Day 21: 30 Days of Christmas 2012

The winner of yesterday’s books is…Amanda McD! Congrats!

Fans of MM books will be drooling today. The authors and books today are just amazing. I want them all myself!

Keira Andrews – Eight Nights


Lucas McKenzie figures spending the holidays with his annoying roommate’s family is better than being alone on campus. The last thing he expects is to lust over Sam’s brother — or for Nate to actually want him back.

They hide their attraction during Hanukkah celebrations, but behind closed doors, Lucas and Nate can’t keep their hands (or mouths) off each other. Nate’s only looking for a bit of holiday fun, and amazing sex with a hot virgin definitely fits the bill.

Yet as the candles burn, Nate and Lucas begin to realize eight nights will never be enough.

Kerry Freeman – Pine Tar & Sweet Tea


After playing eleven years in the Minor Leagues, Coach Matt Hawley has returned to his tiny Alabama hometown to lead his old high school baseball team to their first state championship. At the other end of the state, René Días, who left the Major League after one season, is getting his team ready to defend their state title for the second straight year. One is in the closet. The other is between relationships. Neither has any intention of hooking up at the state tournament.

Then they see each other.

Pre-game lust turns into an intense one-night stand neither man can forget, and when their best friends embark on a romance, Matt and René are thrown together again. This time they decide it won’t be for just a single night. But the fear of disappointing his minister father and shaming his family forces Matt to keep one foot in the closet, even as he and René find their lust is maybe something more. He’s going to have to make a choice between between his family and his freedom.

Kay Berrisford – Simon, Sex, and the Solstice Stone


Simon’s holiday season is looking grim. His boyfriend’s dumped him, and his self-esteem is rock bottom. Stuck in the UK where nobody celebrates Thanksgiving, the shy, geeky student drowns his sorrows at an ancient stone circle. When a gorgeous stranger, Aubrey, shows up and attempts to seduce him, Simon is flattered but also freaked—especially when Aubrey claims to be from an historic sex cult who’d uncovered the true powers of the circle. It’s a time machine. Aubrey intended to travel back three hundred and sixty-five days, but an error propelled him forward three hundred and sixty-five years into a world alien to him.

Simon reluctantly takes the lost time traveler under his wing, and Aubrey teaches Simon the ways of sex, love, and magic. Simon’s never felt so alive, but as their bond grows, Aubrey remains determined to perform a dangerous ritual and return home at the winter solstice. Fearing he’s no more to Aubrey than a sexual sacrifice, Simon must discover the dark secrets of Aubrey’s pagan past. Only then can Simon choose between risking all for the man he loves or a lonely Christmas without him.

George Seaton – Saving Skylar Hand


For Cody Pinnt, falling in love with Skylar Hand was easy; they had, after all, been best friends their entire lives. But falling in love and actually being with the one you love sometimes becomes impossible when paths diverge. Cody wants a life away from the rough land and prejudice of their hometown, while Skylar can see no other road than the one laid out for him from childhood.  As the years pass, Cody realizes that even the strongest love might not overcome his and Skylar’s growing differences. It’ll take loss, heartbreak, and the promise of Christmases to come to bring Skylar and Cody together.

For a chance to win these books, comment on this post by midnight Pacific time. This is definitely a bunch of books that should be in your TBR pile!

And now, since it’s apparently the end of the world, a snippet from Broken Bonds, the Christmas book I hope to release on…Christmas! It’s MM and BDSM with angels who steal from Dickens.

Wishing he could put his arms around his master to comfort him and to comfort himself, Haven instead wrapped his arms around his middle and curled into a tight ball, making sure only his forehead rested against his master’s body. His lips moved silently as he said a prayer inside his head.

“Please bring the spirit of Christmas to my master. Please let him know happiness and joy once more, even if it isn’t with me. I can bear anything if I know he is once more happy and whole again. He deserves it. Please, God. Just let Kellen love again.”

The pleasure Kellen had allowed him that night brought sleep to Haven as soon as he finished his prayer. He hoped his mother or Randolph or even Cristophe could hear him. Surely, one of the people whom he and Kellen had loved would hear his prayer and answer it. It wasn’t as if he was asking for something for himself. After all, the spirit of Christmas wasn’t about what one wanted for oneself. It was about giving to others. And above all else, Haven had given his heart to his master.

Happy Holidays!

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    Oh yes please! Do count me in!

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    To be honest, I wouldn’t be able to say which of the four books sounds the most appetizing for they all sound so good! Happy Holidays and Congrats on your soon to be released story!


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    I am drooling. I love reading m/m. Please count me in for this great giveaway.

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    Thank you! What a blast! So many books, so little time!

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    I AM drooling! This is an awesome selection of books that I sssssoooooo want to win! Thanks for the giveaway!

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    Merry CHristmas

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  23. Simon, Sex, and the Solstice Stone looks so good!! I would love to win it! I’ve never read anything like this!

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    i want these….. more gay fiction for a gay man 😛

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