Day 12: 30 Days of Christmas 2012

The babies picked a winner for Day 11 and it is…Cornelia! Congratulations! I’ll be emailing you about your prizes.

The Day 12 books are MM and boy are they hot! I’ve got books for you from Emma Lai, Anna Zabo, and WM Kirkland. You are all going to droooooool. I promise! And to sweet the pot, I’m adding some MM goodness of my own, my Out in the NFL novel, Scrambling.

Emma Lai – Wanting It All


Clayton Palmer is an up and coming lawyer in the family’s East Coast firm. A long-standing agreement with his father allows Clayton to head to Colorado during the summer–to work hard as a dude ranch hand and if he’s lucky, play harder with a hot cowboy, or two. But this summer, his luck is all bad. His normal bunk buddies are missing, and a lawyer from a competing West Coast firm is a guest.

A week-long retreat with clients doesn’t hold any appeal for James Owens until he spies Clayton hauling in the luggage. James has lost to Clayton in the courtroom more times than not, and while he’s longed to gain the upper hand over his attractive nemesis in trial, he’ll settle for winning in the bedroom when Clayton approaches him and offers to do anything for James to keep his secret.

Though he’s always been attracted to James, Clayton’s unprepared for the emotions the man inspires and runs scared. Haunted by his feelings for James and doubts about his lifestyle, he decides it’s time to seize hold of the reins of his life. When the dust settles, will James be willing to let him into his heart?

Anna Zabo – Close Quarter


On a transatlantic cruise to New York, sculptor Rhys Matherton struggles to piece his life back together after losing his mother, inheriting a fortune, and finding out his father isn’t his father after all. He spills a tray of drinks on a handsome stranger, then he finds himself up against a wall getting the best hand-job he’s ever had. And for the first time in his life, he feels whole.

Rhys enjoys the company of Silas Quint, but for the eerie way no one pays attention to them even while they kiss in a crowded bar. Silas explains he’s a forest fae able to glamor the room around them—and more importantly, that he’s on the cruise to hunt vampires. Rhys thinks Silas is full of it, until he discovers vampires are real, and he’s part of the main course.

Silas Quint can’t be distracted by a human lover, even one as lovely as Rhys. Stuck in the middle of the ocean, he has barely enough of energy to hunt the vampires he’s been sent to destroy. Rhys is full of the one thing Silas needs needs most—the element of living plants. Only sucking energy from Rhys would make Silas as soulless as the creatures he hunts. How can he keep Rhys safe, without becoming like the very monsters he hunts?

WM Kirkland – A Man’s Sword


When Gabriel Woodweiss brought home an ancient sword to display as his latest antique treasure, he didn’t imagine that its original owner would show up in his basement to claim his property. One moment Marius was praying to his god to save him from servitude in the gladiator ring; the next he’s in a room where the only familiar object is his sword. The fact that a handsome man claims ownership of Marius’s beloved weapon—and knowledge of the strange and wonderful world in which he now finds himself—is proof to Marius’s mind that sometimes the gods do answer the faithful. Now Marius just has to convince Gabriel that keeping the sword is fair and just—as long as he keeps the man who comes with it.

Lex Valentine – Scrambling


Evan McAdam has two constants in his life–football and his friendship with Reed Matthews. From the age of six, Evan’s played football alongside Reed. In his teens, he realized he was gay and loved Reed, but fear kept him from confiding his deepest emotions to his best friend.

When he and Reed are drafted to the L.A. Stars, Evan decides to come out. His decision impacts Reed who’s been in the closet too. The two men struggle with secrets of unrequited love while facing the world as the first two openly gay NFL players.

When injury forces Evan to retire, the love he bears Reed can no longer be hidden. But will Reed be able to reciprocate, or will Evan lose both football and the man he’s always loved?

Four very hot MM books for Day 12! I have to tell you, I’ve read WM’s book and it’s awesome. Haven’t read the other two, but now I’m dying to! For a chance to win, leave a comment by midnight Pacific time.

Happy Holidays!



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35 Responses to Day 12: 30 Days of Christmas 2012

  1. OH!!! SCRAMBLING!!! I don’t have this one yet! I want all of these.
    writerjenleeland @ yahoo .com

  2. Emily W. says:

    Yay, made it in time! These books sound awesome (and very diverse)! Definitely count me in!!


  3. Anna says:

    These sound interesting. I’d like to read them.

  4. Elle says:

    Love these. Please include me 🙂

  5. Judi says:

    please count me in!!


  6. Ohhhhh this is my veryyyy favorite Genre & yes Lex you definitely selected a Drool-Worthy M/M Collection for Us today.
    Emma Lai, Anna Zabo, and WM Kirkland are new Authors to me & I thank you sooo much for bringing Us such talented Authors to explore.
    Take Care & Merry XxxxMas,
    PaParanormalFan (Renee)
    paranormalromancefan at yahoo dot com

  7. bn100 says:

    These sound interesting.

  8. Gigi says:

    Please count me in. Thanks!

  9. Susan W. says:

    Oh, I love m/m and these are all new to me! Count me in!

  10. Michelle (MiMi) says:

    I have A Man’s Sword and Scrambling…so if I win pick another winner for those 2 eh? Thank you, chellebe66(at)gmail(dot)com

  11. Julianne says:

    Goodness gracious! These all look marvelous. I think I’m adding new books to my list. I’m drooling.

  12. Tracey D says:

    I love m/m novels and these sound great. I will add them to my must have list.

    Some of the authors are new to me, so I look forward in learning more about them.

  13. ErinSC says:

    LOVED Scrambling and the others look great too!

  14. Urb says:

    What an awesome collection. They all sound great! Please count me in, and thank you!

  15. Kelly A. says:

    Count me, please!

  16. Joder says:

    I LOVE reading m/m books and sssssoooo hope I win this awesome assortment of books!

  17. Yvette says:

    My favorite genre…M/M.

  18. Joanne B says:

    I love M/M books. These sound HOT!!!! Count me in. Thanks.

  19. Penumbra says:

    Count me in please! 😀

  20. Ooh, a football story. Sounds good!

  21. Marie says:

    These all sound excellent! Please count me in. Thank you!

  22. Jess1 says:

    Wonderful assortment of m/m books. Please include me too.

  23. JoAnna B says:

    More M/M!!! Love it!!!!

  24. Juliana says:

    Count me in, please!

  25. Cyn says:

    So commenting whooo yoooo!

  26. Lisa H says:

    Yum!!! Please count me in. Thanks!


  27. Trix says:

    Oh, FANTASTIC! Please count me in…

  28. Sweet, they all look and sound fantastic. Definitely TBB and on the TBR piles I am sure for everyone. Thanks for the contest.

  29. Laura says:

    I LOVED Scrambling! Now I’ll have to read the others. 🙂

  30. Erica Pike says:

    Please add my name as well ^.^


  31. Midia says:

    Count me in. Thanks. 🙂

  32. Rain says:

    Putting my name in the hat, too. Thanks!

  33. DebraG says:

    What a nice collection. I am drooling.

  34. Jamie says:

    omg you know im in for gay fiction

  35. Suze says:

    Me, me, me please!
    This is a great books day, count me in please!