Day 15 – 30 Days of Christmas

It’s December 9 and today is the midway point in this giveaway. Before I get into the books being offered today, let me remind everyone that the only comments eligible each day are the ones posted by midnight Pacific time that night. Even if the comments are still open on the blog (meaning I didn’t stay up until midnight to close them), we only take into consideration the comments that were posted by the deadline. So if you’re checking back each day make sure you’re commenting on a post where you have a chance to win something. Usually, I post around 6:30 am Pacific time, but if I’m up late I may post it just after midnight. So make sure you check the date of the post before you comment. I want to make sure everyone has a chance to win.

Today’s book is one near and dear to my heart. Unbreak Me is a Lories Best Published finalist, finishing second in the Novella category and it was a Passionate Plume finalist as well. It’s the story of a woman who has lost everything. The only man she ever loved was sent to his death in a far off galaxy and her revenge against those who betrayed him left her scarred for life, imprisoned and tortured. When she discovers her lover is alive she rejoices even though she knows she can never be with him. However, she reckons without his determination and his love for her. And he moves heaven and earth to unbreak her, to give her back her heart, soul and spirit.  I cried writing this story and I hope it touches the readers as it touches me.

My fellow Pink Petal Books author Connie Wood is joining my giveaway today. Connie is offering all three of her Pink Petal Books releases. Connie is an amazing writer and readers can’t go wrong with anything she has. Here’s the book and author info:

Unbreak Me – Spellbound Treasures series

Pink Petal Books

M/F erotic futuristic romance



Two magic wielding warriors (M/F) are torn apart by betrayal, imprisonment, and torture. When a magical heart that formerly belonged to them comes up on the auction block, both fight to win it. Major Marcus (Ren) Renniger was betrayed on a mission and became a POW.  Captain Tait Boland was told Ren had died. Unable to believe it, she set out to find the truth and exact revenge on the man who stole Ren from her. Her revenge comes at the cost of her freedom and her spirit.

Six years later, Ren and Tait have both escaped imprisonment. When they meet at Spellbound Treasure because of the heart, their passions explode. For Tait, knowing that her lover is alive fills her with bittersweet elation. Broken in body and spirit, she knows she has nothing left to give him. Seeing Tait so changed strikes fear in Ren’s heart. He sets out to unravel the mystery surrounding his capture and Tait’s imprisonment. To give her back her future and regain their life together, Ren must figure out how to unbreak Tait’s heart, soul, and spirit.

The Veteran

Pink Petal Books

M/F Contemporary romance



Will their shared past thrust them into danger – or each other’s arms?

Roman Grisham returned from combat never able to return to the military he so loved. And he wants answers. His answers are linked to the shy and quietly sexy, Germaine Andrews who is looking for quiet seclusion after her life was torn apart. Now they need each other to unriddle the past, but their future is fraught with danger.

Dark Moon

Pink Petal Books

M/F Paranormal romance



Tynan is a Venator; a hunter of the shape shifters banished to exile in the coldest ice plain of Alaska–where the only things to hunt are the shape-shifting polar bears and warmth. But someone has brutally murdered his brother and he’s out for revenge.

Moon’s finally living her dreams, leaving a controlling past far behind her. Until the grisly murder of a friend lands her with a devastatingly sexy stranger and plunges her into the deep recesses of her darkest nightmares.

With the time of total darkness and carnage, the dark moon, looming it’s a race against time to search for the truth. Or die trying.


Dark Ice

Pink Petal Books

M/F Paranormal romance



Dane is a polar bear shape shifter, lethal, powerful and seductive. In his ice laden, isolated home, Dane is plagued by dreams of the beautiful woman he cradled in his arms as the Dark Moon descended her world into hell. Now something dark and dangerous stalks the ice fields and Dane will risk his mortal soul to keep his woman safe.

Lea wakes from her dreams, passion still lingering from the mysterious man who devours her nights and now seeps into her days. Can she decipher her nightmares before they consume her? Is the devastating man who visits her darkest hours a man or beast?

As their destinies pull them closer, will their differences push them apart? Danger lurks in the ice fields endangering their lives, hearts and souls.

