Getting Clocked

So Rott and I watched a Justin Timberlake movie where the currency of the times was time not money. There were all sorts of clock related cracks and jokes in the movie which made us laugh and it wasn’t a funny movie. It was ironic though. And it was easy to see the point the movie makers were trying to make about money, the haves and have nots.

Honestly, life is all about time, isn’t it? And time does equal money on many fronts. For a movie filled with action, it really had a lot of philosophical lessons in it. Still, I liked the time and clock jokes. I feel like I”m getting clocked all the time. LOL

So apparently, I’m going to the GayRomLit writer/reader retreat in Albuquerque, NM in October. It’s at the Hard Rock. I think I’m going to be drinking a lot of raspberry martinis. 😉 So many people going whom I want to meet and watching them all get drunk should be a blast! I know I had a ton of fun at the Romantic Times convention last year so I’m sure GRL will be even more fun.

I woke up late this morning so I’m going to cut this short and give you a Marcus now because I’m running late.

That’s one of my fave photos of him. Maybe it’s the background. I dunno. Just know I like it a lot!

Rousing Caine came out solo at MLR Press last week so if you’re into gay ghost stories and haven’t read this one you can drop by MLR or All Romance eBooks and pick it up. Got edits for Runaways yesterday so I think you’ll be seeing it released soon. I can’t wait for people to read the full story. It was so satisfying to write!

Okay, I’m outta here. Time’s ticking away *snicker*. Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

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