Day 29: 30 Days of Christmas 2012

The winner for Day 28’s giveaway is JoAnna B. I’ve already sent off my menage book and the other authors will be contacting her as well. Congrats!

Today, I have some really great looking books from a set of authors I know you’ll love! Toni Aleo, Roz Lee, and Destiny Blaine all have books you are going to drool over. Toni’s book is paperback…a signed copy no less! And Destiny is offering her entire series! WOW! Just to top it all off, I’m throwing in a copy of one of my Christmas Cowboy books! Let’s see what’s up for grabs…

Toni Aleo – Empty Net

Definition of an Empty Net: When a team pulls the goalie for an extra attacker, desperately seeking a goal.

Audrey Parker was in a horrible place.

She hated her job, her sister was getting married and moving out, but worst of all, she was in love with a total jerk. No matter what she did, every guy she met hurt her. All she wanted was her happily ever after. Her Prince Charming. Her Lucas Brooks! She didn’t know how to change her life but she knew she needed to.  Feeling like she was about to hit rock bottom, Audrey wakes up next to Tate Odder.

Tate Odder had lost everything.

After being brought up from the Assassins’ farm team, the Florida Rays to the Nashville Assassins, Tate hopes he’ll forget everything he has lost. He doesn’t. Each day gets harder to live in a place he doesn’t know. Even being the first rookie goalie to shut out an opposing team three times during the Lord Stanley Cup Finals, he still felt empty. With the loss of his parents and sister still heavy on his heart, Tate isn’t sure how to live like everything is okay.

But when he wakes up beside Audrey Parker, things start to change. She turns his life upside down with her kooky sense of humor and her bright clothing. She is intelligent and beautiful, and for once, he doesn’t feel empty.

Will Audrey be the person to fill the holes in Tate’s heart, making him whole again? Or will another player ruin everything, leaving him feeling forever like an empty net?

Roz Lee -Still Taking Chances


After a mission in a South American jungle goes wrong, DEA Agent Elgin ‘Hud’ Huddleston returns to his boyhood home to lick his wounds. Despite his better judgment, Hud is drawn to the woman across the street, a petite Dominatrix with a freeze your balls off name.

Mary Beth Winters packed away her toys and put the BDSM lifestyle behind her years ago when she realized the men she dominated didn’t need her as much as she needed them. But when a troubled bad-boy, Elgin ‘Hud’ Huddleston, moves in across the street, she dusts off her toy box and risks her heart to help him heal.

Destiny Blaine -The Winning Virgin Series (Below is the blurb for Winning Virgin Promises, one of the books in the series)

Gabriel Sabbat is the secondary mate for Constance Spenser. He knows the feel of her skin, the touch of her hand, the true experience of her body. He participated in his brother’s mating ceremony and he didn’t walk away from the event unscathed. His heart is heavy and he is in love with a woman he may take as his own but there will be sacrifices, and consequences.

Constance belongs to Sebastian but she’s never forgotten the time she spent with Gabriel. When Sebastian doesn’t return home, news circulates and word travels fast. Sebastian is in trouble and he may not return to Scotland.

With time running out for Constance and the needs of a vampire mate quickly surfacing, Gabriel is called upon as a secondary and Constance isn’t happy with the turn of events. In fact, she’s out for more than a little blood to keep her alive. She’s looking for answers and knows precisely how to get them and when Sebastian returns home, he finds quite a surprise.

Lex Valentine – Christmas Wishes


Bradley Marsh is spending Christmas with his sister Devon and her husband Jared. In the past, he managed to avoid the holidays at Forbes Ranch. But now, he’s there and faced with the woman he’s wanted for eight long years. With his 30th birthday on the horizon and all his friends settling down, Brad’s tired of being single and tired of yearning for a woman who doesn’t know he exists. This year, his only wish is to make the woman of his dreams his own.

For years, Anne-Marie Mallory’s mourned the death of her husband and high school sweetheart Danny. But more recently, she’s had her eye on hunky younger man Brad Marsh even though she’s sure his crush is because he feels sorry for her. She wishes Brad would stop seeing her as the grieving widow of a decorated war hero and start seeing her as a woman in her prime who needs a man like him to make her holiday – and her life – complete.

For a chance to win all these books, comment on this post by midnight Pacific time! There’s only two more days left in the giveaway and New Year’s Eve is going to be a big MM blow out so keep coming back!

Happy Holidays!


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17 Responses to Day 29: 30 Days of Christmas 2012

  1. Chloe Waits says:

    All the books sound great, be very happy to win.

    My first time visiting your blog, and I love the title Sunlight Sucks, gave me such a chuckle.
    erromwrite AT yahoo DOT ca

  2. Kelly A. says:

    Oh, these sound really good!

  3. bn100 says:

    Another nice selection

  4. Catherine says:

    Some hot reads for the New Year. YUM.

  5. Gabrielle says:

    What a great giveaway you have going! Glad to see it every year and finding many books to add to my tbr list.

  6. Ronda N says:

    Another exciting collection! God knows I could use a few good….. book titles… lol. Thank you for the chance to win them! <3

  7. Tracey D says:

    Once again, a great set of book covers to go with some great sounding books. More books for my must have list.

  8. Lindsey E says:

    More books that look good.

  9. Suze says:

    These all sound great! Count me in today please

  10. DebraG says:

    Hard to believe the year is almost over. Thanks so much for ding this.

  11. Susan W. says:

    Another list of great books for my To Buy list!

  12. Joder says:

    Wow!!! Love the choices for today and REALLLLLLLYYYYYY WANT them! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  13. Ute H says:

    I’m so sorry I could only start today. This giveaway is so cool

  14. Joan says:

    Wow there are a lot of books that I could cozy up to!!

  15. JoAnna B says:

    Yay! More great books. I’m going to be so sad when this is over. I think I only missed a couple days!

  16. Joanne B says:

    You always choose the best books. Thanks for the giveaway.

  17. Marie Brown says:

    These books look so DANG good! I would love the chance to win these babies! Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