Connie Wood is a romance author residing in beautiful Australia. She has thrown caution to the wind and traveled the world in some of the most bizarre circumstances. If she wrote about her life experiences on the road, the truth would certainly be stranger than fiction.

Connie has had a multitude of jobs including, the mundane and the not so mundane. She has bided her time as a secretary, librarian, information technology, web designer, student and a director to an international non-profit organisation, among others.

Currently Connie is doing a University Degree by correspondence, as she looks after her tornado of a son.

And there you have it for this Friday, December 9.  Three books from Connie, one from me, and lots good reading ahead for today’s winner. You have until midnight Pacific time to comment on this post and be entered in the drawing. Happy Holidays!

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22 Responses to Day 15 – 30 Days of Christmas

  1. Connie Wood says:

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and good luck to you all.

    Lex’s Unbreak Me is a brilliant book that will stay with you long after you finish. I hope the winner truly enjoys all the books on offer.

    Thank you Lex for this wonderful opportunity.

    Good luck everyone,

    Connie Wood

  2. Not commenting to enter the contest, but had to say that Unbreak Me is a wonderful heart wrenching read. I’ve read both Connie and Lex’s work and they are fantastic writers who won’t disappoint!!

  3. Connie Wood says:

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all the comments and good luck to you all. Unbreak Me, by Lex is a briliant book, one that will stay with you for a long time after you finish it.
    I hope you enjoy my books on offer, and a big thank you so much to Lex for this opportunity.

    Connie Wood

  4. Renee' S. says:

    Lex you could put any of your books here & they all would be GREAT for a chance to win a copy of in your Contest. “Unbreak Me” sounds like a Wonderfulread.

    I have not read Connie Wood before, but her books sound like they would be Fantastic reads as well.

    I would love an opportunity to enter your Contest.
    Take Care & Happy Holidays,
    Renee’ S.

  5. Anne Francis says:

    Wow, Lex, your story sounds so gripping. Gorgeous cover, too. And Connie, I’m intrigued: never read about polar bear shapeshifters (nice cover, too). Thanks for offering a holiday giveaway!

  6. Emily Tardy says:

    Lex your book sounds like it will be a great emotional read, and is being added to my wish list =D

    Connie, I will love reading your books! Shape shifters are always fun to read about, but your books sound just like the kind of book I read =D

    Thank you Lex and Connie for the chance to win

    Emily T

  7. Shelly says:

    These books sound like awesome reads. Thank you so much for introducing me to some new authors! 🙂

  8. Amber Hall says:

    Again all great books. More for the list!


  9. UteH says:

    No new entries on my wishlist – all books already on it 🙂

  10. Joder says:

    Such a great sounding and highly emotional set of books. I’d love to read them and appreciate you giving them away. Thanks for yet another great giveaway!

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  11. Estella says:

    All of the books sound like great reads!

  12. Lindsey E says:

    Unbreak Me is another book I will have to read sitting next to a box of tissue. I have to get to the PPB site more often as there are good books I am missing.
    linze_e at

  13. Fedora says:

    Wow, Lex–thanks so much! Unbreak Me’s going straight to my wishlist! And thanks for the intro to Connie’s writing!

  14. elaing8 says:

    These all sound good.Thanks for the giveaway

  15. Kathryn Merkel says:

    All the books sound just fabulous & the covers are awesome. Thanks for such a great giveaway.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at

  16. Joanne B. says:

    Great covers and blurbs. They all sound like they would be fun, interesting reads. Thanks for the chance to win.

  17. cynthia welding says:

    Wonderful! More books to add to my list.

  18. cynthia welding says:

    OMG! My list of books to get is getting longer.

  19. Lynne says:

    these sound really cool love the covers and would love to win them but am putting them on the list of must haves

  20. Ronda says:

    I can think of nothing more exciting than tales filled with action/drama, angst and unbridled passion! These books do sound like my cup of tea! Thank you for offering them!

  21. Tracey D says:

    I agree, the books do sound great and the covers are wonderful.

    I’m adding each one to my must have list.

  22. Cyn says:

    TGIF!! All the books sound so very good. Thanks you guys for putting the books up.