Some of you may have heard me talk about how one of the babies wouldn’t settle in the new house. He first hid in a recliner, tearing it up from the inside to dig his way to the center of the chair where we couldn’t get to him. He didn’t come out for weeks until he was thin and sick. We got him out and into the biggest carrier. Put him in there with food and water and a pee pad and had the chair hauled away.

He did okay in the carrier for a few days and then Rott let him out. After that he hid under the futon for weeks. We’re pretty sure he came out once in awhile  to run into the bathroom for food, water and the box. Mopping up after him was a chore because he’d pee and puke from not eating or drinking for days then gorging himself in the night.

In the last ten days Tux has gotten much better. He’s starting to come out regularly. He goes into the bathroom from under the futon (which is near the bathroom door in a corner of the bedroom) all the time. He has no problems with the bathroom although the skylight messed with him in the beginning for probably a week.  In the last week, he’s been coming out to crumb bum when I’m eating and last night he was playing with his brothers. And when Rott came in last night he stood his ground and went to Rott for petting. Just like a normal non-freaked out cat. Rott laughed that it’s only been 3 months that he’s been hiding while his brothers were all okay within a week.

You might wonder what had poor Tux so freaked out. Well, meet his nemesis.

Yep. The ceiling fan. He was completely freaked by it. His brothers all looked at him like he was insane and I’m pretty sure he was for those three weeks. I’m still not convinced he’s a bit on the crazy side. I mean, c’mon. He hid inside a recliner for a month and wouldn’t come out. He’s lucky he isn’t dead.

But he’s out now and doing much better so hopefully, he gets his manners back or relearns them because he’s conveniently forgotten how to use the box every time he needs to go. I know he uses it sometimes but I’m not sure why he doesn’t use it ALL the time. He’s grossing me out and making me angry so his manners need some serious work at the moment. But, as Rott says, at least he didn’t die in that chair.

It’s a busy Monday ahead for me so now that I’ve told you about Tux’s acclimatization, it’s time for a Marcus.

I know he may not spin everyone’s wheels but he sure spins mine. Yum. Yum.

Hey, if you’re local to me, check out the OC Register for an ad from my work about a photo contest we’re having. You could win a $250 Amex card. That’s a lotta moolah! Hope you all have a great Monday!

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