Coming Down

It’s 4 am and I’m up because I’m coming down. People who live with long term illnesses like asthma or diabetes often live on medication for the majority of their lives. It’s rare that they aren’t on anything at all. And when they’ve been on drugs for a long time and are taken off of them, weird things can happen to your body. Last week I was taken off all my asthma meds and given five days of prednisone. Steriods. Each pill is a smaller dose than the one before it so your body is weaned off of them. However, that first day with nothing leaves me with a very unhappy body.

Now, I fully understand withdrawals. Anyone who knows me knows that I live with a recovering addict. I’ve seen a lot of things related to drug use in my thirteen years with him, most notably withdrawals. And I’ve been on steriods before so I know coming down from them can sometimes leave me feeling really sick. Every time that I’ve been sick on coming down has been because I was taken off of all my asthma meds. Coming down from steriods when I was still on my other meds wasn’t too bad. Some nausea and headachiness and that’s about it. Coming down from steriods when I’ve been taken off of everything leaves me spinning.

So I’m sitting here at the moment because the pounding thunder of my head woke me. When I sat up in bed, I felt the nausea hit me. I know the sweats aren’t far behind. And I don’t know which is worse, the nausea or throwing up, which is what happened to me the last time I was in this situation.

I’m going to get a bottle of water and start the hydration process which does help flush everything out of my body. And I’ll have Rott get me ginger ale for the nausea. I’m reluctant to take anything for the headache and thus far it’s painful but not unbearable so I’ll forgo the Tylenol until I can’t take it any longer. The longer I hold out, the better off I’ll be, I know from experience.

I half expected this to happen because I’ve done this before, but I wasn’t sure how menopause would affect withdrawals. My body reacts oddly to some things now. Apparently though, this one thing hasn’t changed, which leaves me with a single observation. Coming down sucks major ass.

Anyway, I’m off to hydrate. My eyes hurt looking at the monitor anyway. I’ll leave you with a yummy Marcus as I usually do. This is another retro Marcus that I posted some years back.

That photo should help my Monday feel a little better, drug withdrawals or not! LOL Happy Monday people!

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