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So, um yeah. I entered a blog hop. I know, I know, not my usual thing. But I kinda liked this one. I mean, after all, they’re giving away a gift basket for gays. How cool is that?

qta_christmas_blog_hop-180x179If you’re coming here from the Queer Town Abbey Blog Hop, welcome! If it’s your first time here, you may want to bookmark me and come back because today is not the only day I’m giving away a prize. Every year from the day after Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, I give away a bunch of books, many of which are MM. I’ll be giving away a copy of the Broken Bonds audiobook for one lucky commenter on this post! It fits right in as Broken Bonds is first, and foremost, a Christmas Eve story with props to Dickens.

For the QTA Blog Hop, check the awesome prizes HERE. There’s a Rafflecopter there for entering. Also, I’m supposed to ask you a question at the end of this post with a simple one word answer that you need to return to the QTA website with. You will use the answer to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway. Look for the question at the bottom of this post in BOLD. Remember that the answer is one word and you’ll find it here in my blog post.

And now, for the QTA Blog Hop, I’m supposed to talk about what Christmas means to my family. That’s really a tough thing for me to answer. You see, my daughter is grown now and she’s not here this year. She’s at her dad’s. Even if she were here, we just don’t do Christmas like other families do. One reason is that unfortunately, we live in a very expensive part of the country and I’m the sole breadwinner in the family. That means my hard earned dollars don’t go very far. Most years, we can’t afford Christmas.

Coming from a family where my mom and dad loved Christmas, it’s personally difficult for me not to have a tree or presents or Christmas dinner. I cs-012satisfy my yearning for those holiday traditions by going to the company Christmas party where there’s traditional foods and a chance to dress up in holiday clothes. My husband puts lights up inside our windows, hangs my jangly bell laden wooden Santa on the front door, and puts up with me listening to Christmas music on the radio. And every year it makes me really sad that that’s the extent of what we can do.

I’ve learned that Christmas traditions mean a lot to me and not being able to do the things I grew up doing often makes me really melancholy come December. I do what I can do and take comfort in the fact that I’m not alone even if I’m too poor to have Christmas. I have my hubs and my daughter and the babies. I know they all love me. I may not have great health but I have a job that mostly pays the bills and I can write and make book covers to pay for the rest of the bills. We scrape by and we have love for each other. That means a lot to me because Christmas could be a lot worse, and has been, in the past.

friendsSo I guess what Christmas means to me is that it’s the time of year to be thankful for what I do have even if it’s not even close to what most people consider to be Christmas. It’s not material for me and when I find myself feeling pissy for not having what others have and take for granted, I pull myself out of the self-pity whirlpool. I try to remember that the people who take the presents and tree, food and parties for granted are really the ones who are poor. Holding the spirit of Christmas in your heart, the spirit of love and thankfulness, and remembering to cherish those things and not equate them with how much you’ve received in material things is truly what this holiday is about.

Although, it sure would be nice to have my own car and not have to share. 😉

Remember your loved ones this Holiday Season, the ones you are lucky enough to still have with you as well as those who have passed. Remember the lessons of love they’ve taught you over the years. Remember the fullness of your heart when you’ve been privileged to be with them. And remember that no matter how many gifts you give or get, it’s the gift of Love that is the greatest gift you can ever give or receive. You know, there really is a reason why I write romance.

The one word answer to the following question is what you need to take back to Queer Town Abbey with you in order to continue on the Blog Hop: What is the greatest gift you can ever give or receive? Go HERE to keep hopping!

For a chance to win a copy of Broken Bonds in audiobook, just leave me a comment and tell me what’s the most precious Christmas gift you’ve ever received.

Happy Holidays to you and yours.



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11 Responses to QTA Christmas Blog Hop

  1. Anders says:

    Hi Lex,

    I want to send a personal thank you for your participation in the xmas blog hop 2013. Thanks to you the Christmas Blog Hop was a great success.

    I would like to take this opportunity to wish you, your family and friends a very happy holiday and joyful New Year 2014

    All the best,

    Founder/Administrations Manager
    Queer Town Abbey

  2. Lee Todd says:

    my daughter was born 21st December so I tend to think of her as my greatest Christmas present 🙂 She turns 18 next week…I feel old now lol
    leetee2007 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  3. Emily W. says:

    Such a beautiful post. I get so tired of all the drama and the commercialism of Christmas. You put it beautifully, Christmas is about being thankful and family. I hope you have a wonderful, merry Christmas 🙂


  4. Nancy S says:

    I feel you Lex. This year I have spent $15 on 2 funny t-shirts for my grandsons and the rest of the gifts I bought with Amazon gift cards that I won in various contests. If not for those cards, well you know. Best wishes to you and may next year be better.

  5. DebraG says:

    The most precious gift I ever received was my children.

  6. Winter/Lex says:

    Winner of Broken Bonds in audiobook is Sarah Madison! I’ll be emailing a code for you to download a copy of the book from Audible. And don’t forget that the rest of you can still sign up for the blog hop prizes over at Queer Town Abbey! Thank you so much for coming by!

  7. bn100 says:

    gift cards

  8. You know, for the last decade I’ve been in the same boat as you with regards to celebrating Christmas. This year I decided I would create my own traditions! No, I can’t afford to spend a lot of money on presents or decorating, but I can watch those old holiday movies with friends and family and do a bit of baking. I’m determined to be one of the Whos in Whoville singing around the empty village square. 🙂

  9. I know how you feel–the holidays are fun, but they also remind me of the things I’ve lost (or can’t afford).

    I’d love to be able to help my daughter transition (as far as she wants to go + maintenance). That would be the best gift I could ever give.

    Happy Holidays!

  10. Trix says:

    Now I’m *really* touched by the 30 Days giveaway each year–I wish you all the best this year, for sure! I loved the Scott Hannan San Jose Sharks jersey I got for Christmas in ’06 (I wear it more often now that he’s back on the team)…

  11. Yvette says:

    I’m not sure if this would constitute as someone else’s greatest, but my husband got me a camera with two lenses. I’m not a diamonds sort of girl and I love to take pictures so the gift was not only thoughtful but fantastic.