Scaredy Cat

Last night I was out really late, like half the night it seemed. At the emergency vet. Bitty Junior had a problem and we rushed him to the vet. See, Junior has long fur. On Saturday, he stunk to high heaven.  Yesterday, Motley and I attempted to shave him to get rid of his knots and clean him up, thinking he had something stuck in his fur and that’s why he was stinky. Well, he had something stuck in his fur alright. A big ball of poop stuck under his tail. Ewwww!

He seemed to be in a lot of pain and wouldn’t let us clip him. So we got worried and took him to the vet. They sedated him, gave him pain meds and clipped him. He came home with a baboon butt and higher than a kite which translated to him walking around and around and around the coffee table while panting. Since they didn’t seem to find any reason for his problem, Rott figured he was in pain because his fur was being pulled. I imagined what it would be like to have my hair pulled constantly and winced majorly.

So Motley and I spent a serious chunk of time late last night waiting and waiting for them to get Junior’s butt shaved, cleaned up and to determine if there was something really bad going on that was obvious. They had a couple of critical cases come in so Junior’s butt had to take a backseat for a bit. Eventually, they got him taken care of and we got to take him home. His carrier now has a sticker on it that says “Property of Junior.” The vet put it on there. He cried some in the car going there but not so much going home. I guess he was more scared when he was in pain and didn’t know what was happening than after they drugged him and took the pain away.

I’m tired and still a little worried this morning but all that really matters is that Junior seems to be okay. He has to go to his regular vet to ensure that nothing else was going on inside him to cause this problem and Motley’s gonna get him an appointment to be shaved despite the cool weather. Hopefully, he should be just fine.  He sure gave us a scare though! Not sure who was more scared, him or us!

I had a release last Friday. Kissing Joan Collins is out at MLR Press. If you’re into gay rom you may want to read this. It’s my first ever Valentine’s story and I’ll be guest blogging at Vanessa Kelly’s on Valentine’s Day talking about how this story was originally het. Also, I believe MLR is fixing to release Afterburner and Rousing Caine by themselves in digital format. Both were part of anthologies originally. I do believe I will pick up some additional sales because I’m sure there were people who wanted to read these but didn’t want to buy the anthologies. I’m hoping to write a third story for the guys in Afterburner (the second story was Breath of Heaven, my Christmas story.) Inversion is about the stress on the couple’s relationship due to the hoops they have to jump through in the surrogacy program which is exacerbated by a young man who makes a play for Sebastian. I’m hoping to have it for MLR’s Father Day releases and then the three novellas about my pilots can go to print together. Still thinking about a title for that, but have been thinking of Wingmen. Not sure I like it though.

Today, I’ve got another retro Marcus, something I’ve posted in the past.

That photo just makes me sigh. It’s delicious. Tired as I am, I could still stare at that all day long. Oh! I also wanted to tell all of you that I’ve been on a reading binge lately. Lots of Kim Knox who does a delicious Alpha hero worthy of my yummeh Marcus. I’m also in the middle of Jillian Stone’s An Affair With Mr. Kennedy which is a really lovely Victorian romantic suspense by a fellow OCC member. Read these authors if you get the chance!

Have a fantastic Monday!


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2 Responses to Scaredy Cat

  1. martymankins says:

    Good to hear the kitty has been de-pooped and is doing better.

    Even better news about the new novel. Congrats to you, Winter.

  2. martymankins says:

    Good to hear the kitty has been de-pooped and is doing better.

    Even better news about the new novel. Congrats to you, Winter.