Day 1 – 30 Days of Christmas

It’s the day after Thanksgiving which means it’s time to kick off my annual 30 Days of Christmas giveaways. This year I still don’t have enough of a backlist to give away one of my books per day, but instead of just asking my friends to fill in, I’ve gathered a group of more than 30 authors to participate in this event (including my good friends.) There’s a day with all paperbacks to be given to one lucky winner, a day of romantic suspense books, several new release days and an entire week of the best gay rom out there.

For this first day, I thought I’d keep it simple. Today’s offering is my first release Sunday’s Child: The Wise Guy and a book by an author who is one of my personal favorites. I auto-buy any sci-fi rom written by Kim Knox. I totally fangurl her and the book she’s giving away is one of my favorites.  If you’ve never read Kim Knox, you have missed a treat. She’s an amazing writer and I’m honored she’s participating in this giveaway.

Kim Knox:

Kim lives on an ancient boundary line once marked by a Neolithic burial tomb. The tomb’s now a standing stone circle—thank the Georgians for that one—and it stirs her mind with thoughts of history and ancient myths. She mixes the essence of the past into fantasy, along with the essential mix of magic and sex. She also writes science fiction romance, pushing out into the far future with effortlessly sexy men and the women who can’t resist them.

Kim is published with Carina Press, Ellora’s Cave, Samhain Publishing, Loose Id and Liquid Silver Books. You can contact her on her website or come and chat at her blog:


BUY LINK (For those who can’t wait to see if they win!)


Captain Chae Beyon is a hustler, a mercenary pilot, a wounded woman who prefers her men to be easily thrown aside.

Daned Traern is a first-caste Ladaian bound by tradition and DNA to protect his race. He’s willing to align himself with the hot space captain if she’ll transport him home in time to ensure the right candidate is crowned—and thus prevent a bloody war.

Disguised as Chae’s sex toy, Daned is erotically bound to her through living gold, alien tech designed to increase pleasure. When he frees himself, their passion only increases…but succumbing to temptation will bind them together—permanently.

But there’s more at stake than their needs. As Chae is dragged into a world of insane princes and sentient stones, hired killers hound them across the quadrant.

And then, as only her lousy luck would have it, Chae must choose between the good of the galaxy and her own heart…

Sunday’s Child – The Wise Guy

M/F, witches/warlocks (Magia), erotic paranormal romance



Randall Wise is the quintessential good guy. However, all of his friends are married and he’s still single. Rand is positive that good guys finish last at love and decides he needs to change if he’s ever going to find the woman for him.

Brenna Thorne is a klutzy but cute would be witch who moves in next door to Rand. Men always think of Brenna like a sister. They never see her as girlfriend or mate material. Brenna longs for a man of her own who sees her sexy side and all the love she has to give. A little magic from Rand’s godparents, a familiar who isn’t a familiar, and a host of well meaning, but surprising friends help Rand and Brenna see that all you need to find your mate is a heart that is open to love.


For a chance to win these two ebooks, leave a comment before midnight Pacific time today, November 25, 2011. Happy Holidays!

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20 Responses to Day 1 – 30 Days of Christmas

  1. LINDA B says:


  2. LINDA B says:


  3. Cornelia says:

    Thanks for the contest and a new author to try.

  4. DI says:

    HI, Is this contest available to Overseas fans?

    • Lex says:

      This contest closed at midnight Pacific time so you didn’t get comment in on time, but most of the giveaways are ebooks so international readers are eligible. If a giveaway is paperback books that cannot be sent internationally, I will say so.


  5. Ashley says:

    Hope everyone survived black Friday! Haven’t read Knox but will check her out on Amazon. 🙂

  6. Jacki says:

    A new author for me to read!

  7. Fedora says:

    Happy day after Thanksgiving, Lex! Thanks for the reminder about another great writer 🙂

  8. Zina says:

    Happy day after Thanksgiving. I don’t do Black Friday so this is fun activity. Today my 9 year old asked me why we didn’t celebrate Black Friday. I looked at her trying to figure out why she would think it was a Holiday!!!

  9. Barbra B. says:

    I love finding “new to me” authors. I’m sure
    I’ll get a lot of good recommendations this
    month! Happy Holidays!

  10. Amber Hall says:

    Books sound great! Happy be-lated Thanksgiving!

  11. Jarrah Dale says:

    oh how excellent! that is one of the only one of Kim’s books that I haven’t read. Happy turkey hangover day!

  12. Nancy Gilliland says:

    What a great way to start the holiday season. I love contests. Thanks for the chances to win.

  13. Tara Lain says:

    What a great idea for a giveaway, Lex. And i am honored and delighted to be participating in it! Kim is new to me. Thank you for the recommendation. : )

  14. Joanne B. says:

    Happy Black Friday! Thanks for the contest.

  15. UteH says:

    If Kim Knox is an autobuy for you, you are one for me.

    I love reading your books.

  16. Happy Black Friday, Lex! Gambit sounds like a wonderful read, and I so love your writing. Unbreak me is my favorite so far! 🙂

  17. Susie B. says:

    I’ve not read a Kim Knox book yet, but I love sci-fi. The blurb sounds great. Good luck everyone.

  18. Debra G says:

    Thanks for the contest. Hope you had a great day yesterday!!

  19. Claudia says:

    Happy Day-after-Thanksgiving! This is fantastic.