I skipped posting last week because I’ve been thinking about a lot of stuff lately. Sometimes it’s hard not to when you work somewhere that makes you face your mortality daily. Anyway, I decided to make a few changes after 4 years of blogging here. For one, I’m retiring Marcus. Instead, I’ll have some sort of photo whether it’s a hot guy or a hot couple or just something really beautiful. I still need a pick me up of the visual sort on a Monday so that won’t go away. More likely than not it’ll be a hottie but it won’t always be.

Next, I will be posting a snippet every Monday of whatever I’ve currently got cooking. There are weeks when I have nothing new because I’ve been busy doing other things so I’m determined to make myself write something each week so I have a snippet to share.

I will still be ranting and yakking about my family as I always have. Some things never change and this is my venue so I have to be me and that means the occasional post about my kid or my old man or one of my cats.

Now that I have that out of the way, I have two things for you this morning. One is a photo Nikki took of Noisy. I have it on my desktop at work and it’s just so funny it keeps me cheered. The other thing is a snippet of something I started last night.

My publisher at Pink Petal Books needs an 8-10K short story with BDSM in it. She thought maybe I’d like to write an Emily and Vahid short. I thought about and decided not to. Because instead, I’m going to write a Colin and Eden short. Here’s a little bit of what you can look forward to from Colin Cuffed:

“Are you sure we have permission to be here?” Colin muttered as Eden unlocked the door to her cousin Emily’s house.

“Would I have a key if I didn’t?” his mate growled back at him.

Colin raised his brows at her. Eden had a habit of doing things she shouldn’t and making it seem as if it was perfectly okay. He’d had his hands full literally from the night he’d first met her.  Of course, they were perfectly suited as mates because Colin had an easy going temperament and an insatiable yen for fun. Once they’d dealt with the unhappiness Eden suffered from thinking her family didn’t want her, she’d become just as playful as Colin. They had a blissful marriage, or so Colin had thought until this night.

“I don’t understand what we could be so lacking in that you think we need to spice up our marriage by breaking into your cousin’s house while she’s gone.”

Eden growled at him again, ushering him into the foyer of the house. “We’re not breaking in, not lacking anything and we don’t need to spice up our marriage. We have plenty of spice. I just thought I’d bring a new flavor into play.”

Colin bit back a grin. “Whatever you say, love.”

Grabbing him by the hand, she pulled him up the stairs. He admired her ass as they climbed. He’d never seen such a fine ass in his life. Heart shaped and taut enough to bounce coins off of.  His wife’s ass never failed to make him drool and tonight was no exception.

“So what’s Vahid and Emily have that we don’t have?” he asked as she led him down the upstairs corridor.

“A playroom.”

Eden stopped in front of an ordinary bedroom door and inserted a key. The door swung open and Colin’s mouth fell open with it.

“That’s not a playroom. That’s a fucking dungeon!” he exclaimed stepping inside.

And now, here’s my Monday photo (I really need a name for this feature!):

That’s Noisy (the big one not the little one) cooling off with a Coke. It makes me grin every time I look at it!

Happy Monday everyone!


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2 Responses to Pondering

  1. Dave2 says:

    An end of an era. That was a lot of Marcus pictures!

  2. Dave2 says:

    An end of an era. That was a lot of Marcus pictures!