apart.

Re-branded_avampireforchristmasA Vampire for Christmas by Tuesday Morrigan


Author’s Website


Kyle Lepiz knows his neighbor isn’t quite human and he’s right. Kyle just never expected him to be so dark, seductive…or undead.

Kyle is a hacker determined to prove the government is experimenting on soldiers. Lucky for him, the proof is living right next door. Dieter has to be a government-created superhuman—no mere mortal could be that good-looking. All Kyle has to do is rein in his libido long enough to convince Dieter to spill his secrets.

Dieter is a vampire on the run from an old-fashioned and overbearing family. His mother wants grandchildren, his grandfather wants power and both of them are convinced Dieter’s marriage to a rich heiress is the solution. The last thing the harried vampire needs is a crazy-ass neighbor stalking him through the streets of the city, weirding out any man Dieter tries to date and severely impeding the vampire’s mission to find his True Mate—the one person good enough to put an end to his family’s plans for an arranged marriage. If only there were some way to get the handsome lunatic off Dieter’s back.

The situation comes to a head when Dieter finally confronts Kyle about his ‘surveillance’. A flash of inspiration later, a deal is struck. Dieter will answer Kyle’s questions in exchange for erotic access to Kyle’s body. Kyle will get the information he so desires, and Dieter will be able to work off some of the tension wearing him down. But as the clothes come off and the information comes out, will either one of them keep his head long enough to remember why they struck the bargain? Will they even care?

smallchosenThe Chosen by Annette Gisby


Author’s website


The neighbouring kingdoms of Oscia and Arcathia have been at a tentative peace for three years after centuries of warfare. Prince Severin of Arcathia has been brought up to put duty before all else and as the only son of the King and Queen, it is his duty to marry and produce an heir. His parents want him to marry an Oscian princess to cement that tentative peace. Unfortunately Severin isn’t interested in princesses. Now, if he had his pick of princes that would be another matter.

Havyn has been a slave all his life. When his aptitude for wizardry is discovered, he finds himself purchased and freed by Prince Severin and apprenticed to the royal wizard, Ildar. His duty is to stay chaste to keep his powers strong, but his feelings for Severin sorely test his resolve.

With kingdoms at war, the throne hanging in the balance, magic in the air, and outside forces trying to keep them apart, can the two men find happiness together, or is duty more important than love?

What a great lineup of books! For a chance to win all of these books, leave a comment on this post by midnight Pacific time (3 am Eastern.) If you’ve read them all, leave a comment that says so and you could win an audiobook! If you’re not a MM fan, come back tomorrow for some great MF historical books.

Have a great Saturday!


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19 Responses to Day 16: 30+ Days of Christmas 2013

  1. Jim Evans says:

    These books look incredible……I can’t wait to read them, then try the audio books. The audio books are such a good investment that you can listen to on those long car trips! They make the miles melt away, esp books like these!

  2. Norma says:

    These all look like fabulous books – I’d love to win them! (Even if I don’t win, they are going on my ‘to buy’ list!)
    I really like the cover on Magic Lessons!

  3. Ute says:

    real interesting selection

  4. Paul Berry says:

    I just love MM books and especially paranormal but love them all!

  5. bn100 says:

    Interesting covers

  6. Everything was so sexy! Thanks for the awesome line up of books! <3

  7. DebraG says:

    I love MM stories. I have not read any of these either.

  8. Yolanda says:

    These all sound like great reads!

  9. Joe says:

    These sound great! Please count me in. Thanks!

  10. Donna Hirsch says:

    WOW these look great, Magic lessons cover has me all hot and bothered. Beautiful as always Lex.

  11. Susan Haase says:

    Holy crap Ms. Valentine – cover on Magic Lessons is hot!

  12. Jean says:

    These all sound great! Happy Saturday.

  13. Joder says:

    I LOVE the m/m genre and am psyched about hese books! Thanks to you and the other authors for another great giveaway!

  14. Jbst says:

    Really like paranormal stories with wizards, etc. Thanks for the contest!

  15. Yvette says:

    My favorite genre and these look wonderful.

  16. Trix says:

    I’m stunned that I haven’t seen these before–they sound very sexy indeed!

  17. OMG, these books look delicious! I so want them 😀

  18. Alicia White says:

    Wow! All these books look amazing. 🙂

  19. Brenda R says:

    I love m/m! Surprisingly, I have not read any of these, but they all sound terrific.