A Mind of Its Own

I’ve decided that my brain has a mind of its own. No matter what I need to do when it comes to writing, my brain has its own ideas about that. I have two manuscripts I need to finish, one a novella length of about 25K and the other a novel length or at least a longer novella of at least 40K. My brain has decided it doesn’t want to help me out with these two stories. My brain has come up with a new idea and it’s digging in its heels and pushing me to write the new idea.

The new idea is a sequel to my NFL novel. The novel that isn’t even sold yet. The novel that has me biting my nails and planning what to do if the publisher doesn’t want it. Why the HELL would I want to write a sequel to something I haven’t even sold? Tell me why, Brain!

My brain doesn’t have an answer why. It just wants to write this story, tentatively titled Out of the Pocket. It wants to write it so badly that if I work on the story, my fingers fly on the keyboard and ideas rush from my brain to those fingers and onto the page. It’s already 6K words.  It requires me to bug my friend Jen for info because the heroes play college football in Indiana (one for Purdue and one for IU.) It requires me to take a secondary character from Scrambling (the NFL novel) and show WHY he’s a slick, sophisticated, cheesy phony.

The answer to why he’s a phony in Scrambling is, of course, simple. He is broken. And therein lies the story.

So in this NFL story I have two heroes who meet as rivals. They meet on the football field as one of them tackles the other one. Repeatedly. And then they meet after hours on a practice field in the dark by accident and sparks fly. The sparks lead to a furtive encounter that not only changes their lives in the moment, but changes their dreams for the future. I follow them from that first encounter in college through their years in the NFL.

And then there is the moment where the quarterback breaks. Something happens between him and the defensive end that causes them to split after years of hiding their relationship. The quarterback’s heart breaks. His spirit is broken. He is numb inside and he makes a wrong move on the field that leads to a career ending injury. He thinks that his lover will come for him then, because he’s no longer an active player and is probably going to have to retire. But he doesn’t come.

So the quarterback retires and faced with a bleak life alone, his heart broken, his soul numb, he reinvents himself so he can survive. He becomes the poster child for retired gay NFL players. He’s a media darling making tons of money with his investments and always in the public eye as a successful motivational speaker. He has a relationship with one of the heroes from Scrambling. But when that man finds his HEA, leaving our broken ex-quarterback to face the reality of his lonely existence…he breaks again. Publicly during a live TV interview. He walks out and drives half the day to the place where the love of his life walked away from him and he falls apart. Luckily, the other hero, who has also since retired, sees the interview and knows what’s happened. He drives several hours and arrives after our broken hero…to finally pick up the pieces and make everything right.

The story won’t let me go. At all. I can’t stop writing it. So I guess I’m going to have to give in to my brain and just keep going on Out of the Pocket. Hopefully, Scrambling gets a home soon so I know Pocket will probably have one too.

Now, it’s time for a Marcus! I’ve never been a fan of the tighty whitey but on him, they look good!

Wishing you all a wonderful Monday!

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