Day 27 – 30 Days of Christmas

As we wind down toward the last day of this giveaway, I do have a few special treats in store for you. Today is one of those treats. Today’s book is by Jennifer Leeland, who, if you’re a fan of my writing, you know her to be the catalyst for me getting published. Jen’s the one who prodded me on my blog Sunlight Sucks to send my work to a publisher and lo and behold, she was right! They liked me! So you can totally say she discovered me. *wink*

It’s my great privilege and pleasure to have Jen and her latest release on my blog today. If you’ve never read her books, you need to. She has just the right combination of sexy and suspense and sci fi to make me all shivery.

Thanks, Lex, for having me here at your 30 Days of Christmas.  It’s always a blast and definitely a privilege.

Christmas is definitely my favorite time of year and in our house Christmas starts about October 31 with “A Christmas Story” (and the infamous lamp) and Christmas music.   Now that we’re so close to the Big Day, we come to the most important pre-day before Christmas that no one–not even the biggest Scrooge can avoid.

Grocery shopping.

You know what I mean.  It’s that moment, a day or two before Christmas, when you realize you need milk or more eggs or coffee.   And you also realize that the grocery store is filled with people like me who have a ton of people coming over and need to empty the store and their pockets to put on Christmas dinner. The next thing you know, you’re standing in front of the grocery store with sweaty palms and resignation, wishing you had a magic lamp to rub so you could just conjure your one small item without waiting in the express line.

But no genie can rescue you from the insanity.  The doors slide open and you’re instantly hit with the frantic anxiety of a million people trying to make sure they get that can of pumpkin, that bag of flour and that jar of mincemeat.  The crazy is everywhere.  The employees are just as crazy with their own shopping deferred as they ring up basket after basket.  Even the corner market doesn’t escape this horror as the woman in floury sweats and the man with the six pack of Pale Ale rush to the line to purchase whatever they forgot to get at the bigger stores.

There’s no getting away from it.  Oh, you can try.  You can load up your freezer with pot pies and swear to drink only water as you wait for the crazy people to dissipate.  But it will happen.  Something, some odd twist of fate, will drive you to the nearest market with your debit card and a prayer that this time you might escape unscathed.  It’s inevitable that we will be bombarded with Christmas music piped through speakers, accompanying our frantic search for band-aides, creamer or toilet paper.

So, every year, I do the same thing.  I resolve to enjoy myself.

If I have to go to the store to purchase hundreds of dollars in food and supplies, I’m going to crack jokes, smile at other people and generally make the experience bearable.  Let’s face it.  There are times when slogging through the pre-Christmas stuff is much like going through a bank robbery.  You get your pocket picked and it definitely feels like there’s a gun to your head.

When you go to the store this season and there’s some goofy chick with an overflowing cart smiling at you, she could just be making the best of it.  We’re all in this together.  We can’t escape it.  Whether you’re a guy who is running out on Christmas Eve to get someone a bottle of wine as a present or a stressed out hostess who ran out of butter, we are fellow suffers to the same thing.  The only way to survive is solidarity my friends.

May your trips to the grocery stores be quick and painless and your Christmas be filled with warmth and love.  And may we all remember that it’s the little things that can give us joy.

Since I love Christmas, it shouldn’t surprise you that I have a Christmas book out.  I’ve written a “Marked” book set at Christmas time called “Marked For Surrender”.  Lex will choose one winner for a copy of this book.

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Marked For Surrender

Loose Id

BDSM futuristic menage



When Zevon and Christophe are accused of being traitors to Nylar, they both believe the truth will come out and justice will prevail. But the Blueshift Brotherhood has targeted them and the two men end up with the Nyral Mistresses to be broken. Hope seems gone for the two lovers and they come face to face with their inner secrets when they face the most infamous Mistress of all: the Ball Breaker.

Mistress Andia Cyrus has broken thousands of criminals, turning dominant men into slaves. The two men she’s handed this time, however, are not the usual type she’s used to. They seem to be innocent, for one thing. For another, they’re in love. And for another, she’s starting to fall for them. She begins to dig deeper and soon finds a Blueshift Brotherhood assassin on her tail.

