Get Out of Town

I’m headed out of town on Wednesday with my pal James Buchanan. We’re driving to Albuquerque for the GayRomLit reader/author retreat. I’ve got about a gazillion things to do before I go but hopefully Nikki (Motley) can help me get it all done tomorrow.

Last week was horrendous. Expense after expense racked up. The Infiniti was in the shop and the numbers kept climbing. Nothing wrong with the engine. The damn thing didn’t even need spark plugs. But the front brakes were shot. Good news, the rears were perfect. The trailing arms needed replacing. On an SUV this is a danger call. Broken trailing arms can cause an SUV to roll. The headers were leaking. Ugh. So new suspension, new exhaust system. WAY the fuck more money than we could afford. But it’s over now and we have it back. It feels solid again thank God.

Anyway, until later tonight I’m having a book trailer sale. 2 for 1. That’s $50 for two trailers. I gotta find a way to eat while I’m at GRL. I haz skillz. Will make trailers for food! 😉

I gotta run. Sorry to be short today but I need to get to work. Here’s your inspirational photo(s) of the day:

Those are the backs of the Scrambling Romance Trading Cards. Purdy ain’t they? Have a great Monday and if you’re going to GRL, see you on Thursday at the Hard Rock!


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