Six Sentence Sunday 54

This week with Valentine’s Day coming, I have six sentences from what may end up being a Valentine’s story if all goes well. This is six from Kissing Joan Collins, a gay Valentine’s friends to lovers romance. Logan’s brother Jeremy is giving him some advice on how to deal with his long term crush on his best friend Chase.

“Maybe he wants you as much as you want him, but he’s just as afraid as you are to mess up your friendship.”

“When the hell did you become Mr. Relationship Advice? You don’t even date the same woman more than twice.”

Jeremy shot him an evil look. “I do too…when I can find one that doesn’t bore me that fast. Look, I’m just saying that maybe things aren’t what they seem with Chase and you should think about that before you dismiss the notion that Chase doesn’t think you’re attractive.”

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25 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday 54

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the title of this story…and great six! Love the advice, hope he takes it on board 😉

  2. Alix says:

    Great six, wonderfully written!

  3. Cyn says:

    Whew!! I hope I am saying Happy Valentine’s Day to myself when this comes out!!

  4. I’m with Vivien on this one. I think he knows something–and he is a good brother. 🙂

  5. Vivien Dean says:

    So does Jeremy know more than he’s letting on? Hmmmm… Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love this exchange!

  7. I don’t know, I think he should listen to his friend!

  8. Eleri Stone says:

    This flows really smoothly. Great six!

  9. Great advice! I hope Logan takes it. Good luck with the story!

  10. J.C. Martin says:

    Valentine’s Day? It’s only January! 🙂 That sounds like sound relationship advice, despite the source’s track record!

  11. Sandra Sookoo says:

    Good advice. Hope his brother is right 🙂

  12. I love the banter between brothers. This would make a great V-Day story – good luck with it!

  13. Cate Masters says:

    Aw, I love friends to lovers stories. Love that title!

  14. Rebecca Hart says:

    Great six. His brother is making some sense. Love the snark line about Mr. Relationship, too. 🙂

  15. Gem Sivad says:

    Good advice from siblings is always suspect. Well done.

  16. Liz Crowe says:

    very nice!!
    love the pic too.

  17. Graylin Fox says:

    Good advice I think, and the picture is amazing.

  18. “Mr. Relationship Advice” is charming. Well written!

  19. Nick Nicholas says:

    Wow! Thank your for the inspiration from your 6 sentence Sunday blog entry.. I strated my 1st M/M story last night..a little nervous about it since I am married and straight and have little frame of reference for same sex encounters, but the picture and words sparked such imagery in my brain. I instantly came up with a fantastic scene and almost made a short movie in my mind and could not resist the urge to start writing it down. It’s so taboo for me but I am just going with it and hope I can do this piece some justice. Thank you for the inspiration!

  20. Zee Monodee says:

    Is he the best relationship expert out there? I doubt it, but this time, I’d go with his advice 🙂

  21. Carly Fall says:

    I don’t know if I’d trust his advice due to his track record 🙂 Loved the six. Well written!

  22. Dee Carney says:

    I still say it’s good advice, regardless of his past.

  23. Lisa Fox says:

    The advice does seem suspect considering, but it is nice that he tried to help!

  24. What a caring brother! But I don’t know if I’d take his advice either, considering. A very revealing six! Well done! 🙂