Fate seems to drag them together and Andia, Christophe and Zevon discover they can only survive if they are marked for surrender.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: anal play/intercourse, BDSM them and elements (including Domination/submission), male/male sexual practices, menage (m/f/m, m/m/f).

I have to read this one! I love the Marked series. And you will too if you win this book! So leave comments. You have until midnight Pacific time to get your comment on this post! Happy Holidays!

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23 Responses to Day 27 – 30 Days of Christmas

  1. Karen Hawk says:

    Thanks for the opportunity. I work real hard to be done shopping before the Christmas rush.

  2. Fedora says:

    I’ve got Jennifer’s other titles on my TBR–this sounds fabulous! Thanks, Lex!

  3. Lindsey E says:

    Looking forward to reading this book. Can relate to loosing books on the hard drive.
    linze_e at

  4. Renee" S. says:

    Oh have Wonderful, a new Author & with a new Series….Jennifer Leeland sounds Fantastic Lex & her book “Marked For Surrender” has EVERYTHING in it that LOVE reading!!! See what I mean….”Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: anal play/intercourse, BDSM them and elements (including Domination/submission), male/male sexual practices, menage (m/f/m, m/m/f).” OMG what more could I ask for, this should be wrapped in a bow because what a Gift this would be. 🙂 The Excerpt sounds exciting & definitely not an Author or a Book to pass up.
    Take care Jennifer & Lex & Have a Very Happy Holiday Season,
    Renee’ S.

  5. Emily Tardy says:

    Sounds good, thank you for bringing another new-to-me author to my attention Lex. Jennifer I would love a copy of your book =D

    Emily T

  6. Shelly says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Enjoyed the excerpt. Looks like I’ve got a new author to add to my author list. lol about the grocery store. I do the same thing. 🙂

  7. JoAnna B says:

    Sounds like a great book! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

    Beckerjo at verizon dot net

  8. Casey Wyatt says:

    Hi Lex,

    Stopping by to say “hi” to you and Jennifer. Jennifer is a new author to me to and her book sounds intriguing.

  9. Cathy M says:

    I haven’t had the pleasure of reading any of Jennifer’s stories yet, but after peeking at the excerpt, I am hooked. Thanks for the giveaway.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  10. Gabrielle says:

    What a great giveaway. I am a big fan of both you and Jennifer Leeland.
    Thanks for having this contest.


  11. Tracey D says:

    Jennifer Leeland is a new author for me but not for long. I look forward in reading her works.

    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  12. Amber Hall says:

    Sounds great! Thanks!

  13. Joder says:

    The image you convey is one we’re all familiar with. Thanks for being here and for the giveaway!

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  14. Estella says:

    New to me author. Your books sounds great!

    kissinoak at frontier dot com

  15. Midia says:

    Jennifer Leeland is a new author to me too. So count me in. 😀

  16. Hey Lex! I wish I could say I discovered you!!! I just got to be there when you finally exploded onto the scene!
    LOL UteH! I can relate to buying books and forgetting that I bought them. Hope you enjoy them.
    Thanks for letting me be a part of this, Lex. This is becoming a yearly tradition I love.

  17. elaing8 says:

    She is a new author to me. I will have to check out this series too.Marked for Surrender sounds good.I like seeing all those m’s in the warning 🙂

  18. UteH says:

    So marked and Jennifer Leland rang a bell. I checked my wish list – nothing.

    So I went looking and found the first two books hibernating on my hard-drive.
    What a nice christmas surprise, I bought the first book nearly exactly 2 years ago, and the second the next year.

    You know you buy too many books …. if you can’t remember which books you already own and have to check each time.
    But then, one can’t have too many books, that’s so not possible.

  19. Cyn says:

    I am always open to new authors who have been recommended to me and if you enjoy her she must be a brilliant writer.

  20. Regina Ross says:

    a new author for me =)

  21. Joanne Balinski says:

    New author and series for me. Blurb sounds great. Can’t wait to pick this up. thanks for the giveaway.

  22. Anne says:

    I hadn’t heard of the series before, but the blurb makes Marked form Surrender sound like a really exciting read.