Under My Skin

WARNING! Valentine Reviews often have spoilers. I just spew what I think and feel about what I read and sometimes that means I give away parts of the story. I don’t think I’m spoiling anything for anyone by saying that the main characters have a HEA because the whole fricken world knows I don’t read anything unless it has a HEA. That being said, read the review at your own risk!

I’ve been on an M. L. Rhodes kick lately. I’ve read four of hers and this review is about two of them. Under My Skin and Under My Skin II is about a bookstore owner who sees himself as a nerd. He’s come out of several bad relationships where he was used for his brains or his money with the idea that he’s just a geek and most guys wouldn’t want him. His last relationship was the worst. His boyfriend moved out, took all his stuff, all his money and maxed out his credit cards. Our hero probably could have handled that but then the asshole left him a Dear John letter that struck at all of his insecurities.

A year and a half later enter our second hero. He’s got tattoos like the last boyfriend. He has a motorcycle like the last boyfriend. He’s hotter than Hades and our bookstore nerd is in lust. Fortunately for him, the tattoo parlor owner is hot for the nerd as well. In fact, he doesn’t even see the guy as a nerd.

These two novellas, the first one all about how Sebastian (the bookstore owner) and Dylan (the tattoo parlor owner) get together and it leaves the reader with a HFN and the notion that these two do get their HEA eventually. The second novella is how they work out their problems and get their real HEA. The first one is hot as Hades. The second one is very emotional. Okay, it’s hot too but it’s the emotions that get ya.

Honestly, I really loved the first two M.L. Rhodes books I read (Passion, Satisfaction) but these two guys are better. Maybe it’s that I identified with them better being a bit of a nerd myself and having a thing about bad boys in leather and tattoos. Maybe it’s the lickable cover art. 😉

At any rate, LOVED these two novellas. They go on my must re-read over and over list even though they aren’t long, deep angsty literary works. They’re just two little novellas filled with a bit of angst, a lot of lust and some serious falling in love without a lot of trappings. Easy, fun, hot and emotional.

If you like hot gay men with tattoos who have hearts of gold and hide their sensitive side, these two books are for you. You will fall in love with Sebastian and Dylan just like I did. The pair together score 5 Valentines from me. Thank you, M.L. Rhodes!

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