Everywhere I turn there are battles raging. On the net, it’s the Paypal thing and books with questionable content (ie the ones with titles like “Daddy’s Little ****.”  There’s always some kind of battle raging over at Dear Author and this week’s seems to be about plagiarism. And on the home front, Rott’s doing an outpatient rehab thing. So everywhere I look, people are cranky. It’s messing with my need for a little karmic peace.

I understand the Paypal thing. It’s not about censorship. It’s about what credit card companies have for rules. They don’t want their product used to support illegal activities. Some erotica books are about things that ride the line in terms of legal and illegal. Rape, incest and sex with underage individuals is illegal and therefore books that glorify those topics are among the things the card companies don’t want to be attached to. So Paypal, which is a gateway or processing medium for those cards, has to crack down on businesses that sell those books. Now, as I understand it, the crackdown is bordering on a witch hunt and some books that don’t contain that content are being targeted. *sigh* Nothing in this world is perfect. I expect that there will be some books that slip the noose just like there will be some that are unfairly targeted. To me energy should be focused on how to let Paypal know that they need to fix the wrongly targeted items, not spent bitching about it. But that’s just me.

Now, on the plagiarism thing…that woman who copied all those books knew what she was doing. She was a treasurer on the board of an RWA chapter! She knew the difference between right and wrong and made the conscious choice to do something illegal. She only apologized because she got caught and exposed across the publishing community. I don’t feel sorry for her. I don’t feel sorry for thieves. If she feels embarrassed by her actions, I don’t feel sorry for that! She brought it on herself and she should be embarrassed and a whole lot more. Personally, I don’t think she is embarrassed. I think she’s pissed that she got caught. And if I were one of the authors she plagiarized, I’d be getting together with the other authors and hiring an attorney to sue her. And I’d be contacting law enforcement over it as well. What she did was a crime. That makes her a criminal. It does not make her a sympathetic creature.

Here at home, life goes on. There are bumps in the road. Lots of them. I get tired of them, but I deal. What else am I gonna do? Pack up my fluffy babies and leave? Where would I go? And it sure as hell wouldn’t stop me from worrying about him. *double sigh* Sometimes I just wish my life could be sweet and uncomplicated.

Since it’s Monday, how about a sweet, uncomplicated photo of Marcus to ease our burdens and battles?

Now, that is something to sigh over!

Before I go, just wanted to mention that Encounters: Magic Lessons is out now. It’s a March release but it’s up early. You’ll find it over at Pink Petal Books.

Have a great Monday!

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